COTA video

Video shows COTA layout with tarmac laid

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In the round-up: A new video gives the best impression yet of how the Circuit of the Americas will look.


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Circuit of the Americas (Austin F1 track) test-drive (YouTube)

A thrilling start (ESPN)

“This just shows you how bad the marbles were in China, and tyres played such a crucial role in the race. I was trying to get an angle somewhere around the track that showed all the debris because it was horrendous. When a car went off-line… well Raikkonen showed how bad it was when he lost all those positions.”

Petrov not nervous about future (Crash)

“Right now all the talk about driver changes has only just started. There is talk about Heikki leaving, rumours Felipe Massa will be kicked out, so maybe this mess will continue until the end of the season.”

Rush (Official website)

The official website for Rush, the film based on the 1976 F1 season.

Reutemann?s title challenge (MotorSport)

Frank Williams: “In terms of equipment we gave Carlos exactly the same as Alan Jones, but there was more to it than that. Carlos needed more psychological support than most drivers, and we probably didn?t appreciate that sufficiently at the time ?ǣ which is why we didn?t achieve as much together as we should have done.”

Overtaking Aids ?ǣ Who Has it Right, F1 or IndyCar? (On The Throttle)

“The fundamental problem with open wheel cars is they are unable to run in turbulent air. Introducing DRS or a push-to-pass option does not solve this problem, it is merely a fix for it.”

Silverstone seeking ??150m cash injection (The Telegraph)

Stuart Rolt, chairman of the British Racing Drivers Club: “By the end of the year at the latest we will have either done a comprehensive deal for all of Silverstone or we will maybe be talking to entities about renting or buying a long lease on parts of the non-circuit land.”

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@Prisoner-Monkeys’ pithy take on Pastor Maldonado’s latest gaffe:


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On this day in F1

Stefan Johansson was fortunate to emerge unscathed from a grisly accident during practice for the Austrian Grand Prix 25 years ago today. The deer his McLaren struck at around 150mph was not so fortunate.

Johansson’s relief at being unhurt was tempered by anger at discovering the deer has been seen running around the track for some time before he hit it.

This was F1’s last visit to the Osterreichring track before it was reconfigured and renamed the A1-Ring and restored to the calendar a decade later. The problem of wildlife remained, however – a deer was spotted on the track during practice for the 2001 race.