David Coulthard, Weehawken police, 2012

Caption Competition 19: David Coulthard

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

David Coulthard, Weehawken police, 2012

Former F1 driver turned BBC commentator and DTM racer David Coulthard has been in America doing a demonstration run for Red Bull this week.

This involved a visit from the Weehawken, New Jersey police force – and seemed a perfect picture for a Caption Competition.

So share your comedy caption in the comments below and look out for the pick of the best in the daily round-up.

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Image via Red Bull on Twitter

109 comments on “Caption Competition 19: David Coulthard”

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  1. I’m sorry sir put your wing was flexing too much!

  2. DC: “Weehawken Police? Well I’m hawkin’ a fizzy drink, beat that!”

  3. police officer: so you was doing 190 mph in hudson tunnel…can i have your driving license please

  4. Officer: I have caught the scotch driver.

  5. Michael Brown (@)
    18th August 2012, 17:41

    Now I know how Lewis Hamilton feels

  6. officer – you f1 driver?
    DC -Ya!!!!
    officer – Lewis Hamilton!!!!
    DC- Sir, please arrest me.

  7. Officer: How do you spell your last name, sir?
    DC: M A L D O N A D O

  8. “Wait a minute… this isn’t my DTM Mercedes, and you’re not Ralf!”

  9. you have to beleive me, Formula 1 cars don’t have a head light

  10. @keithcollantine you gotta add your captions as well :-)

  11. Not my problem you couldn’t record my speed.

  12. Thinks to himself: ‘Must call Didi. NOW.’

  13. DC: “I insist officer, I didn’t activate the DRS”

  14. you mean Bernie Eccelstone – short, annoying, really old and extremely condescending…….. no, I don’t know him. Can I go now?

  15. Hawken decided to rename itself in honour of a famous Scot who visited it’s quiet patch.

  16. “I’m sorry officer that I had to go round that corner at a million miles per hour because if I was doing thirty, I would’ve crashed..”

  17. Officer: come and have a look – our telemetry shows you’re loosing time at the entrance to the tunnel and on the main tunnel straight.
    DC: that’ s everywhere! Just like in the old days with Mikka…

  18. in stead of making a demonstration doughnut can i have one?

  19. Cop: so you are telling me that your car has 750hp from a 2.5L engine, and then you push this little magic button, and you have over 800? What kind of black magic you working with here!?

  20. Officer: “Did you practice all the 117 excuses, for doing 6 times the speed limit, on the way here, or are you just improvising?”

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