Rate the race: 2012 Italian Grand Prix

2012 Italian Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2012What did you think of the Italian Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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Rate the 2012 Italian Grand Prix out of ten

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132 comments on Rate the race: 2012 Italian Grand Prix

  1. OmarR-Pepper (@omarr-pepper) said on 9th September 2012, 18:02

    6 for the race, 10 for Perez. Is the poll of DOTW already open?

  2. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 9th September 2012, 18:31

    9 for me,the best race next to valencia,many overtakes in nor DRS zone,great drive by Alonso & Perez,some drama as 2 WC contender went for sight seeing.Though I believe it was a bit harsh to give Vettel the penalty.

  3. F1antics (@f1antics) said on 9th September 2012, 18:42

    I’d give it a zero, if there was one, because of the behaviour of the fans. To boo the winner on the podium is despicable. If I were in charge of Formula One I’d give Monza a one-race ban to show that this is unacceptable.

    • Christopher (@cmancuzo13) said on 9th September 2012, 19:30

      Surely you are kidding right? If you were a fan of a football team, and the lost and you booed the other team or vice versa, that stadium should lose the chance to host more games? Are you serious?
      I do not agree with what they did but that is a ridiculous statement!

      • wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 10th September 2012, 3:43

        I don’t agree,it’s natural for many GP venue as the driver you love don’t win & the driver whom you hate wins you do things like that,that’s ‘fans’ are for in any sports.Yeah it is bad but we can’t do anything.

  4. sato113 (@sato113) said on 9th September 2012, 18:45

    7/10. DRS worked nicely.

  5. KaIIe (@kaiie) said on 9th September 2012, 18:58

    Interesting to see so many 7-10 scores, I thought this was probably the dullest race of the year. Without Button/Vettel dropping out and the Perez show there simply wasn’t anything to get me excited: no fight for the lead, no real strategy (just the Mercs doing two stops instead of one), etc.

  6. I find it hard to vote on these after only watching the highlights. We miss so much :(

  7. maxthecat said on 9th September 2012, 19:26

    Can’t believe so many have voted 8. It was a boring race with not a lot happening. 5 at the most.

  8. craig-o (@craig-o) said on 9th September 2012, 19:47

    A solid 6, the champion racing was absolute class, and throw in Perez for excitement.

    But Vettel’s penalty and poor reliability kinda spoilt if for me.

  9. Shrieker (@shrieker) said on 9th September 2012, 20:03

    I’d give it a 4. It deserves a 4. +1 for Hamilton win = voted 5.

  10. +5 as a starting point

    clean start by every drivers no incident into the first corner +1
    drivers chosing between a one stop and 2 stop strategy to make it interesting +1
    perez charging through the field to claim second place +2
    some great overtaking in places where you dont see overtaking at monza +1

    the vettel penalty was too harsh in my opinion -1
    vettel, button retiring they were title contenders -1

    so i rate the race 8

  11. Britty (@brittyf1) said on 9th September 2012, 20:37

    stupid penalty for Vettel , really ridiculous ……
    There was nothing that would need a penalty…

  12. mda (@mda72) said on 9th September 2012, 22:25

    7/10. Hamilton’s dominance at the front was nicely balanced by Perez’s 2nd-half charge to almost threaten him. There were some thrilling enough duels all the way down the field, too.

  13. Leftie (@leftie) said on 10th September 2012, 5:27

    I thought it was a solid 8 and gave it an 8 in the poll. Racing and strategy games were great all around, but the race never had any battle for the lead, even when Crofty (By the way, did he toned down a little recently? He doesn’t sound that much artificially excited as he did earlier in the season) and Brundle tried to heat things up, speculating that Perez could trouble Hamilton – he could not, it was clear to see. Lewis had it under control from start to finish. Another wonderful drive by Checo, though, he was magnificent right from the start on the hard tyres. A bit sad that this may move Kobayashi’s career towards twilight, cause i really love the guy, but he again had absolutely no answer to Sergio’s great race pace. Qualifying position doesn’t mean much when you’re outpaced by the same car on the slower tyre during the race. Massa once again showed he is way past his best, unfortunately – i feel sorry for the brazilian but i don’t see any chance for him to remain at Ferrari. Alonso is leading the drivers championship and they are way back in the constructors – the cost of having Massa in the team is quite apparent – loss of hefty sum in prize money. I don’t see anybody in the field performing as good as Fernando at the moment – the man is in his absolute prime and seems invicible, but i see half a dozen of drivers who can perform better than Felipe, in my opinion. The only way i see this to develop is whever Ferrari would want to gamble and bring a possibly safer pair of hands for a short term fix – for a season or two at longest, while Perez and Bianchi are still growing and proving themselves. I’m pretty certain that one of these two will wear red overalls at some point. And would anybody from a stronger bunch of current drivers would wish to walk in a red cage with a racing beast Alonso is at the moment?..

    As for the podium ceremony…well, can’t blame italians for being italians, i guess. Although it is clear that podium interviews are not meant for Monza. I love the idea, actually, but it just hasn’t worked out at all this time. I hope they won’t do it next year, i felt embarassed for Lewis standing there trying to say something when there was a huge crowd booing and asking for Alonso instead. The guy just won the race, a little bit of respect would be nice. Still, we are talking about tifosi at their home grand prix.

    I believe stewards were absolutely spot on this time – Vettel got a punishment because he clearly drove Alonso off the track, there was no car width whatsoever and comparing it to the last year’s incident seems pointless – last year there was space to use, but Vettel straightened car a bit earlier to gain momentum and to leave a small safe margin and therefore putted two wheels on the grass, which in the end hasn’t spoiled his move at all – he passed. This year Alonso had nothing to do but to put his car completely off the track, Vettel leaving him no space at all while cars were interlocked (at that point backing out meant, effectively, to touch wheels at ~300 km\h), the move was rendered impossible and car damage may also have been sustained. Not mentioning time loss. The difference (apart from new racing regulations, mind you) was putting it on the absolute limit in 2011 and exceeding it in 2012 – simple as that. Di Resta hasn’t got a penalty for a moment with Senna for a simple reason – the brazilian was never alongside any part of the Paul’s car before the braking phase, he simply braked later when there was no space to brake later and insert his car alongside, which is why cars touched and Bruno went for the escape road. Di Resta had a right to return to racing line and the only case could be made here is whenever he brake tested Senna – a very poor case, if you ask me. Still, Bruno can not be happy about this whatsoever, which is understandable. Remember what Schumacher got his penalty in Barcelona for? That’s it – he rammed Senna at the back because he was much later on the brakes into the corner and Bruno went back for his normal racing line because Michael was never alongside him on the straight. It’s a two very similar incidents and they were handled by the stewards consistently. I’m pretty sure if Senna rammed Di Resta from the back the one with the penalty would be him.

    Now previous two rounds balanced each other out – with one portion of title contenders retiring in Spa and gaining back what was lost at the expense of other portion of title contenders. If you look at it from Alonso’s viewpoint it couldn’t be much better – he dropped just 3 points from his championship lead during last two rounds and still has certain safety margin for circuits which may expose Ferrari weaknesses to a greater extent. I’m starting to believe that he really can do it – and, furthemore, he is the one who deserves it most this year, the way i see it. Very pleased to see Kimi Raikkonen rise to third in the championship – what a marvelous job he is doing as well. The one who already dropped out of a champioship battle is, unfortunately, Button. Gutted for Jenson. There’s a lot of question marks over Red Bull lately, but most of them will be answered in the next few races. Anyway, i’m not seeing Webber challenging for the title, despite he is only eight points behind his team mate. He’s just not been consintently strong enough this year and Vettel firmly re-established his superiority on track for some time now. Alonso-Hamilton-Vettel with Kimi as a dark horse looks epic enough already. And McLaren string of results since Silverstone looks menacing, to say the least. It looks like they are completely over tyre problems and the rest of the field should be concerned. After Monza i am sure that Mercedes are absolutely done for this year, with win in China being a pure coincidence rather than genuine. Brackley outfit (regardless of their name) had one major flaw for quite a few years now – tyre usage. Remember, they were dangerously close to losing a champioship as Brawn when all mid-season they had apparent tyre warm-up issues. Now there’s excessive wear for the second year in a row. For four years the situation hasn’t been remedied and i’m beginning to worry that this may be the case next year as well, which is, quite frankly, a shame. Keep in mind that this is the area most badly hurt by testing ban – no simulation can provide good tyre data and this pre-season tests showed that tyre figures from winter testing are not as relevant and useful as they might have been. We all remember that Mercedes conducted an extensive test of new rubber with last year’s car – a known quantity, specifically to gather tyre data. As the season went on it hasn’t helped them much, apart from Chinese grand prix.

  14. Timothy Katz (@timothykatz) said on 10th September 2012, 8:02

    I decided not to vote, because . . .

    . . . I fell asleep!

  15. leotef (@leotef) said on 10th September 2012, 9:39

    Race itself may deserve 8/10 but want to add up 1 more because : at SPA BUT and VET with HUL occupied or benefited and ALO, HAM, PER suffered DNF. Here at Monza it’s quite exactly reversed : VET, BUT, HUL Dnf’ed while the three came back to podium… a very straightforward flip of luck haha!

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