Mercedes mark Schumacher’s 300th Grand Prix

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

Mercedes marked the 300th Grand Prix appearance for Michael Schumacher by presenting him with a front wing and nose bearing the name of every F1 race he has entered.

It includes all 91 of his Grand Prix wins highlighted in red.

Schumacher was also given a cake in the shape of the special helmet he wore to mark the race and a model car from Mercedes:

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

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Images ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

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8 comments on Mercedes mark Schumacher’s 300th Grand Prix

  1. the_sigman (@sigman1998) said on 2nd September 2012, 18:00

    That’s so nice! Well done Michael!

  2. ScuderiaVincero (@scuderiavincero) said on 2nd September 2012, 18:02

    Quite a tribute there, and well deserved too!

  3. awarded honorary citizenship of Spa and an amazing tribute for the 7 times WDC, Truly well deserved. Glad can see this special 300.

  4. frood19 (@frood19) said on 2nd September 2012, 18:38

    300 races is an incredible achievement. admittedly there are more races these days, but 18 seasons is fantastic longevity.

  5. Does anyone know wether he received a penalty for cutting across Vettel?

  6. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 3rd September 2012, 19:37

    I’m glad he finished the race, I thought it would be just his luck to have to retire.

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