Alonso: Ferrari covering Hamilton threat at Singapore

2012 Singapore Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Singapore, 2012Fernando Alonso says Ferrari’s strategy for the Singapore Grand Prix will be to cover off the threat of his closest championship challenger: Lewis Hamilton.

“There are many teams that are strong and are still contenders, with maybe five or six drivers that can fight for the title,” said Alonso.

“Lewis is second at the moment and since February, we have said that he is the one that probably I respect the most, because we know what he can do in good cars or bad cars.”

“In terms of strategy, it is almost impossible to cover five drivers, as they can make pit stops at different times, so in this race, we need to cover whichever driver is closest in the classification, which means Lewis at the moment.

“McLaren has won the last two races and so they are the favourites here as well. Hopefully we can stop their dominance: we have brought some new parts for the car and are optimistic that we can do well here and at the next two or three Grands Prix.”

Alonso added Ferrari’s performance at other low-grip circuits gave cause for optimism about their performance this weekend:

“We need to see how we perform on Friday, but our aim is to fight for pole and the win in this race. We were competitive in Monaco and Canada, which are similar circuits and so we are optimistic. We know how important is pole position here.”

As speculation continues over where Felipe Massa will be replaced as his team mate will be next year, Alonso spelled out what they team is looking for in a driver:

“Anyone who comes to drive here must be a driver that respects Ferrari and the tradition of this team and the fact that here, we work for the team, for the red cars as our first priority.

“I have been working with Felipe for three years now and we have a very good relationship and if the team decides to appoint someone different for next year, then that driver has to be better than Felipe.

“Looking at all the names that you the media have been putting forward as a replacement, I?m not sure if you realise quite how much Felipe has achieved in Formula 1, compared to the names mentioned.”

2012 Singapore Grand Prix

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Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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95 comments on Alonso: Ferrari covering Hamilton threat at Singapore

  1. ogogogg said on 20th September 2012, 19:52

    Sometimes these things keep me awake at night……

    If Massa T bones Hamilton straight of the track will there be an F1 Levenson Inquiry?……………….

  2. racerdude7730 (@racerdude7730) said on 20th September 2012, 20:12

    I dont know if it just me or something has changed with Alonso. I never could stand him before he went to Ferrari but now i in a weird way pull for him to win. Im not even a true Ferrari diehard either. Anyone else feel this way? Sorry i know its a little off topic

    • American_F1_Fan (@american_f1_fan) said on 21st September 2012, 5:28

      I know exactly how you feel, as I feel the same. I never liked Alonso, he was my least favorite driver. I always was the first to admit that he was probably the best driver on the grid, but I just didn’t care for him. The scandals that he has been involved in, even if he has always been ruled innocent, certainly haven’t helped.

      That said, since he has moved to Ferrari I just gain more and more respect for the guy. I still feel (even more strongly now) that he is the best driver on the grid, even though he’s not my favorite driver and I’m not a Ferrari fan by any means. Like you, I’d love to see him win the WDC this year.

    • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 21st September 2012, 8:09

      Perhaps because you dislike Vettel and/or Hamilton even more and don’t want one of those two to win?

  3. Isn’t it kind of condescending Alonso talking about the new 2nd driver must drive for the team, and not for himself. In that the team is fully behind Alonso.

    If he just said that he wants a driver that will support him, that’s one thing, but this seems kinda… meh I dunno, Kind of insincere.

  4. they wont need to wory about covering him,just catching him!

  5. Kimi4WDC said on 20th September 2012, 23:51

    Dangerous, he might end up behind all three come last race. I wouldn’t mind that either :)

    I think Hamilton and Vettel are going to destroy Alonso by the end of the season. Alonso just dont have that raw speed those two are showing at the moment, though I’m cheering for Kimi to win it.

    Massa will probably stay, why would any young driver who knows that he will be a number one driver come his time, ruin his career by helping Alonso to win more championships. Do you realise that the better the second driver at Ferrari, the longer Alonso will stay at Ferrari to score more Championships. By the end of that, doesn’t matter who are your sponsors or what’s your last name or talent, you will be second rated driver.

  6. hope there aint any deliberate crashing in this weekends race. Dont think Massa has ever recovered from losing the championship under those circumstances especially after dominating that race in 08 up until Piquet’s crash. It was effectively a dud race after that which handed the championship to Hamilton. Hope Raikkonen gets a much deserved win this weekend….

    • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 21st September 2012, 8:26

      Massa could have covered Hamilton even with Piquet’s crash. Instead they let him drive off with the fuel hose.

      Besides Raikkonen came back all the way from the back to fifth. Massa didn’t move up a single position. OK so Raikkonen crashed triying to get even more out of that race. Still, Massa should at least have been able to scored some points with a car that was by far the fastest of them all on that track. Yet he wasn’t able.

      Ferrari and Massa were to blame for their zero points haul. Not Piquet.

      Also, if we are picking single races where the championship was decided, I pick Silverstone for the race where Massa lost the championship. So there!

      • Massa was looking strong in 1st position before the race was fixed with the crash. I’m saying if there hadnt been any cheating that day then he wud surely have won the championship which he deserved that year ( being the best that year with most wins ) instead of losing by a point. I’m no Massa fan but it was pretty cruel. & I’m sure Hamilton would rather win a championship more convincingly.

        • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 24th September 2012, 16:13

          They might have messed up his pitstop also.

          If he had scored a single point that race he would have won the championship also. Massa could have scored a point in that race easily. Even with the cheating. it’s 100% his own fault that he didn’t. So are The first 2 races and Sivlerstone where he completely threw it away.

          So .. it’s **to focus on one race where his and Ferrar’s blunders where compounded by cheating rather than looking to the races where they (massa mostly) blundered completely on their/his own.

    • +1

  7. Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 21st September 2012, 8:50

    So, going by Alonso’s word they need someone who’s faster than Massa and has accomplished more. Does that mean Hamilton is going to Ferrari afterall?

  8. The fact about being #1 pilot in any team is all about dominating your team mate, otherwise no team give such a privilege to any driver.

    Ppl love to talk about Alonso and Ferrari but let me remind those ppl 2008 season, when neither Kimi nor Massa were good enough to dominate each other, Kovalainen used from the start of the season as a lap dog to help Hamilton, who won his single title that year with 1 point difference.

    • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 21st September 2012, 10:08

      It depends on the car too though. Raikkonen was well on his way to win the 2008 season. Then halfway through they changed the car to help Massa and Raikkonen couldn’t qualify with that car (although crashing in Monaco and being punted out in Canada didn’t help either). Raikkonen was just muddling along until he switched back to the old spec and promptly he was racing for the win at Spa.

      Similar thing with Button this season. Button completely collapsed when they changed the car and he jumped back when they fixed the problem.

      Besides Massa or Raikkonen could have easily won the 2008 WDC. No need for either of them to dominate the other. The Ferrari was the fastest car by a mile. They lost it because of their own blundering and that of the team. Massa spun out the first to races (traction control banned) and … well … Silverstone. Raikkonen could have just taken the Spa win (after the FIA assistance) instead of trying so ridiculously hard that he ended up crashing (also Monaco and Singapore). Ferrari blundes certainly had a big hand in the drama at races like Monaco, Singapore.

  9. ChimpSafari said on 21st September 2012, 13:25

    “Anyone who comes to drive here must be a driver that respects Ferrari and the tradition of this team and the fact that here, we work for the team, for the red cars as our first priority.”

    Read: I expect to be the number one driver so anyone who comes to Ferarri has to be comfortable being no. 2 and taking orders to put my championship before theirs.

  10. One thing is very clear, Alonso will not be leaving Ferrari anytime soon, Massa, on the other hand I don’t have such a good feeling about. The only thing that Ferrari would win if they got rid of Alonso, they would be able to have Hamilton, who would be a great addition for the team, but I can’t think of any other racers that I would like to see racing Ferrari, other than Schumi, which I don’t see happening any time soon either. This is definitely a tricky situation. And as far as Alonso dominating Hamilton in the race this weekend, I don’t really believe will happen. In the practice session Hamilton was 4 spots ahead of him, but as we know, in practice they are looking for the best set up for the cars, and hopefully he’ll be able to keep up in qualifying. Let’s hope that the race this weekend under the lights is as exciting as they’re all making it out to be.

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