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First F1 2012 video revealed by Codemasters

F1 video gamePosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Codemasters’ latest official Formula One game, F1 2012, is due to hit the shelves next month.

The team behind it have produced the first official video of the game. The video shows a new quick-start mode in which players can compete against the six world champions currently racing in F1:

Codemasters have also recently released F1 Online, a free, browser-based F1 management game.

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  1. I wish they’d just sort out the AI, it was barely any more realistic than the year before (blue flags, poor racecraft etc…). Also F1 2011 had a safety car addition, but the AI never crashes (even when I ram them off to try and pull out a SC! Piquet style), maybe if they spent less time making unskippable annoying ‘3D’ menus and more time making a game, I’d actually buy it every year.

    This year is one to miss it seems, probably get the Super Stars game instead, at least the Mrs will want to play then!

  2. The last two were very poor. I won’t be buying this one. Not basing my comment on the video but the poor game play and bugs in the previous versions.

  3. What’s with all the negativity? I for one am looking forward to it! I don’t care if its not a 100% perfect, not many games are. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! No ones forcing you.

  4. I must add the disappointments I had with 2011. AI didn’t get out of the way when you were lapping them, a slight nudge off the AI would have you doing a 360, but nudging them wouldn’t budge them, it was as if they were on rails. Receiving penalties for unknown reasons, AI not getting penalised. Poor graphics on the PS3. With all that, even if at times I felt like throwing it out the window, I still enjoyed. Hopefully these problems won’t exist in the 2012 version

  5. Sir Crammond
    7th August 2012, 20:27

    If it aint broke you cant fix it.
    GP2, GP3 an GP4 are the zenith off realistic simulators concerning F1…..an GP Legends is in a league of its own if you use as Sheldon from BBT says ` the best graphips chip in the Universe, the Human mind`

  6. It seems almost as though people are nitpicking this game too much.
    rFactor is a sim game, the F1 series is not.
    Forza is an Xbox exclusive game, the F1 series is not.
    GT5 is a PS3 exclusive game, the F1 series is not.
    The Xbox and PS3 have very different limitations compared to the PC and so obviously it’s going to be a lot harder to find a balance, rather than designing a game strictly for one platform. The game is made on an annual basis, and there isn’t much you can do, other than update the drivers, liveries, teams and what not. Features had been added, taken away, or improved from 2010 to 2011, and they cannot be faulted for that. Some like them and some don’t, it’s purely a matter of opinion, so to criticise them for implementing something such as the time trial feature purely because it’s not to your liking just isn’t on.

    Sure there might be some bugs (not as many as people seem to allude to), but what more are you expecting? Provide a list of games that are succeeded on an annual basis and don’t have bugs. Sure they make one patch and then move on, but as someone previously mentioned, they’re a small team and have one year to produce a whole new game, they can’t sit on the patches for an eternity. You can accuse them for ‘lying’ to their customers in regards to the patches and bug-fixes, but as a small company they can only do so much.

    Lastly, to say that you think the current price that it will be sold for is too much is illogical. That means assuming that the retail price is based solely on the quality which is not how it works.

  7. I will buy this game every year for the same reason I buy EA’s NHL series every year. I’m a fan of the sport and have become a fan of the franchise.

    To everyone complaining about lack of evolution in the game, skip 2012 wait for 2013 when the next gen consoles arrive.

  8. First of all, I agree it would be unrealistic to expect these kinds of games to be innovated hugely from version to version. A lot of the annual sports titles get away with offering a content update for the new season and a few minor tweaks here and there. There was actually a bit more modifications needed from 2010 to last year, as DRS and KERS should have been and were included (and worked pretty much as expected, which I liked). A more or less rudimentary brake bias adjust option should be a less important element.

    I do disagree with the “this doesn’t want to be a hardcore simulation” argument. I respect that’s the approach Codemasters is sticking with, but I see no need to not offer more complexity to the players who would like it. Basically telling the simracing fans to stay away from this because they look for something the F1 games don’t want to offer only means they’ll refuse to pay for this product and go play some unofficial F1 mods on some other game instead. Consequently, by also motivating these people to buy the game, Codemasters could market their series to an even bigger fan base, which, in turn, I think could justify the additional development resources they would most probably need to go beyond the complexity they’re accomplishing now.

    Even from a small development team, however, I expect core functionalities of a software to be working correctly, without the need for a patch that might come down the road. Instead, both games had issues reported where game saves become corrupted, which, if you google after Dirt 2, didn’t just start happening with the F1 titles. It’s one thing to have your community managers ask people to not swear in your face for something like that occurring. It’s another to get to the bottom of such an issue and be able to fix it.

    Also, for emulating a racing series which features mandatory pit stops, there were numerous issues that shouldn’t have happened. In F12010, players were held unduly long in the pits during stops, while computer-controlled cars, in some cases, didn’t pit at all. Last year’s title, instead, still seems to have balancing issues in that CCs sometimes stay out too long, suffer a puncture from wear and then halt on the track immediately rather than attempting to get back to the pits and change to a new set of tyres. Okay, it’s not a simulation if that happens and you’re right behind a car and you crash into them and you get a penalty for causing a collision. That’s arcade, all right.

    With those kinds of experiences, I’ll weigh if and when I’ll want to buy and play the game. Last year, at least I waited until the patch was out.

  9. I played the heck out of 2010, can’t say I’ll buy this but I liked the graphics and physics in the “1st” one. I just wish they had telemetry on the console versions. And like Tanner said, the games need a little more hustle and bustle in the pit lane.

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