Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monza, 2012

Maldonado will learn from mistakes, says Toto Wolff

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Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monza, 2012In the round-up: Williams executive director Toto Wolff expects Pastor Maldonado to “take a different approach” after a string of penalties earlier this year.


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Q&A with Williams? Toto Wolff (F1)

“From one stupid, heated incident in Monaco it has almost become an avalanche – and this is affecting his performance. But I think he has understood now that he has to take a different approach – this is not GP2. But he is an intelligent guy and he will learn from it.”

Karthikeyan keen to stay at HRT for 2013 (The Times of India)

“To get one hour of practice on Saturday and then to go faster than a fast guy is difficult. And the difference between me and [Pedro de la Rosa] is not big, only a couple of tenths. It changed in the last race at Monza and am planning to keep the momentum.”

Hamilton holds the key to the F1 carousel (Reuters)

“Hamilton’s departure would surely mean the end of the road for seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher, whose 91 wins make him the sport’s most successful driver, at the age of 43 and after three disappointing comeback years with Mercedes.”

Chris Evans buys Dunlop Bridge from Donington Park (BBC)

“Christopher Tate, managing director at the circuit, said the bridge was taken down in 2009 during the previous owner’s bid to host the British Grand Prix.”

Ferrari could return to prototype racing with American privateer (Racing Engineering)

“American film director James Glickenhaus has set his sights on bringing Ferrari back to sports prototype racing.”

The Opulence Of Singapore (Speed)

“Until you have witnessed first-hand the grandeur of the Singapore Grand Prix, it is difficult to grasp its glamour and opulence. The magnificence and prestige of the event truly embody Formula One.”

Italian Grand Prix highlights video (

Highlights from the last race, including Felipe Massa getting a subtle reminder about his mirrors.

Where Are The Fighting Spirits? (F1Speedwriter)

“The pushy puppeteers who pull the drivers’ strings from the computer-controlled perspective of the ‘Prats Perch’ along the pit wall constantly strive to curb the enthusiasm of the real racers in the field.”


Comment of the day

@Lin1876 on the topic everyone’s talking about:

McLaren really are caught between a rock and a hard place here. On the one hand, they?re surely looking at their bank balance, knowing Perez or Rosberg won?t impact on it anywhere near as much as Hamilton, yet if they lose Hamilton they lose a great talent. An expensive and petulant talent, yes, but a talent nevertheless.

I don?t see them showing Hamilton the door, but I doubt they?ll be bending over backwards to keep him either ? Button/Perez or Button/Rosberg could still get the job done in the right environment.

I find it hard to believe all this isn?t a distraction. His foreseeable future is at stake here, and he has to choose between being confident of challenging and the opportunity for more freedom. I would personally stay, but choosing the latter would be a very Lewis Hamilton thing to do.

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Happy birthday to former Minardi team principal Gian Carlo Minardi who turns 65 today.

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