Rate the race: 2012 Italian Grand Prix

2012 Italian Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2012What did you think of the Italian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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132 comments on Rate the race: 2012 Italian Grand Prix

  1. Jason (@jason12) said on 9th September 2012, 16:11

    Alonso DNF coupled with Lewis win, would certainly tighten things at the top.

  2. Marcin Coles (@magic-marcin) said on 9th September 2012, 16:19

    Awesome race. It’s like Monza and Spa cancelled each other out – the big winners in Spa (Button and Vettel) became the big losers in Monza, and the big losers in Spa (Hamilton, Perez and Alonso) made up for it today.

  3. James (@goodyear92) said on 9th September 2012, 16:25

    Nine out of ten; thoroughly enjoyable.

    There was plenty of legitimate; brilliant overtakes, and only a handful of motorway passes; DRS. However, that was mainly confined to the midfield, with little exchanges up at the front and next to no challenge for the lead. Well done, though, Lewis. I’ve been behind you more than ever all season long, and you successfully silenced the critics that insinuated you’d be distracted this weekend. Calm; measured and, most of all, dominant when the oppurtunity to be the victor was clear in front of you. Not a foot put wrong.

    This race also caused a welcome restructuring of the championship (although, Alonso still leads with a healthy margin), with some highly notable retirements. Jenson, Sebastian (another driver who has my support) and Mark; all left the race empty handed and it’s a definite shame for the three of them. While Mark and Seb are still well within shouting distance, I think Jenson’s renewed chance has, once again, evaporated. Deeply disappointing for him; but that’s racing.

    Anyway, yeah, where was I? Really enjoyed the whole race; little bit slow to get going, but full of plenty of action thereafter, especially at the end with Perez; nail-biting stuff, even if it transpires Lewis actually had it fully under control.

  4. a race with clear team order should not more than 5/10

  5. xeroxpt (@) said on 9th September 2012, 16:30

    It’s a deserved win but the fanboys are going to exaggerate, too many technical glitches, it’s not ideal for me, and the penalty sure was harsh.

  6. F1fanNL (@) said on 9th September 2012, 16:31

    A well deserved 1 for the stewards. Thank you for being so obviously biased.

  7. DC (@dujedcv) said on 9th September 2012, 16:32

    Non biased pure 10. Absolutely perfect race

  8. rantingmrp (@rantingmrp) said on 9th September 2012, 16:33

    Great controlled drive for Hamilton. Shame about Massa being ordered aside for Alonso to pass him, but great drive Perez.

    • There’s nothing to suggest Alonso wouldn’t have passed Massa, with or without Ferrari’s intervention on the radio. That pretty much renders the whole “team orders” debate pointless in my opinion.

  9. Pedro Costa (@pnunocosta) said on 9th September 2012, 16:34

    Gave it an 8. First part of the race was entertaining because Alonso started in 10th and had to fight to gain some places, and the last part was alive by Perez with that phenomenal last stint charging from 8th to 2nd. In between lots of overtaking except for the lead where Hamilton controlled the race.
    I criticized Pirelli yesterday because they were becoming too conservative, but the one stop strategy was on the limit which made the race a bit more unpredictable.
    Curiously there was a balance, Alonso and Hamilton in the podium and Button and Vettel retired, the opposite to Spa.

  10. Schmorbraten said on 9th September 2012, 16:38

    2011, Monza, Curva Grande, Alonso pushes Vettel off the track (while unsuccessfully defending against being overtaken on the outside). No penalty.
    2012, Monza, Curva Grande, Vettel pushes Alonso off the track (and by doing so successfully defends against being overtaken on the outside). Drive-through penalty.
    Absolutely ridiculously inconsistent stewarding (I wouldn’t mind if both these – really similar – incidents had been awarded the same penalty), even if I don’t like to see that sort of “defending”.
    I stopped watching the race after that, and I think I’ve never done that before in 15 years watching every F1 race.

    • Gill Parry (@welshwitch) said on 10th September 2012, 12:25

      No ‘car’s width’ rule in 2011 and watch the incident from last year ….. Alonso gave Vettel way more room, don’t believe Vettel did it on purpose, but he should have realised Alonso was there, however, I think there was inconsistency in the stewarding, in that the two incidents with Senna being pushed off the track by Di Resta and more so Rosberg, weren’t even investigated.

  11. Was a decent race seen more over takes, at one point 5 cars DRS ing at the same time so for me 8.

  12. andae23 (@andae23) said on 9th September 2012, 16:59

    Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez were just on fire today! Great battles and overtakes, I really enjoyed those today. As with every Italian GP, it was a bit short though.

    On the downside: Vettel’s penalty is arguable, especially since Alonso got away with it last year, and Rosberg only received a warning in Bahrain earlier this year. I was disgusted by the team-order, but on the other hand: it makes sense, so why not (surely the Tifosi didn’t mind)?

    Too bad for Button and the Red Bulls:

  13. Roger Camp (@rogercamp) said on 9th September 2012, 17:03

    As a Kimi fan, I thought he lost way too much time trying to defend his position to Perez, who had a far faster car with fresh medium tyres. The team should have told him not to bother and keep focus on Massa. If that was the case, he could have finished forth. I hope Lotus can make use the DDRS next race and that works making the E20 faster on straights. 7 races remaining, I think it is still possible for Kimi to win the championship.

  14. Dimitris 1395 (@dimitris-1395) said on 9th September 2012, 17:03

    Apart from the lead, the race was packed. Great battles, lots of overtaking manoeuvres and some solid driving from many drivers made this race exciting. Hamilton was faultless while Perez made one of the best driving performances we have seen this year. A couple of negative points were: the retirements of Button and Vettel and the bad desicion by the stewards…

  15. Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 9th September 2012, 17:07

    I think the fact how the turn of events kept coming even towards the end makes it an 8/10. Also, there were some beautiful passes throughout the race. Alonso’s battle with Vettel and Perez’s final move on Raikkonen were the highlights, I think.

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