Mark Webber, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2012

Caption Competition 17: Mark Webber

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2012

It’s time for some more Caption Competition fun and this week’s subject is Mark Webber.

He’s recently signed a new deal to remain with Red Bull for 2013. But what’s on his mind here?

It’s over to you to see who can supply the funniest caption for this picture.

Share your comedy captions in the comments and a selection of the best will be featured in the daily round-up.

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98 comments on “Caption Competition 17: Mark Webber”

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  1. See! The left side is my serious side to race and the other side is… well… I had a few beers last night and that poledancer… well… you can tell by my right side!

  2. Christian Horner: Mark. Mark? Mark! Oh no, he’s thinking about his dogs again.

  3. FA : Now that’s how you put the shrimp on the barbie mate..
    MW : But where does the kangaroo go?? Stay put?

  4. A month with no F1. Urgh..

  5. Mark Webber tries to calculate how many fourth place finishes he needs to win the championship.

  6. If i push the green and the red button at the same time the exhaust gas gets out by the secret hole or was it the blue and the red button ?

  7. One more year to pretend that I love this crook energy drink.. I can do this mate. Gotta pack a roadie !!

  8. Mark appreciated the gesture after a disappointing Hungarian Grand Prix, but unfortunately Seb’s Crocodile Dundee impression failed to lift team spirits.

  9. Webber in gurning flap scandal

  10. EYEBROWman and FINGERboy?! Oh, come on, I can take it on the CHIN!

  11. Matt (@agentmulder)
    4th August 2012, 19:14

    “Hey Mark! Show us your Kimi impression!”

  12. What poison would not appear on Seb’s autopsy report?

  13. “Whooops… I wonder what would FIA’s Technical Working Group say about that.”

  14. mmmmm, red bull , ferrari , red bull , ferrari , vettel , alonso , RED BULL !!!

  15. “Saturday’s press conference was interrupted by smells of ‘blown exhaust’ “

  16. *brrrrrt*
    “Next question!”

  17. “Does anybody else have a bloody clue what’s going on with this Olympic Opening Ceremony ??”

  18. Everything is gonna be allright, said Helmut. Now what’s bugging me then?

  19. This was Vettels face after I passed him.

  20. Vettel. Hes gone and taken my symmetrical nose again. Now i have Monza spec on the right, and Monaco on the left.

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