Sam Bird, Mercedes, Magny-Cours, 2012

Mercedes test new exhaust and Double DRS

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Sam Bird, Mercedes, Magny-Cours, 2012In the round-up: Mercedes follow the trend set by their rivals as they test a revised exhaust package at Magny-Cours in addition to a new Double DRS configuration.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Mercedes: Downwashed-Exhaust Sidepod (ScarbsF1)

“After 13 races of the 2012 F1 season, Mercedes AMG have finally followed the trend of side exiting exhausts to blow the diffuser area.”

Mercedes runs double-DRS in France (Autosport)

“The new-style double-DRS, similar to that which was run for the first time by Lotus in practice for the German GP, helps stall the rear wing for a straightline speed boost.”

Grosjean has ‘learned his lesson’ (BBC)

Eric Boullier: “He will have learned a lot because being in your car you have only one radio in your head. When you are sitting in the garage and you have both cars then you can learn much more.”

Fernando Alonso singles out Lewis Hamilton for Formula One title duel (The Independent)

“At the moment McLaren have won the last three Grands Prix and they are in top form. I think from Jerez in winter testing, Lewis was the driver that I respect more and we’re still here; 13 races afterwards we are first and second in the championship. It will be tough until the end.”

Stefano Domenicali: “We were totally black with no telemetry” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

Stefano Domenicali: “We had a problem of a power supply loss of both the main system and the back-up system. It never happened before. So we were totally black with no telemetry, no information. The only thing that was working was the radio communication with the drivers. That happened in the crucial part of the race when there were the pit stops.”

Perry in Italy promoting Texas’ F1 race (Austin-American Statesman)

Governor of Texas Rick Perry: “We hammered home the place to be in November is Austin, Texas. This is going to be a big, big impact, not only on Austin, but on Texas.”

Hamilton set to move to Mercedes (James Allen on F1)

“Eddie Jordan, apparently prompted by both XIX and Bernie Ecclestone, lobbed the grenade in on Wednesday, saying that Hamilton was on the point of signing for Mercedes. It was a final call to McLaren to improve the deal on offer or lose their man.”

F1 diary: Italian Grand Prix (The Telegraph)

“Hamilton doesn’t look overly thrilled afterwards and seems rather distracted. McLaren drivers have won the last three races ?ǣ all from pole ?ǣ and the team would have finished first and second here had Jenson Button’s fuel pressure not dipped. If the winner really is plotting a switch to Mercedes, it doesn’t seem ?ǣ on the surface ?ǣ like a terribly smart plan. It depends, I guess, on whether you prioritise sporting success or salary in the short term.”

‘Paying the penalty’ (Sky)

Mark Hughes: “Last year that etiquette was not worded in the regulation (though it was already how Charlie Whiting expected the drivers to behave, as was evidenced when he warned Mercedes that Michael Schumacher should leave a car’s width to his outside in his dice with Lewis Hamilton) but even if it had been Alonso could have argued that he had left that room. The regulations did not and do not cover any intimidatory feigning moves before the moment of truth.”

The Inside Line – on Sauber?s Sergio Perez (F1)

“I came to Europe, to Germany, when I was very young – only 15 – and that was a very tough time. To leave my family and my home country behind, coming to a completely different environment – that made me understand at an early age how difficult life can be.”


Comment of the day

As Sebastian Vettel got a penalty for his incident with Fernando Alonso, several commenters have asked whether Paul di Resta should have had one for his incident with Bruno Senna.

@Mhop doesn’t think so:

Agreed it was quite marginal with Senna, but if you look at the onboard pictures you?ll see that di Resta was still in front when he moved over. Senna had no part of his car alongside and the incident was caused because he actually banged in to the back of di Resta?s rear right wheel with his front left! It?s totally different to the Vettel incident where Alonso was two-thirds alongside when he was run out of track.

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On this day in F1

‘Ferrari one-two-three’ was the famous headline after the 1982 Italian Grand Prix, held 30 years ago today. It was won by Rene Arnoux’s Renault, but as he was joining the Italian team for 1982 the locals had already taken him to heart.

Ferrari pair Patrick Tambay and Mario Andretti filled the podium, the latter having started from pole position.

Fourth place for John Watson gave him a slender chance of beating Keke Rosberg to the drivers’ title in the final round at Las Vegas.

Here’s highlights from the race featuring the superb commentary of Clive James:

Image via Magny-Cours on Twitter