Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Hungaroring, 2012

Ferrari slowest of front-runners, says Alonso

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Hungaroring, 2012In the round-up: Fernando Alonso says Ferrari are still lagging behind their major rivals.


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Championship leader Fernando Alonso says he’s not title favourite (BBC)

“The classification is a good advantage for us but in terms of performance, of the guys who are at the front, we are clearly the slowest. We have a points advantage and a performance disadvantage, so I don’t think we are favourites.”

Petrov’s F1 Career in Danger After Russia Pulls Funding (Ria Novosti)

Petrov’s manager Oksana Kosachenko: “We have now lost government support. There?s never been interest from sponsors. I?ve always said that it?s impossible to find sponsors in Russia for a project like Formula One. When there was support at the top level of government, this project worked commendably.”

No support role for Button (Sky)

“I’m forty points behind Lewis but Lewis is forty points behind Fernando and he still thinks he has a very good chance of winning this championship. So, no, we go racing as always. The last two races before the break were very good for us and we’re feeling very positive.”

Lewis Hamilton: “You have to be business minded…” (Adam Cooper)

“this is a business. I always wear my heart on my sleeve, but of course you have to be business minded as well.”

Schumacher knows his limits (Reuters)

“For the 400 (Grand Prix appearances)? We probably say no for that one.”

Belgian GP – Conference 1 (FIA)

“Q: (Gabor Joo – Indexonline) Michael, you have 299 races so far. Can you single out one which is your favourite?
MS: I keep talking about Suzuka in 2000, both for the quality of the race, for the end of the race and for the whole meaning of that result obviously, so it was a total package of many circumstances, why that race turned out to be a very special one for myself and then for so many others.”

Rosberg: Mercedes learned from slump (Autosport)

“We understand some of the reasons why others have managed to get away from us a little bit. Some of them are not totally unexpected.”

Pastor Maldonado Q&A: Williams want ??more than points? at Spa (F1)

On his Venezuela crash: “It is always tricky to run on tarmac that is not meant for racing – and yes, it was a bit embarrassing, but only a bit. It was at the end of the show run when everybody already had a good taste of Formula One, so it was no big deal. And I had the headlines…”

Cold will hurt Iceman (Sky)

“What might go against Lotus is that it is quite chilly here, it is anorak weather, and they like it hot. The second thing that might go against them is that they like the softer tyres and here we have two of the hardest tyres we bring to all the circuits. So they will have to overcome both of those to win here this weekend.”

The fight to be fastest (MotorSport)

“It couldn?t last, of course. Spa was given a chance to ‘redeem’ itself by a resurgent GPDA, but its extra Armco and unsatisfactory Malmedy chicane of 1970 could only ever be a stay of execution.”


Comment of the day

Sounds like @Carlitox is as excited about the possibility of Alessandro Zanardi racing again as I am:

Alex Zanardi is by far my most estimated driver of all time. An example of effort and consistence and a message for all that anyone can achieve anything with hard work. Just seeing him start, or do some demo laps, would bring tears to my eyes just like when he won in the WTCC. Respect.

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Happy birthday to Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo who turns 65 today.

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