David Coulthard, Red Bull, New Jersey, 2012

Coulthard hits 300kph in Lincoln Tunnel demo run

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In the round-up: Video of David Coulthard racing through the Lincoln Tunnel as part of a demonstration run for Red Bull.

Red Bull in New Jersey

Here’s Coulthard racing through the Lincoln Tunnel. According to Red Bull he reached 305kph (190mph) during his run:


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Massa ‘knows what he has to do’ (Autosport)

“He needs to maximise the performance that he can because we need his capabilities behind the wheel. We need points to try to attack first place in the constructors’ championship, and also to take away points from the other drivers in the drivers’ championship.”

Q&A with Narain Karthikeyan (HRT)

“I think that my race performance has been very strong, with my 15th place in Monaco standing out, but in qualifying I?ve been a bit weaker. Right now I?m about three tenths behind Pedro and that?s something I have to improve in this second half, no doubt about it. The tyres have been quite difficult to get used to and Pedro has a lot of experience with Pirelli and McLaren. He?s a very good driver who hardly makes mistakes and I must learn from him to improve.”

Is TV killing Formula One? (ESPN)

“[Sky] does not publish viewer statistics, but external TV auditors provide figures that indicate that there has been no significant audience growth over the course of the season. Instead, Sky’s viewing figures rise and fall depending on whether or not it has sole live broadcasting rights of the race in question.”


Comment of the day

@Chalky on Nigel Mansell leaving F1 as champion at the end of 1992:

I was really disheartened to see Nigel leaving F1. I?d watched all 3 of his nearly years and 1992 was a great achievement for him. However, 1993 and the Indycar championship really was great entertainment and that was because of the hard charging Nigel Mansell. I clearly remember his domination at round 1, Surfers Paradise. Simply awesome display.

So was he right to leave? Well he proved in his one off drives in 1994 that he was still up there, but back then you still needed a decent car / team so maybe yes he was right.
Although McLaren, compared to their usual standards, had slipped, they still were a top team.
Maybe that?s how McLaren tempted Nigel into that calamitous and quite awful 1995 season that he ended up walking away from.

Personally I think he did the right thing. I only wish he had pulled off the Indy 500 too.

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On this day in F1

The Netherlands held a round of the world championship for the first time 60 years ago today. The race at Zandvoort was won by Alberto Ascari, who had already been crowned that year’s world champion.

For the second race in a row the podium was an all-Ferrari affair, Giuseppe Farina taking second ahead of Luigi Villoresi.

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