BMW-Sauber F1 car sliced in half

Sauber reveal more pictures of their sliced F1 car

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BMW-Sauber F1 car sliced in half

Sauber recently produced a video showing a 2008 BMW-Sauber F1.08 sliced in half.

Now the team have published new pictures of the car showing its inner workings in greater detail.

As in the video, the sensitive details of the engine and gearbox are obscured.

Here’s the video of the car:

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Image ?? Sauber F1 Team

18 comments on “Sauber reveal more pictures of their sliced F1 car”

  1. It is disappointing that they have blocked out the engine, but I suppose it is understandable bearing in mind the engine freeze. BMW engines were always regarded being one of the better ones out there, so I suppose Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Cosworth could learn a thign or two by looking at these images.

        1. Which would make it possibly too similar to the current engines, defeating the point of keeping it secret. That’s assuming that even a V8 from a few years ago would fit in the same way.

  2. As a scale model maker I became bored with just making models out of the box.
    So I took on the challenge of making what I call “Blends” the combination of two generations of F1 cars with concept of splitting them down the middle and putting both halves of them together. One of my first projects was the Tamiya 1/12 scale Ferrari F190 and the 312T. They slide together on pins and aren’t as simple as just sawing a finished model in half. Each component is modified as needed and in the end I have tried to make the seats the area where each half mates. When you look at gearboxes , engines , suspensions and tires it is surprising how different they are.
    Seen in this fashion is impressive as the differences between cars really stands out. I have also done a 1/20th scale version of the F189 and the 310B and a McLaren blend of the MP4/1 and the MP4/5B. The McLaren is a contest favorite as I have it mounted on a rotating platform and the viewer can get a good look at how different those race cars are. Just the driver position for Senna alone.
    The whole started when I mated the new at the time C6 Corvette with a 63 plit window back in 2004. Thinking they had much in common until the blend was actually completed.

    The challenge of the Blend is quite a task. Requires much planning and focus but in the end the subjects are ones that promote discussion and interest.

        1. Thats the beauty of the task. I decided that the seat to seat area should be the most important point for which the blend starts. By doing that it becomes more than apparent how wheel bases , suspensions and body shapes vary. Even the tires were so oddly different when you stop and compare them.
          Not certain how to send the pictures along for your review, any advice??

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