Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Marina Bay, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Singapore Grand Prix

2012 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Marina Bay, 2012What did you think of the Singapore Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Singapore Grand Prix

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134 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Singapore Grand Prix”

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  1. You gave that a 10? 10 should be reserved for one off special races like Canada or China last year.

    1. @debaser91 thats debatable. But IMO this race deserved a 9 or 10

      1. OMG freak alert!

      2. And I’m guessing you rate Valencia/Malaysia this year 20 out of 10?

      3. I hope you’re saying that independent of PDR’s result.

  2. I disagree: I guess real F1 fans want to see a genuine battle for the lead, and the excitement dropped as soon as Hamilton retired with gearbox issues. From that point, Vettel won easily, Button was comfortably second, Alonso comfortably third and Di Resta comfortably fourth.

    There was a reasonable amount of overtakes, but not many overtakes that weren’t decided in the actual corner itself.

    1. I think it’s the other way round. It’s the casual fans that only think a race is worth watching if there’s a battle at the front.

    2. @andae23 have been following F1 for 9yrs now…I love overtakes too, but crashes are thrilling (if nobody is hurt). They bring out the SC and it changes the order making the race unpredictable……Most of my frnds who follow F1 are even more obsessed with crashes

      1. 9 years of watching – so if you started watching at the same age as me – that makes you 12 years old now. I will grant you to enjoy crashes for another two years but by then you have to grow up !!

  3. By what possible measure was that as exciting as Valencia or Sepang?

  4. 7/10. I found the race interesting and I never got bored. Hamilton and Maldonado’s retirements were very disappointing. For a track like Marina Bay, this was a good race.

  5. It seems to take the safety car to liven up the singapore grand prix every year

  6. Would go for a high 6. Pros: Glock/Massa/DiResta drives. Cons: Duration/Lead challenge/Lapped Cars

  7. Horrible circuit=horrible race..curves, curves and more curves..who designed this pos.

  8. Okay… who’s been smoking crack and rated this a 10. I was being generous when I gave it a 5. Top 4 all in the same order as they left the grid except two places higher as the front row failed to finish. Poor race from Alonso and yet still making it work.

    Very unlucky for Hamilton, surely would’ve made the title fight a bit more interesting had he been able to finish. Liking his mood when he was interviewed after, fairly positive given he retired from what was pretty much a sure win. Hopefully he can have a strong end to the season and have some luck on his side for once this season.

    Big up for Di Resta as well, fantastic result and a very solid weekend throughout. Kinda glad as my faith in him had been waning of recent. And a great come back drive for Massa from his first lap puncture.

  9. 7.
    It was not that bad, there were some good overtakes and drama. The SC stayed out far too long, and I was surprised about the second SC. The track is long, the group was compact.

    I think that the second SC ruined a little bit the race, because the two stoppers were going to struggle at the end and a three stop could have been a good strategy. Pity.

  10. Gave it a 6. I enjoyed the part when Schumacher forgot where he was.
    Massa was brilliant.

  11. First part of the race and until the safety car came in, it was nearly a procession with strategies more or less the same and an extreme difficulty to pass another car. After the SC things got a little bit together, and we could watch some really nice wheel to wheel battles.
    So it´s a 4 for 1st part of the race and a 6 for the 2nd part which means an average 5.

  12. 10 for me…..I love these kinds of races….lots of crashes and SC periods.

  13. Gave it a 5 loosing LH was massively disappointing and the track is just another Monaco at night very boring.

  14. I gave it 8. First half of the race was extremely drowsy, but every single lap after the first SC episode were pure gold!

  15. A 7 from me. The on track action wasn’t particularly exciting but the presence of a couple of Safety Cars at least offered a potential opportunity for some shuffling of the grid near the front. Other than that it was entertaining and just as it was entering a bit of a lull Hamilton’s gearbox went and failed which livened things up.

  16. 6/10
    I gave it the sufficiency onl because 20 laps from the end there were a good 10 laps, closely fought and full of excitement. The rest was boring to say the least.

  17. Terrible for a hamilton fan

  18. A rating of 3/10 from me today. Not because the racing was particularly boring (much of it was) or even because of the retirements (Self-confessed Hamilton fan).

    3/10 because clearly BEFORE the safety car period, it was going to be impossible to complete the proscribed 61 laps in 2 hours in normal conditions- the half-way point occurred at around 1 hour and 2 mins. Why set an unachievable target? Make it 55 laps, that would still have made it a marathon for the drivers in those conditions.

    1. Are u mad? The race was only shortened by 2 laps and the saftey car was out for a good 10 minutes. With a lap here taking 1 minute 50ish the last 2 laps would have easily fit in.

    2. @mattb

      the half-way point occurred at around 1 hour and 2 mins. Why set an unachievable target?

      The race would easily have been completed had it been green-flag all the way. The cars lap much quicker in the second half of the race because the fuel loads have come down.

  19. replying to my own comment….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  20. 4/10.
    +1 – It’s Singapore and looks pretty under the lights.
    +1 – WDC shaken up.
    +2 – DiResta in 4th, Glock’s drive to 12th, Alonso in 3rd when it was a deserved 5th, Massa in points.
    +1 – 1x Spectacular crash
    -1 – Vettel’s celebration on the radio. ‘We showed them!’? Really? I think McLaren more or less showed themselves.

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