Alonso equals Senna’s tally of 80 podiums

2012 Italian Grand Prix stats and facts

Martin Brundle, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Monza, 1992Lewis Hamilton scored his 20th career victory and his first Italian Grand Prix win. He now has as many wins to his name as Mika Hakkinen.

This was the third consecutive win for McLaren. The last time they managed that was in 2008 when Hamilton won the British and German Grands Prix, and Heikki Kovalainen claimed victory in Hungary.

Hamilton set his 23rd pole position which moves him back in front of Fernando Alonso, needing one more to break into the all-time top ten.

With Jenson Button second on the grid, this was McLaren’s 62nd one-two, moving them ahead of Williams. Only Ferrari have more, with 70, though they haven’t locked out the front row since the 2008 French Grand Prix.

Red Bull failed to score for the first time since the 2010 Korean Grand Prix, ending their 33-race streak of points finishes.

Alonso’s 80th podium puts him on a par with Ayrton Senna. Alonso took 189 races to reach 80 podiums whereas Senna made 161 career starts. They are tied in third place for most podiums behind Michael Schumacher (155) and Alain Prost (106).

Alonso has finished on the podium in all three of the Italian Grands Prix he has started for Ferrari.

The first-lap crash at Spa brought Alonso’s streak of consecutive points finishes to an end. Kimi Raikkonen is now the leading driver in terms of successive points scores, having racked up ten in a row since the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Alonso was out-qualified by Felipe Massa for the first time this year – indeed, the first time since last year’s Korean Grand Prix.

Narain Karthikeyan also out-qualified Pedro de la Rosa for the first time this year. Karthikeyan hadn’t out-qualified a team mate since the 2005 Chinese Grand Prix, though to be fair he did not race from 2006-2010 or during half of 2011.

Sebastian Vettel was classified in last place for the first time since the 2008 Turkish Grand Prix.

In another parallel with 2008 a Ferrari-engined car led at Monza but not in a Ferrari chassis. This time it was Sergio Perez’s Sauber – on the previous occasion it was Vettel’s Toro Rosso, which went on to win.

No Italian in the Italian Grand Prix

Davide Valsecchi, GP2, Monza, 2012There was no Italian driver on the grid for the Italian Grand Prix for the first time since 1969.

Only 15 drivers started the 1969 race, representing eight nations: Austria, New Zealand, Britain, France, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico and Belgium. Italian Ernesto Brambilla (brother of 1975 Austrian Grand Prix winner Vittorio) was entered in a Ferrari but failed to qualify.

This year there wasn’t even an Italian driver participating in free practice, however Ma Qing Hua became the first Chinese driver to participate in an official F1 weekend with HRT. I wonder whether in years to come we’ll look back on that as a sign of the changing times.

Will Italy have a driver in F1 again soon? Davide Valsecchi moved back into the lead of the GP2 championship over the weekend.

However the only two drivers in GP2’s seven-year history to finish in the top two places and not gain a place in F1 were the two Italians who did so: Giorgio Pantano (2008 champion) and Luca Filippi (2011 runner-up, who won the feature race on his return to the category on Saturday).

Pedro de la Rosa’s 97th start

“Making it to 100 Grands Prix is something very special,” said Pedro de la Rosa ahead of the race. But had he really hit a century?

This was in fact de la Rosa’s 112th participation in an F1 race weekend. However that includes 12 drives for McLaren in free practice only during the 2005 season.

Furthermore de la Rosa also did not officially start the 2000 Monaco Grand Prix or the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix. In the former the original start was aborted and de la Rosa did not start the new race due to damage. And his car broke down on the way to the grid at Sepang two years ago.

And on top of that he failed to qualify at Melbourne this year. So while we can call this the 100th race that de la Rosa was entered for with the intention of starting it, it was in fact only his 97th Grand Prix start.

His F1 career has been spread across 14 years. De la Rosa made his debut with Arrows in the 1999 Australian Grand Prix:

And finally…

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Monza, 2012Vettel might not have had much to celebrate at Monza but he did mark one milestone with 50 tally marks on top of his helmet.

What was he commemorating? Why, his fiftieth different helmet design, of course…

Review the year so far in statistics here:

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2012 Italian Grand Prix

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138 comments on Alonso equals Senna’s tally of 80 podiums

  1. sumedhvidwans (@sumedhvidwans) said on 10th September 2012, 14:37

    This is the first time in months that Maldonado went through an entire weekend without a penalty.

  2. If FA wins the wdc this year he would draw with Senna as the youngest 3 times dwc with 31 years.
    But that record wont last long before some german or british get an ovni and all the help in the world just to beat that record, like xfactor stars ahahahahaa.
    Like a crane in Nurburgring 2007 ahahahahaaa.
    I just wish F1 gets decentralized from england as much as i wish motogp does the same from spain.

  3. Mike the bike Schumacher (@mike-the-bike-schumacher) said on 10th September 2012, 17:59

    I know F1 drivers are egotistical and vain but vettel has gone overboard.
    I like it when drivers change they’re helmet once off because they are celebrating a home grand prix, or 100 grands prix, or a championship or something.
    But to celebrate the fact that u can think up of a new design for each race! Please Vettel celebrate something that’s worthwhile. I can pick out some drivers going back to the 50’s because of they’re helmets, please where a helmet that someone can bloody remember!

  4. Gridl0k said on 10th September 2012, 18:28

    My ongoing, recurring, semi-unbelievable stat continues – Still no Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton podium.

  5. F1Yankee (@f1yankee) said on 10th September 2012, 18:45

    This was the third consecutive win for McLaren. The last time they managed that was in 2008 when Hamilton won the British and German Grands Prix, and Heikki Kovalainen claimed victory in Hungary.

    what i distinctly remember from that german grand prix was mclaren’s use of then-illegal team orders to switch lewis and heikki. the commentators acknowledged it as a fact of life and moved on, and there was no fan outrage.

    • But the thing is, Heikki was clearly slower in that race (and throughout their seasons as teammates, he was faster basically just once when he got the lighter car for quali (2008 Silverstone) and took pole by half a second or something like that), and Hamilton probably would’ve passed him anyway.

    • Hamilton was still able to get further up, as he did by winning the Grand Prix and would have past Kovalainen anyway, so it was pointless for Kovalainen to hold him up as McLaren could score more points.

      Ferrari on the other hand had a 1 – 2 almost in the bag and switched positions because Alonso would benefit from it. They scored equal points on the finish with that result, and lied about there intentions on camera with a sick display off Alonso asking Massa if he had a problem when he overtook him.

      There is a difference in teamorders, you know.

    • OOliver said on 14th September 2012, 8:37

      But the team had used team orders to get Heikki into the points by sacrificing Hamilton’s pit stop for Heikki. When Hamilton finally stopped, he had dropped far back, he would eventually have overtaken Heikki, but would have used up much of his tyres in the process. Hence Heikki was returning the favour.
      So it was not blatant team orders, but loan that was paid back same race.
      Had Hamilton not let Heikki use up his own stop, Heikki would have been further down in the points. Secondly, if Heikki was that fast, why didn’t he come second at least.
      Hamilton went from 5th to a win, Heikki was still stuck in his position.

  6. paulgilb (@paulgilb) said on 10th September 2012, 19:21

    It is the second time this year that Button and Vettel have both failed to score having finished 1st and 2nd in the previous race. It also happened to Hamilton & Grosjean in Canada/Europe (and Perez only finished 9th in Europe).

    Hamilton (who was Mr Consistency at the start of the season when he led the championship without having finished a race higher than 3rd), has managed the less-than-consistent run of DNF-win-DNF-win in the last 4 races (in fact he has had 3 wins and 3 DNFs in the last 7 races).

  7. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 10th September 2012, 20:41

    Valsecchi doesn’t strike me as being a future F1 driver as I don’t think he has any connection with any team. Shame as he is the best placed to take advantage. If he had been able to win a race since Bahrain I think F1 teams would take more notice of him but he’s been very quiet since April.

    • I say Sauber, With his erratic behavior he positions himself as a Valentino Rossi on 4 wheels. And we all know that Ferrari begged Rossi to join them on 4 wheels.
      Sauber happens to have those Ferrari engines in the back.
      Koba was also a DAMS driver. I hope this Italian doesn’t end up at a back marker. we need a flamboyant driver. We have a Rapper,Matador,Badguy,Hairdresser,Senior,Kiwi,Ninja so he deff would fit in perfectly

  8. All 3 of Perez’s Podiums have come at races where last year, he didn’t finish.
    Malaysia 2011 – He retired after being hit in the car with some debris.
    Canada 2011 – He didn’t start after the Monaco incident.
    Italy 2011 – Retired with a gearbox problem.

  9. They actually asked Pedro about his 100th start on the drivers’ parade, and he said that he looked into the statistics, and that he considered qualifying for a race as a GP start.

    Another interesting stat is that I think this was the first time while Alonso’s been at Ferrari that Massa has qualified in the Top 3 without Alonso also being there.

  10. paulgilb (@paulgilb) said on 10th September 2012, 22:44

    Webber’s first DNF since Italy 2011 – Rosberg now has the longest finishing streak (last DNF was Italy 2011). Webber and Rosberg share the longest unbroken classified streak.

    No Renault engine on podium for the first time since China.

  11. craig-o (@craig-o) said on 11th September 2012, 3:58

    Narain Karthikeyan will not be the 2012 Formula One World Champion.

  12. Vettel had 50 helmet “designs” not 50 actual helmets. just thought i’d put a stop to the madness of people talking about a room-full of helmets in Vettel’s house, or people being able to buy these helmets.

  13. An interesting stat

    With Massa’s 4th place, he has now taken 11 wins, 11 2nds, 11 3rds and 11 4ths

  14. Massa now has 11 1sts, 2nds 3rds and 4ths which is quite an amazing statistic.

  15. paulgilb (@paulgilb) said on 12th September 2012, 22:36

    Another one that has been pointed out on Autosport: Hamilton has now won at all the ‘current’ tracks to have hosted 30+ GPs (Silverstone, Monza, Spa, Nurburging, Hockenheim, Montreal, Monte Carlo). The only other driver to have done this is some German driver…

    Interlagos appears to be the ‘most classic’ track at which he is yet to win.

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