Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Silverstone, 2012

300+ F1 accounts in the updated Twitter Directory

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Silverstone, 2012Twitter has been in the F1 headlines recently, largely thanks to the indiscretions of Lewis Hamilton.

The F1 population on Twitter continues to swell, with almost every driver now using it.

On top of that there are dozens of team members from senior technical personnel to mechanics, the massed ranks of F1 media and growing numbers of former drivers and even a few ex-world champions.

F1 Fanatic maintains a list of genuine Twitter accounts for you to follow. Over 100 new accounts have been added in the most recent update. Find them all here:

F1 drivers on Twitter

All bar three of the current F1 drivers grid can be found on Twitter. Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen are the only ones staying off it, for now at least.

The other three world champions currently racing are on Twitter. Fernando Alonso is a fairly recent arrival:

Alonso has already passed the one million follower mark and is on course to overtake Jenson Button as the most popular F1 driver on Twitter.

Among the other new additions to the list is HRT’s Ma Qing Hua, who recently became the first Chinese driver to participate in an F1 weekend:

Team members

Teams have also been quick to take up Twitter and growing numbers of team members are appearing on there as well. Here are a few of the recent additions:

More F1 Twitter accounts

Also in the F1 Twitter Directory you’ll find accounts for circuits and races, journalists and photographers, ex-F1 drivers and more.

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Start following F1 people on Twitter

Use the directory below to find F1 people to follow on Twitter and to suggest other accounts to add to the list:

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