Rate the race: 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix

2012 Hungarian Grand Prix

What did you think of the Hungarian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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Rate the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix out of ten

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171 comments on Rate the race: 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix

  1. The Bucket Of Vindaloo (@the-bucket-of-vindaloo) said on 29th July 2012, 15:53

    Very average. Kimi’s last minute fightback only saved it from being a typically, infamous, processional Grand Prix for me.

  2. tito bagus (@tito1790) said on 29th July 2012, 15:54

    Very very boring race

  3. Maksutov (@maksutov) said on 29th July 2012, 15:56

    7 for me. Hamilton won – well deserved. However, somewhat disappointing that it is so difficult to overtake. DRS did nothing, also KERS just – there is no point in having it.

    Wth happened at the start? It seemed that the guy who is supposed to walk across the road with a “all clear” green flag just never showed up and .. all of sudden he started dancing across the road – it seemed like he was talking on the phone with someone. The MSC turns his car off? why would you turn your car off!?

  4. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 29th July 2012, 15:59

    I accidentally voted 5 but it deserve 4, the only thing was Kimi’s pass over Romain after the pit stop.

  5. racingfanatic96 (@racingfanatic96) said on 29th July 2012, 15:59

    Yes it was a procession, but it was very close and intriguing if you knew where to look. Formula 1 in its current state is boring- the artificiality is making it more so. Don’t fix what’s not broken. However, this race at least remained interesting and as a result it was bearable. There have been much worse races this year (Silverstone and Monaco for example).

  6. Jason (@jason12) said on 29th July 2012, 16:00

    10. All teams seemed to be thinking on their toes, throughout the race!
    DRS get criticised when there’s overtaking…
    A small mistake upfront could have changed the results, now that’s suspense.

  7. F1Yankee (@f1yankee) said on 29th July 2012, 16:00

    5 from me
    @keithcollantine could you count up the number of times “boring” appears in these comments, plz?


  8. xeroxpt (@) said on 29th July 2012, 16:01

    Again a bunch of “What Ifs ?”, at least there were some positives to take from Lotus but im pretty sure that even Grosjean is sick of podiums, they are capable of winning, i’m not going to start with the “whats” at least Lotus did the perfect tactic this time with Raikkonen unfortunately, luck hasnt been his best quality, nontheless it seems that leading is really crucial and Hamilton was cold blooded today he was sure that no one could pass him at hungary so he preserved his tyres really well on the last stint, again the fastest car finishes 2nd a theme of 2012.

  9. xeroxpt (@) said on 29th July 2012, 16:07

    No overtaking, but it was tense and edgy, there were few spicy moments but that doesnt mean that the race was terrible. People are confusing great racing and loads of overtakes, i wouldnt rate this race so low, i’m sure at least there was no drama, lottery kind of stuff which is nice for a change, for instances the Canadian GP was both great and ridiculous, this was plain but true.

  10. Younger Hamii (@younger-hamii) said on 29th July 2012, 16:12

    6. I could be biased & give it a creditable 7 from my view because Lewis won but I’m going to be honest & stick with a 6, more or less an ordinary race by Hungary’s standards, not much thrilling & tantalizing action.

  11. Umar Majid (@um1234) said on 29th July 2012, 16:13

    Beginning scale of 5
    Different strategies from teams +1
    Kimi on old tyres still doing fast laps in the middle stint which led him to leapfrog 3 places +1
    Not alot of overtaking -1
    So i rate the race a 6.

  12. JB (@) said on 29th July 2012, 16:14

    5 for me… it was all about strategy…
    I´m happy for all the podium finishers!! And FA is still leader! ;)

  13. Pedro Costa (@pnunocosta) said on 29th July 2012, 16:14

    This was a generous 4 to me. This race reminded us the ancient F1 before Pirelli and DRS.
    Even so Pirelli should have been more agressive with the tyres they brought. Concerning to DRS not much more could be done it was on in the whole start/finish line and even so the only overtaking seen there was to the backmarkers!
    Spa can´t come soon enough just to forget this one…

  14. ANDREW (@johnson102) said on 29th July 2012, 16:16

    8 for me. The deduction in points being for how ridiculously hard it was for anyone to pass. At least Maldonado tried…
    Otherwise it was interesting to watch team strategy play out, analyse the good calls (Raikkonen) and the bad (Button/Webber).
    Bonus points for Webber gaining positions on the start line, that’s two races in a row he’s done that now. Hope he doesn’t forget how he did that over the break.

  15. Bleeps_and_Tweaks (@bleeps_and_tweaks) said on 29th July 2012, 16:19

    I went for 6. I enjoyed the fact that it was a dry race weekend (mostly) and we could see the true pace of all of the teams. This weekend bodes very well for Mclaren. Red Bull have definitely lost some performance from the ban on their “exotic” engine maps, and without rain Ferrari showed the true pace of the car. Even Alonso wasn’t able to drag the car higher than 5th. I can understand why people will have voted much lower though. The overtaking was limited.

    I think a mention should go to how unbelievably poor the TV coverage was. In the middle when Kimi was making a move we saw nothing. When Grosjean was closing on Hamilton and then made a couple of mistakes, we saw nothing. The FOM coverage needs sorting out.

  16. kbcusa (@kbcusa) said on 29th July 2012, 16:20

    BORING. Should have slept in.

  17. Broom (@brum55) said on 29th July 2012, 16:24

    I voted 6. Would have been 5 had it not been for Kimi’s great charge at the end. There was tension at the front even if there wasn’t overtaking. Plus there was a completely unnecessary strategy move by McLaren for Button which I found fairly amusing.

  18. It was predictable… You heard me! 4.

  19. auto_freak (@auto_freak) said on 29th July 2012, 16:42

    Even being a Hamilton fan, I’d rate this race at a high of 7. 6 if the top 2 weren’t this tight. No fun in such a track layout without any overtakes unless there is DRS and DRS passes don’t do anything for me either. I loved the Lewis & Kimi fight and also liked how Grosjean really competed with Lewis.

    Seb was fun as usual, saying things on the radio in such a fun way. Jenson was looking good for a podium but 3 stops and his laptimes weren’t worthy of a podium either. Alonso just sneaked past Webber and Button with a great result in P5. Even if he doesn’t have the front row pace, he’ll try his best to capitalize the most points and 10 points in the bag where your closest rival scores so less is fantastic. I think this is his championship to lose right now.

  20. LuvinF1 (@luvinf1) said on 29th July 2012, 16:43

    Well, I tried to vote several times but all I got were messages to register.

    Anyway, I would give the race a 5. The strategy adjustments were, let’s say odd, as anything else is probably not printable. The interest came from wondering if a strategic pass could actually be pulled off by Kimi. But nothing came of it with Lewis holding up under the pressure.

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