David Coulthard, Weehawken police, 2012

Caption Competition 19: David Coulthard

Caption Competition

David Coulthard, Weehawken police, 2012

Former F1 driver turned BBC commentator and DTM racer David Coulthard has been in America doing a demonstration run for Red Bull this week.

This involved a visit from the Weehawken, New Jersey police force – and seemed a perfect picture for a Caption Competition.

So share your comedy caption in the comments below and look out for the pick of the best in the daily round-up.

Caption Competition

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Image via Red Bull on Twitter

109 comments on “Caption Competition 19: David Coulthard”

      1. It’s a reference to how Stirling Moss got pulled over by plods for speeding or something, and the officer said “Who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?”. He didn’t realise who he was talking to.

  1. Officer: “Yeah yeah excuses, excuses. Mr. Coulthard, this picture is definitely you, right?, and look at the speed of your car 205mp/h. And now look at the sign right there in the corner. It says 35 right? What do you think that means?”

  2. Cop : “Sir, we are stopping you because we believe your Jawline is illegal”

    DC : “wHHA… ? ”

    Cop : ” Please try and put you face through this legality template… ” *holds up one of those templates like you get in the postoffice*

  3. Cop: “Here’s my patrol car. It can do 140mph”
    Coulthard: “Oh…. That’s nothing, I was just doing 190 through the tunnel in my F1 car!”
    Cop: “F1 car? What’s that?”
    Coulthard: “A race car. You know, like on a race track”
    Cop: “OHHHH. NASCAR!!”
    Coulthard: “Noooo… F1 Car”
    Cop: “Yea…. NASCAR!”
    Coulthard: “Ok… NASCAR!”

  4. “Mr. Policeman, I, as Red Bull’s representative, am arresting you for disturbing Sebastian Vettel during his run at New Jersey a few weeks ago. The fine will be US$666,777,666 and you’ll have 6 days to pay.”

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