Felipe Massa, Fiat Linea, Interlagos, 2012

Massa quickest in touring car weekend at Interlagos

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In the round-up: Felipe Massa tops two practice sessions driving a Fiat Linea at Interlagos.


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Massa on track at Interlagos (Ferrari)

Massa was quickest in both free practice sessions in the Copa Fiat series. As a guest in the series, he had use of an extra set of tyres. However he will not compete in this weekends’ races at Interlagos.

Ecclestone close to completing new Concorde Agreement (AutoWeek)

“We were happy to go there, the teams were happy, the FIA was happy. If we can solve this problem, Turkey can return to the Formula One calendar. Let’s wait and see.”

Mike Hewland passes away (Autosport)

“Mike Hewland, founder of the Hewland Engineering company that became synonymous with motorsport transmission technology, has died at the age of 89.”

Watching the Olympics, Seeing Formula One (International Herald Tribune)

“I kept an eye on the Olympics, and since it is the summer break in Formula One, I tried to keep my mind off Formula One. But, inevitably, comparisons of the two spectacles kept entering my thoughts ? especially since Formula One has for many years hyped itself as the world?s third most popular sporting spectacle, behind the Olympics and World Cup soccer.”

Mystery document plagues F1 funding (Kxan)

“Continuing the legal saga over Formula 1, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott released an opinion Friday leaving more questions about whether the Grand Prix event should be able to receive state funding.”



Comment of the day

Is domination by one team always a bad thing? Pete_H thinks not:

I remember a time when a team/driver dominating a season was applauded as it showed technical excellence by the team and great driving from the car.

Nobody complained when Lotus and Clark were dominating seasons in the sixties, Nor when Fangio was dominating seasons in the 50s. We saw some dominance by teams/drivers through the seventies and eighties and the complaints from fans was minimal because they understood the sport and that a more open formula sometimes allows this sort of thing as there is always the possibility for one team to find that something extra.

The problem today is that its seen as a ‘show’ and must be ‘entertaining’, If a race doesn?t include a hundred overtakes and if one team/driver does a much better job & dominates then its labelled ‘boring’ and I think that’s wrong and shows just how far the sport side has fallen.

People label 2011 as boring because Vettel/Red Bull dominated, I say it was a good season purely because of that as it highlights what F1 was always about and should be about again.

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Happy birthday to Harry Palmer!

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Happy birthday to Nico Hulkenberg who is 25 today.

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