Perez believes he has proven himself

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Sergio Perez, Sauber, Silverstone, 2012In the round-up: Sergio Perez says he has proven his “speed and consistency” in 2012.


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Sergio Perez eyes Ferrari move (London Evening Standard)

“If there is an opportunity with them (Ferrari) or another team then it’s the time to know. I will have to see what the options are, and from that I will decide. But I think I have done a very good job this season. I have proven I have the speed, and the consistency as well.”

Pirelli: Tyre war not good for Formula 1 (Autosport)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “We work for the sport. The sport has to decide what it wants. If it wants a tyre war and procession racing again, like it did in the early 2000s, when the audience disappeared, than that’s one approach. It’s not for us to decide.”

Why Mercedes are struggling (BBC)

“To solve that rear tyre wear problem, since the Canadian Grand Prix in mid-June Mercedes have removed quite a lot of the downforce-producing devices on the front wing and are never running anywhere near maximum front wing angle.”

Raikkonen’s revival (Sky)

Alan Permane: “For most of that second stint, as he sat some way behind Vettel, I didn’t foresee him doing anything other than staying there and I was a bit concerned at how slow he was going. But he’d just been looking after his tyres and when the time came, he just went crazy. He was quite awesome there.”

Hamilton’s Hungary (ESPN)

“I remember when Jean Alesi [threw] his helmet in to the crowd after he won the race in Montreal and Ferrari went to get the communications piece back because they thought it was worth more than the helmet!”

McLaren: Policy at a price? (GrandPrix)

“Unbelievably, [Alain] Prost leaned over the rail and dropped the trophy into eager hands waiting below. [Ron] Dennis, having received the winning team’s cup, could not believe what he was seeing. Outraged beyond words, Dennis threw the constructor’s trophy at Prost’s feet. It was an extraordinary scene in what amounted to the public airing of a private dispute over the family silverware.”

Comment of the day

Darkenforca’s Whack-A-Mole theory of F1 technology:

In regards to Double DRS, it reminds me of the game Whack-A-Mole.

Every time that a new innovation comes into Formula One, it gets whacked over the head and then is eventually replaced by something else.

That also gets whacked over the head.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Daniel and Nefer!

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On this day in F1

Luigi Villoresi won the non-championship Daily Mail trophy on this day 60 years ago, driving for Ferrari.

Mike Hawthorn drove a Cooper-Bristol to third place behind Francesco Landi, in another Ferrari, in the race at Boreham Airfield in Essex.

Image ?? Sauber F1 Team

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87 comments on Perez believes he has proven himself

  1. sozavele (@formula-1) said on 2nd August 2012, 17:07

    I was reading this on, although the not most credible website but does provide some accurate news, reports are suggesting that a Felipe renewal has now expired, I hope this is true as I don’t think he has done enough this year. Domenicalli also said they are looking for a number 2 driver, ruling out the likes of Button and Kimi, he also said money may be a factor. This leaves really Heikki and Perez but Heikki has a good friendship with Alonso. I rate Perez as a driver and don’t want him to make a move that could ruin his career, he has a long one ahead of him and instead I think he would be a good replacement for Alonso when he retires.

    • Nickpkr said on 2nd August 2012, 22:49

      Why start as a clear number two to the best Alonso hurt him ? He seats at Ferrari to learn but won’t loose time at all, just look at Grosjean side to Kimi or Vettel to Webber.

      • Kimi4WDC said on 2nd August 2012, 23:46

        You just explained why exactly he should not go to Ferrari. If Lotus and Red Bull might deploy 2nd driver to aid Championship in the end of the season. Ferrari will have Perez bow down to Alonso in Melbourne.

        • Francuis (@francuis) said on 3rd August 2012, 9:16

          And what is wrong about that? Massa was no: 2 to Schumacher and got his change later as main challenger in 2009 and just lost to Hamilton. When Alonso retires and Checo is good enough he will get his turn. Ferrari in that case is better than other team and don’t just drop there driver for none performance. Of that Massa is testimony.

          • Francuis (@francuis) said on 3rd August 2012, 9:19

            Sorry, it should read, “Ferrari in that case is better than other teams and don’t just drop there driver for none performance.”

  2. Eggry (@eggry) said on 2nd August 2012, 21:12

    I think Heikki is perfect number 2, which is What Ferrari want. Also Heikki himself desperately want top tier seat.

  3. Mike the bike Schumacher (@mike-the-bike-schumacher) said on 2nd August 2012, 21:38

    I like the Whack a mole image. I mean i think in some ways its good that new technology usually gets banned, it means that the engineers have to come up with another new exciting way of going faster, that willl get covered up, leaked to the press, other teams try to catch up, then moan, it gets banned, and it happens all over again. If we didn’t have this whack a mole situation we probably wouldn’t have as many changes in technology in F1 that we do have.

  4. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 2nd August 2012, 21:58

    I dunno about Perez. Sure he’s good, a pleasure to watch but I don’t see how another year at Sauber could harm. His future really depends on Massa. I can’t see anyone taking on a Ferrari seat for only a year to keep the seat warm for Perez.

  5. Nickpkr said on 2nd August 2012, 22:40

    Sorry but Perez has been kicking butt of all rookies so far including Di Resta and Hulk who have not stick their chances, and also not so rookies including Massa and Schumaher and actually got the points to prove it.
    Sauber is a poor qualifier but the guy is the best on tires since last year.
    He can do it already the motivation will make him hard to bit if he joins Ferrari next year, if Ferrari don’t make the move now they waist a lot of effort training this guy already cause there are more teams and besides ALL the experience drivers don’t want a Ferrari seat now is Alonso’s team. Ferrari for now needs WCC points and if Perez was with them already they will be a solid second now.
    Sure he is not English but if Hamilton start from scratch in big team what is the big deal with Montezemolo ? He was just fishing but not one bite, he needs maybe just one more Perez podium to eat his pride and take the guy has now proof a few more results one more podium in a mid team car. KOB is not bad but he has never got a podium and is his third year make or die, unlike Perez with BIG sponsor too !
    Ok I’m Perez fan too : )

    • Nickpkr said on 2nd August 2012, 23:04

      Btw I hope Hamilton goes to Williams and pair with Maldonado, so Perez can join Mclaren and show what Button is made of, that will be awesome too !

      • Armchair Expert (@armchairexpert) said on 3rd August 2012, 9:36

        Actually you can be spot on money :) I have no solid intel on that, but from what I gather Santander is interested in Perez being their face in Mexico and there are only 2 teams right now which Santander suports :) It all depends on if Ferrari is really after Vettel for 2014 and what Mclaren’s plans are for 2014. If Hamilton signs for 1 year only, then Checo can be with Button at McLaren for ’14. If Lewis signs for 2 years or more, Perez can replace Button who is on 2+1 deal (2012/2013+2014). Alternatively it’s all my fantasy and he will stay at Sauber for years to come or something :)

        Let me just add that my feeling is he’ll stay at Sauber, who need him to have any chance of successfull 2013. It’s the same feeling I have about Marussia replacing one driver (the one who it would seem had contract until 2014) for another ;)

        • JP (@jp1987) said on 3rd August 2012, 11:40

          Perez to McLaren would indeed be great, Santander, as mentioned by @ArmchairExpert might want Sergio as their face in Mexico….BUT! Sergio’s main sponsor is TelMex, so unless Vodafone does bail from McLaren as it has being rumored, I doubt this would be possible. IMO, Sergio has proven himself. Too early to say if world champion material of course, but he has done a great job and deserves to be seen in a different light other than the tyre-saver

  6. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 3rd August 2012, 0:02

    I think that Perez has absolutely proven himself. However, I love the combination of Perez, Kobayashi and Sauber way too much for anything to change yet…especially when they’ve got a decent car!

  7. tkcom (@tkcom) said on 3rd August 2012, 13:56

    Despite great drive @ Hockenheim and career-high in points, I believe Kobayashi is at high risk of losing the seat when the contract expires and no major sponsors. I really hope Perez can move up next season and keep Kobayashi in a competitive car.

  8. Fernando Deutsch said on 4th August 2012, 0:43

    Personally, I would like to see Sergio gaining more experience before a jump to a mayor team like Ferrari, but on the other hand, because of the very likely available seat, next year would be the right time to do it.

    I think Sergio has done a great job on the car. Yes the Sauber seems to be a competitive car, not at the level of the big teams, but definitely has good potential. I think the mistakes has come more from team decisions and logistics. There have been races, like Hungary, were the team should have called Sergio way before the terrible lap times he did on the final of the first stint. On Silverstone, Sauber sent him on the wrong tires, after being so strong on all free practices. Same thing on Hockenheim, were it took forever to send him out before track conditions went worst.

    There are still many races left on the season. Lets see what happen. It would be great to see another podium from Sergio, that would be fantastic.

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