Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monza, 2012

Hamilton ignoring contract “rubbish”

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monza, 2012In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton shrugs off ongoing speculation over his future.


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Hamilton not distracted by contract ‘rubbish’ (Reuters)

“I’ve been with the team since I was 13 and we’ve worked so hard since 2009 to try and win this championship and hopefully, finally, we’re in the position where we can. So the most important thing is that I do not get distracted by all the rubbish that’s been around.”

McLaren legend Ramirez on what Lewis still has to learn and life with Prost and Senna (James Allen on F1)

“Obviously that decision of who?s going to have the rear wing between Hamilton and Button was discussed among everybody. It?s not that there was only one rear wing, there were two, they were for both. But he decided that he was going to race with that. So he couldn?t live with that and shut up, no, he had to show the world why he?s lost, why his team-mate beat him.”

Whitmarsh stays cautious for Singapore (Sky)

“People will probably acknowledge that [Fernando Alonso] hasn’t had the quickest car on very many occasions yet he’s established a great points lead. He’s a driver who just when you think he’s had a penalty, or he’s uncompetitive, towards the end of the race you think ‘damn it, he’s there again and he’s scoring points’ and that’s the quality of the guy.”

The Biggest Decision of Lewis Hamilton’s Career (Daily Express)

“The Stuttgart outfit have dangled a deal of a potential ??100m over the next five years ?ǣ far more than McLaren?s offer of around ??40m over the same period.”

Hamilton not ‘pushed’ to join Mercedes (The Telegraph)

“A source close to XIX described such talk as ‘nonsense’, arguing that Hamilton?s and Fuller?s interests were aligned. ‘There is absolutely no way XIX would push Lewis to make a decision which would be to the detriment of his career.'”

F1 car arrival (Imgur)

Pictures of cars being unloaded in Singapore ahead of this weekend’s race.

Comment of the day

After Robert Kubica’s latest rally crash, should he stop? @Victor says no:

Rallying is a perfect way to regain his mojo back. Single-seater cockpits are too cramped for him to move his elbow. If it turns out he won?t be able to drive single-seaters again his future might be in rallying.

If it doesn?t, he?ll have several competitive performances under his belt. Crashing in rallying is no big deal, what happened last year was utterly unlucky. He?s not scared of it and I applaud that.

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We also wish happy birthdays to a pair of British F1 greats: Stirling Moss, 83 today, and 1996 world champion Damon Hill, who’s 52.

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