Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Marina Bay, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Singapore Grand Prix

2012 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Marina Bay, 2012What did you think of the Singapore Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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2012 Singapore Grand Prix

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134 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Singapore Grand Prix”

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  1. ZERO

    What a lousy racetrack in such a fantastic location…

  2. William Brierty
    23rd September 2012, 21:18

    2/10 – One of those GPs that feel you left utterly cold, like UEA ’11, Korea ’10, Germany ’10 and Bahrain ’10. To see someone pull together a perfect weekend and loose if just gut-wrenching, especially because it’s effectively ended the driver’s championship.

  3. 7 – The tension in the first part of the race as everyone started pitting was great! second half felt a bit flat however.

  4. 7/10. First half wasn’t that great, but the second half was exciting. With Hamilton retiring, most drivers being cautious with overtaking and others being a little too aggressive, it never really got off as an amazing race, but was fun to follow. Odd how the TV overlays became confused at the end, too.

  5. 7 for me.

    First half of the race was incredibly boring. Second part was quite good actually!

  6. I enjoyed the race BUT I very much dislike alleged racetracks? where it is extremely difficult for the drivers to race!!! The very narrow tracks offer very little racing just a parade with an occassional daring act in an attempt to pass. Places like singapoor are just serious accidents waiting to happen. Thanks, R & R

  7. Stuck behind a slower Mercedes for three races in a row. Combined with team’s inability to get the car on the grid compare to it’s race pace. Very frustrating for a Lotus/Kimi fan.

    1. Indeed! Amazing he is still 3rd though, with several race winners behind him.

  8. dreadfully boring – i gave it a 3, for the number of times i fell asleep

  9. 3. Singapore may be a great event for people on the ground in Singapore, but apart from the high up helicopter shots of the track and skyline, it makes for average viewing and racing. Maybe it being broadcast on Channel 10 in standard definition in Australia doesn’t help, but with the lights its like watching 1990s quality footage of another rubbish street circuit

  10. I was at the race. HAM’s retirement robbed us of a potential cliff hanger between VET and HAM.

    First half was admittably BORING – but the race came alive after the safety cars period. Gutsy stuff from MAS, HUL and WEB.


  11. Well, it should be the first race in a really long time that Massa gets votes for best pass of the race.
    Otherwise, having retirements be the big news coming out of a race is never a good sign. A three.

  12. I liked the race, but by the end I couldn’t help feeling that the FIA have got their priorities screwed. The Singapore Grand Prix is perhaps the most expensive race on the calendar. The money spent for lights, parties, and everything else is done every year and yet RRA is so important, we are switching to cost-effective and environment-friendly V6s in 2014.
    The Singapore Grand Prix, in essence, shows everything that is wrong with F1. The circuit itself has its eccentricities and the biggest anomaly being that it has more laps than circuits which have faster lap times. But apart from that, we see that unnecessary money is being spent on many things. Four years after I impulsively agreed with Montezemolo when he said the race was a ‘circus'(I was shocked with such a poor race for Ferrari, who I was wholeheartedly supporting then), I am back to thinking along those grounds due to a far deeper reason than race results. The big question is: Do we really need the Singapore Grand Prix? Is it more indispensable than the classic F1 races??

    1. 100% right… we dont need it. no overtakings, narrow track, maximum speed 290km/hr… boring race. if there was no retirements yesterday honestly the race would have been very boring… the retirements only shook up the order.

  13. Why cant people be objective when rating the race? Every time Hamilton drops out, a lot of people say that race was no good

    1. @dujedcv Exactly. They don’t seem to understand the pole. Race and result are two different things!

  14. normal race, maybe rated at 5/10
    the retirements made it exciting only…!

  15. Boring. But i’m certain if it was a Button win people would be giving a 10.

  16. I thought it was excellent; the racing was very close and tense, like Monaco this year, and the spectacle of the cars under the lights is fantastic!!!

  17. There were a few decent moments around the safety car periods and towards the end but overall I found a bit dull so I only gave it a 6.

  18. I thought the race was one of the better ones. I was disappointed to see Ham retire as a 1st place finish for him and 2nd for Vet would have made the championship much tighter. Also Mal did a good job overall and that would have pushed Alo down to 5th and even fewer points from the GP. Shu ramming Ver after the SC restart was bewildering to say the least and although I am a fan of the great man, it’s time to give that seat up for a younger…..more alert man. Well done to Vet for bringing home the bacon, he might yet pull off three in a row. I hope not because there are already two red bulls in my 1:18 diecast collection, and 6 ferrari’s (since 2000). Another McLaren would have looked good. Still it ain’t over until the proverbial lady sings. Bring on Suzuka………………a second Button win perhaps?

  19. what kinda is tht snail tailing from the start to the end……no overtake but many accidents…..F1 should stop singapore gp from next year….ppl wanna see race and race must hv overtaking…..scrap this circuit….bernie

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