Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, 2012

Caption Competition 20: Michael Schumacher

Caption CompetitionPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, 2012

Michael Schumacher will make his 300th appearance in an F1 race this weekend – becoming the second driver to do so after Rubens Barrichello.

Hopefully it’ll go better than his 299th Grand Prix appearance, which was spoiled when he lined up in the wrong grid slot in Hungary.

Can you think of a good caption for the picture above? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments.

As usual a pick of the best will feature in the daily round-up.

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Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

141 comments on “Caption Competition 20: Michael Schumacher”

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  1. I’ll have a babysham

  2. And it is with great regret…

    Rosberg… You’re fired!

  3. “These silver darty things are all nice when they don’t fall apart, but I tell you Ross, I want one of those Red Bulls”

  4. “i know at least one of these drivers was born before i started driving…ah there’s one!”

    “rice and shrimp, rice and chicken……i’ll just have the number 7.”

    “hey! put that back, nascar is on!”

  5. “Oh I see, it was P19 not P17….oh well, even the best make mistakes!!”

  6. I’ll have a Red Bull please. Oh, and a drink too.

  7. one pole this season … next up, one win, at my favourite circuit. hopefully it won’t be taken away from me like my pole was.

  8. Hey! Who reaplaced my name with Ralf!??

  9. MSC ordering a pirelli special.

  10. When you forget the contact lens at home it is not easy to focus

  11. Guys, relax! My finger had been 91 times up ;) -> ( discussing “vettel finger”)

  12. wait a second…I should retire again? shouldn’t I?

  13. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
    26th August 2012, 5:20

    Hey you! (mechanic) Don’t screw this one up again!

  14. That guy on the tv sure looks old doesn’t he?

  15. “I’ll have one Quarter Pounder with Cheese please”

  16. That awkward moment …
    When you practice in the garrage your former post-race gestures

  17. Stay nico….. staaaayyy… good boy, now rollover, play dead!

  18. Engineer: Right! Michael KERS is fully charged
    Michael: I know!
    Engineer: How would you know this?
    Michael: My hand is glowing and my finger is erect!

  19. Hey Ross, its your mum!

  20. “297, 298, 299, 300! yep that cake will do”

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