Mark Webber, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2012

Caption Competition 17: Mark Webber

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2012

It’s time for some more Caption Competition fun and this week’s subject is Mark Webber.

He’s recently signed a new deal to remain with Red Bull for 2013. But what’s on his mind here?

It’s over to you to see who can supply the funniest caption for this picture.

Share your comedy captions in the comments and a selection of the best will be featured in the daily round-up.

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98 comments on “Caption Competition 17: Mark Webber”

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  1. Hmmmm that might be too gruesome a way of removing Helmut Marko from the equation

  2. “I can´t believe I fell for it again…. I should´ve known better.”

  3. Webber debuts Bernie Ecclestone impression.

  4. Jayfreese (@)
    4th August 2012, 13:33

    Double face Webber

  5. How do I convince Seb to be my number 2 this year?

  6. *Disappointment from down under*

  7. Hmmm, new contract signed…, about that Vettel kid.

  8. Bradley_Cornish93
    4th August 2012, 14:40

    “I still don’t know how we’re gonna break it to Seb that he’s no longer number one.”

  9. “Hmm… Red Bull, or Ferrari?”

  10. Mark Webber contemplates the choice of Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel as teammate.

  11. ‘That damn finger’s got right up my nose.’

  12. Hmmm…the Ferrari is so bloody ugly though……

  13. Vettel on radio: Guyysss do something im faster, we have to do something i can’t pass i cant! Please!!
    Webber: *that face*

  14. mrblackboa (@)
    4th August 2012, 15:39

    (Vettel sitting next to him.)

    Mark Webber: “I think Baby Schumi his diaper needs changing”

  15. davidnotcoulthard
    4th August 2012, 16:17

    “Now that I’ve made this face, I’ll get more salary…right?”

  16. Red Bull gives you ticks

  17. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
    4th August 2012, 16:28

    Interviewer: So Mark, what is your view on the proliferation of Nuclear weapons and should the authorities allow ticket touts to operate out side of the Olympic village in order to fill empty seats?
    Mark: Hmmm…

  18. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
    4th August 2012, 16:31

    Interviewer: Why is it that bullets ricochet off of Superman’s chest, but he ducks when the gun is thrown at him?
    Mark: Hmmm…

  19. Mark thought he’d seen everything until he got caught on the end of a fishing hook

  20. “We are testing our new facial recognition steering interface. This is a left turn while trail braking.”

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