David Coulthard, Weehawken police, 2012

Caption Competition 19: David Coulthard

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

David Coulthard, Weehawken police, 2012

Former F1 driver turned BBC commentator and DTM racer David Coulthard has been in America doing a demonstration run for Red Bull this week.

This involved a visit from the Weehawken, New Jersey police force – and seemed a perfect picture for a Caption Competition.

So share your comedy caption in the comments below and look out for the pick of the best in the daily round-up.

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Image via Red Bull on Twitter

109 comments on “Caption Competition 19: David Coulthard”

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  1. “Do you snort when you laugh, or is your chin farting at me?”

  2. DC: “But she said she was 18!”

  3. DC:”A ticket ,for driving an F1 car? Seriously?”

  4. Hmm. Your computer is much bigger than mine.

  5. “Excuse me officer, is there anywhere to get some decent haggis around here?”

  6. DC: But sir, I was driving on the “right” side of the road…

  7. Instead of making a doughnut i want to eat one. Any here? wow

  8. DC: “So you must be the American Bernd, …right ?! What’s with the conditions out there on track ?”

    (Bernd Mayländer is the official F1 SafetyCar-Driver)

    1. A joke isnt so good when you have to explain the punchline.

  9. Your street demo’s closed our doughnut shack. That’s a federal offence!

  10. Is it because im Bla…..

  11. The fashion police crackdown on the BBC F1 team was finally under way.

  12. “Yeah, I brake-checked Michael, so what? You’re the police, not the goddamn Ferrari International Assistance(FIA).”

  13. “… But officer I keep telling you I had NOTHING to do with the BBC-Sky coverage deal.”

  14. While the fashion police capture Mr. White Jeans, his partner Mr. Colourful Shirts is still at large

  15. DC: Ok Mr Director, Lesley Neilson’s just behind me, so let’s get on with this new Police Squad movie.

  16. DC: I was told you guys like doughnuts …

  17. Aye, I’ll get in…..but put the massage beads back on the seat first.

  18. Even seat no.2 with you guys?

  19. Shake ‘n’ bake!..That’s what you say here for sure?

  20. “Och, aye. Ah went to school with a wee Hawken when I was just a little laddie”

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