Rate the race: 2012 Belgian Grand Prix

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Spa-Francorchamps, 2012What did you think of the Belgian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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164 comments on Rate the race: 2012 Belgian Grand Prix

  1. 8/10. Not on the edge of my seat the entire race, but never a dull lap either.

  2. I was at the track and inclined to agree. Not one of the best – Grosjean has a lot to answer for! As does the video feed director – everyone saw Kimi on Schumi at Eau Rouge but Kovy passing a Marussia there halfway through the race was completely missed! Hat’s off to Kimi and Vettel for keeping it interesting though.

    • smokinjoe (@smokinjoe) said on 2nd September 2012, 15:29

      “As does the video feed director – everyone saw Kimi on Schumi at Eau Rouge but Kovy passing a Marussia there halfway through the race was completely missed!”
      What about Button i only saw him on the last lap…i guess so far ahead of the field that video feed director doesnt care to show him

      • @smokinjoe
        That is how it is all the time. If the leader is out in front, we don’t see him. And why should we? With a big lead they will just cruise it home, so they wont drive particularily fast, nor will they fight anyone. Pretty boring to look at I think, at least if there is something else going on.

        • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 4th September 2012, 10:26

          Well said @mads, I recall a lot of people (including me) being unhappy early last year when the director was too prone to show Vettel going it alone up front while we missed interesting fights behind him. I am thus quite glad we only saw Button occasionally, going smoothly and fast, driving without fault, and focussed more on fights behind him. It could have been even better if more attention went to cars further back than 12th, they too seemed to have good fights but we saw little of it.

  3. 7 – good race, but too many contenders were taken out at the start.

    Without that crash it might just have been epic, with one of the Saubers challenging Button for the lead…

  4. Chalky (@chalky) said on 2nd September 2012, 15:25

    I love seeing Jenson Button win but it was only a 6 for me.
    It’s been a while that I have managed to see a full live race, due to holidays or SKY having shown the live race. So why a 6? Well the incident at turn 1, although added an initial buzz, caused a detrement to the race quality later on. No Alonso or Hamilton to really push Button for the win. No Saubers up front after a real promising Saturday. The crash muddled the field too, furthering Buttons advantage as Vettel had more work to do.
    So that left a race dominated by who could DRS pass (Schumacher) and who could not (Red Bull and Raikonen). I loved Raikonens pass into Eau Rouge and Vettels tenacity to push forward.
    However, one of my other rules I go by is if I can stay awake after lunch for the whole race and unfortunatley I nodded off with 6 laps to go (I think) and saw Button crossing the line.
    Between a 7 and a 6 it was. Due to so many missing after the first turn I went for a 6.

  5. Postreader said on 2nd September 2012, 15:26

    9 for awesome, -1 for insane Grosjean, so an 8 for me.

  6. I think what Domenicali said a few days ago was right, that lack of in-season testing is preventing us from finding new talents like the waft of newbies in the early 2000s(Button, Alonso, Raikkonen and Montoya). Apart from Montoya, the guys then were younger and made less errors. Maldonado-well I’ve got nothing more to say. He’s probably costing Williams more than the amount of money he is bringing into the team. Grosjean’s move deserves at least, a ten-place grid penalty and a fine on top of that, if not a one-race ban. It was a dangerous and totally unnecessary move on Hamilton, and he spoiled the races for some other drivers too-Perez, Kobayashi, Alonso. And this is not the first time he is having a first lap incident(Australia, Malaysia, Spain, Monaco as well).

  7. foleyger (@foleyger) said on 2nd September 2012, 15:34

    I give it a 5. DRS ruined it for me. I wudn’t call that overtaking

    • Totally agree! I can’t for the life of me understand why everybody are clapping their hands just because positions change more often. You are exactly right; it is not overtaking and it is not racing. Schumacher taking back the position from a clearly faster Räikkonen is just another perfect example of how artificial DRS really is.

  8. Brownerboy (@brownerboy) said on 2nd September 2012, 15:44

    Again i will say, If they started the race on the other pit straight, none of this would have happened

  9. Shrieker (@shrieker) said on 2nd September 2012, 15:45

    Good race, deserves a 6 i think. Could’ve easily been a 7 or even 8 without Grosjean going Igor.

  10. KaIIe (@kaiie) said on 2nd September 2012, 15:52

    7/10. At times there was simply nothing happening.
    + T1 mayhem
    + Kimi’s pass on Michael at Eau Rouge. Surely this makes him God of Spa now? One of the greatest tactical moves I’ve ever seen (deploy KERS out of T1 instead of waiting till DRS zone where Kimi’s top speed just wasn’t enough).
    + Plenty of passing, some different strategies

    – DRS. Okay, there were some times when it worked perfectly (cars being alongside each other under breaking), but for most part it either didn’t work (RBR’s couldn’t pass anyone) or worked way too well (MSC driving past Kimi) or it was pointless (6 car train with everyone having DRS open).

    • @kaiie

      – DRS.

      The problem is that there is no way to make sure that every DRS overtake works properly.
      The reason Schumachers worked like a dunk slam, and Vettel’s didn’t work at all was because they ran different gearings. With the DRS it will always be a game of trying to find the right balance. Some will be too much, some wont work, but some will be just right.
      The only way to get around that is if the FIA desides the gearing, or at least the length of the last gear in order to control the speed difference more accurately, but that will have a lot of other problems, and mean that teams can’t take different approaches to gearing and downforce depending on the track and what they expect to be doing (overtaking, or just pulling away).
      But I also think that DRS was a minus, but thats just because I don’t like the concept all together, so I have stopped letting it effect my rating unless it is way too powerful.

    • Maksutov (@maksutov) said on 2nd September 2012, 16:09

      Kimi’s pass on Michael at Eau Rouge. Surely this makes him God of Spa now?

      That move was largely possible because MSC was kind enough to leave room. I didn’t think anything special about that move.

    • Schumi was missing 6th gear by then.

  11. spartacus (@spartacus) said on 2nd September 2012, 15:54

    The main point is that no driver got injured…Alonso could have been killed if he was about 1 foot further on.

    • Maksutov (@maksutov) said on 2nd September 2012, 16:14

      Alonso could have been killed if he was about 1 foot further on.

      Sadly, that is very true. I don’t understand why that incident isn’t being heavily investigated. Someone needs to get a good slap in the face for that one.

  12. andrewf1 (@andrewf1) said on 2nd September 2012, 15:56

    7 from me.
    Best drives of the day: Vettel and Button.
    Retard driver of the day: Grosjean

  13. Estesark (@estesark) said on 2nd September 2012, 16:03

    I feel like I should be rating this race highly, but it just doesn’t feel right. There was overtaking everywhere you looked (some of it without DRS!), it was very difficult to predict the finishing order until there were only half a dozen laps remaining, and it has made the championship more interesting again. Yet it all felt a bit hollow without Alonso and Hamilton, in particular, on the track. The Saubers got very unlucky as well. Button, superbly as he drove, never really came under any serious challenge. All things considered, I can only give it a 7.

  14. 9. It was a very good race, lots of overtakings, lots of action. Yeah, it’s a shame that we lost Kobayashi and Perez after the first corner: they would have been very interesting to watch.
    But the accident allowed the Force Indias and the Toro Rossos in the top 10. It was amazing to see Hulkenberg fighting for the podium and great racing by both Vergne and Ricciardo.

  15. Ron (@rcorporon) said on 2nd September 2012, 16:07

    So much whining about DRS these days. I like it as it allows for more passing. Better than those woeful days of the 2 hour F1 parades with no passing.

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