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2012 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2012 Italian Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 272
2 McLaren 243
3 Ferrari 226
4 Lotus 217
5 Mercedes 126
6 Sauber 100
7 Force India 63
8 Williams 54
9 Toro Rosso 12
10 Caterham 0
11 Marussia 0
12 HRT 0

2012 Italian Grand Prix

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  1. Michael Brown (@)
    9th September 2012, 17:20

    Alonso will win the championship. The opposition keeps taking points off of each other. He went in with a 24 point lead and left with a 27 point lead.

    1. 37 actually. Two races down since the break for summer and the lead is down a mere 3 points.

  2. I’m not an Alonso fan, but he certainly Does it when he needs to.

    It’ll be good for the suspense if he has some bad luck, but it in the end this was a superb year, just like 2006 for both Fernando and Schumi.

  3. @keithcollantine When was the last time a race winnner was under 10th place in the championship after the summer break? Of course I’m talking about Pastor Maldonado. Unbelievable!!! 15th, and no more points after his 15 minutes of fame in Barcelona. I stated a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago Bruno Senna was much better driver than him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of the year Bruno is ahead Crashtor in the championship

  4. @keithcollantine Hey hey another one for “your questions answered” :P
    I see HRT, caterham and Marussia (let’s imagine they didn’t change names from the time they appeared)
    How long has ever been the longest period a new team had to wait to score points? I can’t wait to see which one of them will (if ever) score first

    Thanks Keith or any other good experts who can answer these strange questions. Have a niice Sunday!!!!!!

  5. Let’s not forget about the WCC, McLaren are stronger than Red Bull, but Red Bull have a points advantage.

    1. Don’t rule Ferrari and Lotus out either…A couple of wins from either Alonso or Raikkonen, combined with decent performances by their team mates and a DNF here and there for Red Bull and McLaren and they are right back withing striking distance of the WCC. It’s that simple.

      I think between the top 4, in both WCC and WDC it could go either way.
      Four different drivers are battling for the title driving for four different teams who are battling for the (other) title. I just love this season…

  6. So it was Monza, seven races before the end, where first drivers lost even theoretical chances to the title. Last year that cut-off point was Hungarian GP, with eight races to go.

    Doesn’t seem a big difference but Alonso has now four points more than there are points available, while last year Vettel had 234 points with 200 available.

  7. I don’t think Alonso is going to be able to hold on. Hamilton has won 2 of the last 3 races and would have likely scored a podium in Spa were it not for the wreck. RedBull will have a resurgence at Singapore and Suzuka, and Kimi has the longest points scoring streak in the field.

    He needs too much help, he can’t count on Felipe always being there to move out of his way, or for Vettel to keep having car failures. That didn’t win him the championship in 2010 and it won’t this year either.

    He is driving brilliantly no doubt, but he knows better than anyone, and will be the first to tell you that the Championship is far from over.

  8. I hope Lewis can reel Alonso in and claim his second championship. He really deserves it.

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