Ten-place grid penalty for Schumacher at Suzuka

2012 Singapore Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Marina Bay, 2012Michael Schumacher will be docked ten places on the grid for the Japanese Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver was handed the penalty for his collision with Jean-Eric Vergne which took both drivers out of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Schumacher admitted the crash was his fault, according to the stewards’ report: “The driver admitted the collision was his error due to the failure to anticipate the braking performance of the car with lower tyre grip following a safety car period.

“The penalty takes into account that this is the second similar offence by the driver this season.”

2012 Singapore Grand Prix

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Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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70 comments on Ten-place grid penalty for Schumacher at Suzuka

  1. Kimi4WDC said on 24th September 2012, 1:58

    I hope this penalty business changes next season, this is becoming a kindergarten. With all the money involved, I’m having hard time not thinking about who will be benefiting from different penalties and ignoring the fact how stupid drivers behaving in order to get each other a penalty.

  2. OOliver said on 24th September 2012, 8:07

    Schumacher would not have had the problem if Verne didn’t have to hover at that corner for what seemed to be ages. It appears the overtaking move which was going on, just meant Verne was almost at a standstill for an eternity as he chose not to follow the car just past into the corner, but was waiting to retake the racing line in its wake.

    • Odd (@odd-lord) said on 24th September 2012, 9:57

      yeah well, anyway, vergne was NOT on the racingline, so if MSC didnt went way to deep to start, this would not be any issue.
      The guy is just not such a great driver, a successful driver maybe… (which says as much as a successful greek who stole all of his capital from the state)
      But he just isnt that good. WoldChamp Cheating, that he is of course xD

      I bet 90% of t F1 drivers will string WC’s together given that EVERYTHING is build around them and they cheat. (illegal TC’s rule bending, tires especially made for MSC, the car especially developed for him.. with those advantages even a Narain could be WDChampion)

  3. Odd (@odd-lord) said on 24th September 2012, 9:47

    MSC always has been a lying and cheating knockelhead, so why should it be different now? The dumbass doesn’t even admitt that he was wrong in front the camera’s .. “i did’t decellarate’ gosh Shumie, are you sure?

    Im so fed up with this cheater, that i personally won’t mind if karma bites him in ass every day.

  4. IceBlue (@iceblue) said on 25th September 2012, 2:44

    McNish certainly has first hand knowledge of what results from a stupid mistake based on the accident he caused, and was lucky to live through, at last years race at LeMans.

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