Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monza, 2012

Hamilton ignoring contract “rubbish”

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Monza, 2012In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton shrugs off ongoing speculation over his future.


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Hamilton not distracted by contract ‘rubbish’ (Reuters)

“I’ve been with the team since I was 13 and we’ve worked so hard since 2009 to try and win this championship and hopefully, finally, we’re in the position where we can. So the most important thing is that I do not get distracted by all the rubbish that’s been around.”

McLaren legend Ramirez on what Lewis still has to learn and life with Prost and Senna (James Allen on F1)

“Obviously that decision of who?s going to have the rear wing between Hamilton and Button was discussed among everybody. It?s not that there was only one rear wing, there were two, they were for both. But he decided that he was going to race with that. So he couldn?t live with that and shut up, no, he had to show the world why he?s lost, why his team-mate beat him.”

Whitmarsh stays cautious for Singapore (Sky)

“People will probably acknowledge that [Fernando Alonso] hasn’t had the quickest car on very many occasions yet he’s established a great points lead. He’s a driver who just when you think he’s had a penalty, or he’s uncompetitive, towards the end of the race you think ‘damn it, he’s there again and he’s scoring points’ and that’s the quality of the guy.”

The Biggest Decision of Lewis Hamilton’s Career (Daily Express)

“The Stuttgart outfit have dangled a deal of a potential ??100m over the next five years ?ǣ far more than McLaren?s offer of around ??40m over the same period.”

Hamilton not ‘pushed’ to join Mercedes (The Telegraph)

“A source close to XIX described such talk as ‘nonsense’, arguing that Hamilton?s and Fuller?s interests were aligned. ‘There is absolutely no way XIX would push Lewis to make a decision which would be to the detriment of his career.'”

F1 car arrival (Imgur)

Pictures of cars being unloaded in Singapore ahead of this weekend’s race.

Comment of the day

After Robert Kubica’s latest rally crash, should he stop? @Victor says no:

Rallying is a perfect way to regain his mojo back. Single-seater cockpits are too cramped for him to move his elbow. If it turns out he won?t be able to drive single-seaters again his future might be in rallying.

If it doesn?t, he?ll have several competitive performances under his belt. Crashing in rallying is no big deal, what happened last year was utterly unlucky. He?s not scared of it and I applaud that.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Al and Valentina!

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On this day in F1

We also wish happy birthdays to a pair of British F1 greats: Stirling Moss, 83 today, and 1996 world champion Damon Hill, who’s 52.

Image ?? McLaren/Hoch Zwei

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  1. It’s clear Lewis is more attracted to bright lights and movie/music stars than F1 at the moment. You would think as a huge Senna fan he’d realize you have to dedicate you whole life to F1 to be a champion, not just the weekends. It came too easy for him winning it in his second year and he seems to think he can just turn up, win and be champion. I hope he gets his act together because it would be sad to see someone with as much talent as he has only winning one Championship.

  2. What I don’t get is why all the rubbish about the rubbish that has been generated over these contract talks.

    From my point of view it’s all very simple. Hamilton has been offered a contract by McLaren which he does not agree with because of: a) money / b) exposure / c) sponsor benefits / d) driver priority inside the team. McLaren don’t want / can’t afford to offer more at the moment and it’s their right to do so. Hamilton doesn’t want to settle with less than he thinks he is worth and it’s his right to do so. From here on out it’s a negotiations blunder which, in my opinion can’t get sorted anymore as both sides are hard on their positions. So, on this basis Mercedes comes along and gives Hamilton what he wants. The result: Hamilton goes to Mercedes. Simple.

    Talks about how McLaren shoulda, woulda, coulda did something to keep him or Hamilton shoulda, woulda, coulda sucked it up and stayed at McLaren are absolutely pointless at this point, just as the telemetry “scandal” is. Both sides have perfectly valid reasons for which they want to part ways. There shouldn’t be any rubbish about anything getting thrown around.

    Fuller/Brawn should announce his move already, McLaren should start their hunt for a replacement and this whole circus should end rather sooner than later in my opinion, until it grows into an out of control media hurricane which will not benefit ANYONE involved.

    Plus, on a personal note, I’m for one am bored to death with this story. It’s a page 5 tabloid story blown out of proportions. Nothing less, nothing more.

    1. @tony031r, quite, if in fact he has already signed with Merc. all this tabloid speculation is excellent publicity for marketing the LH brand.

  3. I fail to see what all the fuss is about, Lewis has already quite clearly stated where he will be racing next year

    ‘All I want is to win’

    doesn’t take a genius to work out where that is now does! there’s nothing wrong with holding out for a little more is there? Although saying that, I wouldn’t take a pay cut…would you?

  4. Personally, I hope the rumours about Sergio Perez joining McLaren are true. At this moment in time, that is all they are, rumours. However, I think that McLaren would be a better choice for Sergio than Ferrari for all the right reasons. He would have the opportunity to flourish there, in a fast car, and not be Alonso’s understudy and wingman rolled into one. I see alot of promise in Perez and maturity for someone so young!
    However you look at the Hamilton situation, Lewis has to be carefull. By not coming out and signing with McLaren, he may force the team into taking on a driver like Perez leaving Hamilton out in the cold.
    As others have suggested, Mercedes are not exactly destined to be in F1 forever. As with Jacques Villeneuve a decade ago, Lewis may end up being the highest paid midpack driver in history. His career could end up as one littered with ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’ as Villeneuve’s was. And in the end, Honda for all their money and big wages pulled out of F1, and Jenson Button found out in 2008.
    The whole thing to me seems dodgy, too much of a risk. If McLaren are asking Hamilton to take a pay cut and that is the cause of this mess, then so much for him being committed to ‘winning a championship’. Personally, I think this has more to do with other issues than just that of money. There is so much that we are obviously not being told, which in truth was only exposed by the events at Spa.
    McLaren have gone to great lengths to appear as a united team, one big happy family. They pride themselves as portraying their drivers as having equal opportunity to win, equal support. We have seen though in the past that, when it comes to it, McLaren are no different from Red Bull or Ferrari when it comes to team orders or inter-team politics.
    If the Hamilton/McLaren relationship is fractured, it makes sense to part ways. The question we all are asking is who will lose the most from it? Hamilton or McLaren? When Villeneuve walked away from Williams years ago both he and his former team never won another championship, yet Williams still built cars capable of winning grands prix. Which is more that can be said of BAR Honda!

    1. I think that McLaren would be a better choice for Sergio than Ferrari

      If that pre-contract between Vettel & Ferrari regarding 2014 actually exists, then yes. Perez is better off at McLaren as he probably won’t get a seat with the Scuderia until 2016 and staying with Sauber for this many years would be plain idiotic.

      If Vettel is not Ferrari bound in 2014, then I’m gonna have to say Perez would be better off at Ferrari. He’s their best academy driver for god’s sake, he has a lot of experience with Ferrari powered cars and Montezemolo (and actually everyone) sees him as the next Alonso at the Scuderia. Being a Ferrari protege comes with a much better outcome than just being one of those two drivers in those McLaren seats.

      Plus, why is everyone rushing into the thought that he will undoubtedly be Alonso’s second driver. Ferrari have supported their drivers equally in the past and I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t do it again. If Vettel joins Alonso in 2014, do you think one will play second fiddle to the other? No. Why would it be the case with Perez? If he manages to raise up to the expectations and challenge for the WDC, Ferrari will provide him with whatever he needs to reach that goal, I’m sure. Perez is not Massa and Montezemolo clearly doesn’t see him as a second driver. If he did, Perez would have already replaced Felipe.

  5. There is a ridiculous rumour going around at the moment that Schumacher and Hamilton will swap seats next year. The reasoning for this is that Mercedes can’t be seen to let Schumacher go so a sideways move to McLaren would clear up that headache. On McLaren’s side they wanted some kind of continuity through to 2014-2015 in order to have both drivers working toward the 2014 car. Button is not known for developing a new car and Schumacher is/was one of the best on the grid in that regard.

    I guess we’ll have to see but after all this talking and rumour i wouldn’t be surprised to see the same teams and driver line up next year.

    1. I don’t think is that impossible for Schumacher to spend his last year on McLaren so they are free to get Räikkönen again after his Lotus contract expires. He’s certainly more reliable than most drivers on the grid, and I can’t see him asking for a huge amount of money.

      1. and I can’t see him asking for a huge amount of money.

        He may not, but what’s his manager name, will ask for sure :)

    2. “Button is not known for developing a new car” So who did develop the Brawn 09 double diffuser car ?

  6. Do any of you ever wish that one of the car boxes showed up at your house by mistake and they left it there? I know i do lol

  7. Why Vettel is good at Ferrari ? Actually RBR is far more attractive for a racer, that team is better chance and Redbull grew him, all this betrayal action is quite funny. Fact is they grow this guys to pay them less, then they grow and realize it.
    Ham is overrated he is been 4-5 best driver for yrs, button and alonso at least runner up in same period.
    New guys are as good and they have a season to settle in a big team, before the new f1 happens !

  8. i know this might not be the right place to bring this up, but was amused to see in the slow mo of the spa crash hamilton, while riding cowboy on grojean, saw alonso in front and turned his steering wheel towards him. It had no influence on the crash, but did give an insight to his thoughts. My race is over, might as well go for damage control…

    1. *sigh*

  9. So jenson whuped lewis at Spa he really showed him the way home ,and jenson claimed to have given the JB setup at SPA to give Lewisfor his victory at Monza. LEWIS DIDN`T RACE AT SPA.

  10. Stick with McLaren or you’re a bloody idiot.

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