Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Marina Bay, 2012

Hamilton not giving up after championship setback

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Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Marina Bay, 2012In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he “won’t give up” despite falling 52 points behind in the championship battle.


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Hamilton not giving up on drivers’ title (BBC)

“I won’t give up. I’ll keep pushing to the end. Of course, it makes it that bit harder.”

Traffic takes toll on Raikkonen’s title challenge (Reuters)

“We were definitely faster than Michael [Schumacher] and Nico [Rosberg] but we ended up stuck behind them for most of the race which was frustrating.”

Fernando Alonso: ??We were not very competitive this weekend…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“I think the safety car arrived in the worst moment for us, because we have stopped and changed the tyres five laps before the safety car, so we didn?t have the pit stop for free like the others did. So, it was, I think with all these difficulties, if we put altogether, arriving third in our difficult weekend is for sure a fantastic result in terms of points.”

Singapore GP – Conference 4 (FIA)

“For about three or four laps it was spraying gearbox oil. I thought it was the backmarker at the time, and then I saw Lewis pull over so I knew that was from his car.”

Senna ‘using racing line’ in Massa clash (Autosport)

“The stewards believed that Senna had not done anything wrong because he had not appeared to deliberately move across.”

Timely result for di Resta (Sky)

“I like to think that I’m capable of stepping up to one of these bigger teams. There’s some drivers about – I’ve raced against some of them at the top, I’ve had great battles with them and I’ve beaten them.”

Red Bull RB8 – new brake discs and ducts (F1)

“Made from a new material, CER, they lose only 1mm of thickness by the end of the race in comparison to the 4mm worn away on the older CCR discs.”

Tooned – Episode 6: Gone With The Wind (YouTube)


Comment of the day

@JerseyF1 says there’s still life left in the championship battle:

Plenty of championships have turned around more than the points differences we have at the moment, I think that the new points system is still fooling people ?ǣ with arguably the three fastest cars in reverse order in the championship this is shaping up for a tight finish if the main contenders run to form over the next few races without car failures or other incident.

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On this day in F1

Recently-crowned champion Emerson Fittipaldi hit trouble in the 1972 Canadian Grand Prix at Mosport, having to pit with wing damage after a battle with pole sitter Peter Revson for third.

Ronnie Peterson led the opening laps for March before being passed by Jackie Stewart, who went on to win ahead of the McLarens of Revson and Denny Hulme.

Image ?? Singapore GP/Sutton