Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Hockenheim, 2012

Massa says Alonso needs his support

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Hockenheim, 2012In the round-up: Felipe Massa says team mate Fernando Alonso needs his help to win the championship.


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On-song Alonso is revved up (The Sun)

Felipe Massa: “For sure, Fernando needs me. In a championship like this, it is very important to have both cars scoring points.”

F1 seeks computer rule change on Red Bull (BBC)

“The FIA is trying to produce a rule clarification in time for this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix.”

Both Our Drivers Still In Title Hunt, Says Whitmarsh (Speed)

“We’re at the half way point and we?ve got a lot of racing ahead of us, and they can both do it. This season is going to go right to the very end. I believe that we?ll be sat on the edge of our seats in the last few laps of the Brazilian GP, and I hope I?m in deep agony on those last few laps, because it means we?re in contention to win!”

Horner: Hamilton did nothing wrong (Autosport)

“If you look at the rules, I don’t think that there is anything to say that a car can’t unlap itself. It’s frustrating that it cost us a second and it’s unfortunate that he didn’t unlap himself from Fernando as well.”

James Allison: “If the first ten races of the year are a guide then we will be competitive in Hungary” (Lotus)

“We have been pretty reasonable in the wet this year ?ǣ for instance our performance was commendable in the wet conditions of FP2 at Hockenheim – but for some reason the car was utterly lousy once the rain came in qualifying. This mystified us at the time and continues to do so.”

Mark Webber: “I had nothing to fight with” (Adam Cooper)

“I wasn?t quick at any stage in the race, I was just hanging on. We need to look into why we weren?t quick today. Ultimately we expected to get more out of it for sure, after the first lap. The first lap wasn?t too bad, I got Lewis, and after that it was just hanging on. I had nothing to fight with today.”

Analysis – Lotus’s prototype ‘double DRS’ system (F1)

“[Air] exits through the gaps between the endplates and the wing profiles, reducing drag and boosting the DRS effect – a kind of ‘turbocharged’ DRS, as it were.”

2012 German Grand Prix report (MotorSport)

“‘My God,’ said a former Grand Prix winner in the paddock, ‘If Fernando [Alonso] was in a Red Bull, there’d be no point in anyone else turning up…'”

The Tipping Point (GP Week)

“It’s tough enough for freelancers to fork out for a year’s F1 travel without the hotels getting the calendar confirmed to them before we do. Thanks for nothing, [Australian Grand Prix promoter] Ron Walker. If you want any international journalists turning up to cover your event and promote your state I suggest you turn your back lawn into a campsite for us, because we’ve been priced out of the city.”

Setting the example (Sky)

Martin Brundle: “The bottom line here is that there must be a totally new, strong, and consistent initiative to control the use of increasingly generous run-off areas throughout the whole of motor sport. Starting with F1. The drivers, fans and media need to know where it all stands.”

McLaren Tooned – Episode 2: Slicks (YouTube)

Comment of the day

Davidhunter13 sees big things ahead for an on-form Fernando Alonso:

Alonso was flawless, and it?s nice the voting is reflecting that already, huge percentage for him. Most importantly he had a great qualifying lap in very difficult conditions and perhaps not in the best car. As for the race, another great start and despite having two world champions in arguably faster cars hounding him for the whole race he kept a cool head, kept his tires from degrading too quickly and was all round just fantastic. It doesn?t matter how much Massa has lost in recent seasons, he was still in the same car and the difference between him and Alonso is night and day.

Alonso will be a treble world champion, and if Ferrari can keep this up for a few seasons we have a career mirroring Schumacher’s to look forward to, hopefully with a bit more of a challenge from the rest of the field though, don?t want it getting boring now!

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Karan and Younger Hamii!

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On this day in F1

On this day last year Lewis Hamilton scored a superb win in the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. He passed Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber to win.

Sebastian Vettel endured a rare off-day in the Red Bull RB7, finishing fourth.

Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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  1. I think even Vettel or Hamilton, after some races as team mates with Alonso, if he were to beat them, would try harder and harder to be quick, to the point that they would make mistakes and look mediocre.
    Massa has been constantly compared to Alonso since Bahrain 2010, when he had just returned from a potentially-fatal crash in Hungary. That qualifying was one of my favourite moments in F1: Massa 2nd and Alonso 3rd.
    I don’t think Massa has the same character as Webber, who can ignore team orders and come back from bad performances to take race wins. Massa was looking good against Alonso at the start of 2010; as soon as he had a couple of bad races and Alonso took some points’ advantage, he was criticised and from then on people have stopped expecting from him to beat Alonso, who has, in the meantime, improved considerably. Massa feels the pressure that he needs to beat Alonso. He no longer approaches his races trying to do his best, but trying to do better than Alonso. If he comes 2nd behind Alonso, he isn’t happy because he was doing excellently, but he is sad that he is worse than his team mate.
    The challenge he is up against doesn’t help him, but he is definitely a good driver, he definitely can win races and, why not, championships.

  2. Personally, I believe Massa is underperforming on purpose… I think he never has gotten over the little scuffle he had with FA before the podium when he was at McLaren. He seems a very grudgeful person and he probably still has it in for FA for Germany 2010. I also believe Massa is perfectly capable of delivering but is holding back.
    I really hope he gets his act together beause it seems FA is on the right track for the WDC and it would be a shame to have a split championship with the WDC going to FA and the WCC going to RBR…

  3. They’re misquoting Massa… I seem to remember that he really said “Fernando needs me to move out of the way when he’s lapping me”.

  4. I don’t know if people realize that before this gp: Massa-Alonso = Massa -Raikkonen = 2 years and a half !!! ….Massa has clearly and propyl beat Raikkonen form Australia 2007 till hungary 2009 (except hungary) : more wins, more pole and more points then Raikkonen….i dont think that anybody need number to compare Alonso-Massa from bahrain 2010 till hungary 2012… for those that will respond that Massa isn’t the same from the accident…. i respond look Massa was teammate with Fisichella @ Sauber ( Fisichella beat him) and Fisichella was teammate with Alonso (renault) and the difference in term of performance was the same as Massa now…Also Grosejan was teammate with Alonso and the difference was like Massa now…the truth is the only person who will have the courage to race Alonso in same car is Hamilton (and the talent also…).. Alonso is better to be clear…but for the courage that Ham have, i respect him so much and i want Alo vs ham for the title and not alo vs vet…

    The problem for Ferrari is that anyone from so called good driver (Vettel,Rozberg,Raikkonen,Webber,massa..etc) haven’t the courage to come to ferrari and race Alo with the same car…they knows will be beaten…so why to lose their cariera when they are young… also me if i was in their place will do the same. Vettel will never come to Ferrari till Alonso is there 100% sure.

    So nobody want to come to ferrari except Hamilton, but in the other hand Ferrari can take anyone except Hamilton (they can take him but for respect to what happened in 2007 and to Alonso also….they can’t take him)… maybe only Kubica because he is friend a lot with Alonso… but the accident….this is my opinion..sorry for my english

    1. Massa has clearly and propyl beat Raikkonen form Australia 2007 till hungary 2009 (except hungary) : more wins, more pole and more points then Raikkonen…

      Yeah, but Kimi has won more WDCs with Ferrari than Massa… that’s what counts.

    2. @fanser In 2007 Massa didn’t beat Kimi in anything. Kimi – more poles, more wins, more fastest laps, more points, more WDC titles. In 2008 Kimi started pretty well his campaign, it was mid-season when Massa gained the upper hand. I think Kimi began to struggle in that Ferrari just for the same reason Massa is struggling now – the car doesn’t suit the driving style. Agressive drivers like Kimi and Lewis would be flying in the F2012 just like Alonso, but Massa is different.
      About Felipe’s recent comment – Alonso could of course use his help (maybe clinch the title a bit earlier if he keeps driving like that) but he can do pretty well without it. Felipe sounds pretty desperate, he’d do anything to hold on to his seat right now.

      1. In 2007 Massa didn’t beat Kimi in anything. Kimi – more poles, more wins, more fastest laps, more points, more WDC titles.

        It doesn’t really affect the point, but Massa got the same number of fastest laps in 2007 (6), and more poles (6 to 3).

    3. ” haven’t the courage to come to ferrari and race Alo with the same car…they knows will be beaten..” and if they beat Alo (why not if the car is good) then bad mojo is assured for the rest of the season. Alo needs a 3d class driver that never beats him, or else it will be “ridiculous”.

  5. Massa has been quoted:
    “If my weekend begins well, I use the same underpants on Saturday. If that is also a good day, I wear them on Sunday. That is what I did in Brazil.” …. at least he gets to change his underwear more often this year, and more so, at least his team members don’t have to suffer the stench of his used underwear.

    1. Furthermore, in May 2007 Felipe’s underwear sold at auction for just under US $775. There must be some sick fans out there….

  6. Daniel Brown (@scuderiaferrarifanatic)
    24th July 2012, 18:46

    Well Felipe…if he needs you, then why dont you pull your finger out and go be a rear gunner for him, keep the others behind?

    Pfft, Backmarkers these days..

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