Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Marina Bay, 2012

Button: Championship between Alonso and Vettel

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Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, Marina Bay, 2012In the round-up: Jenson Button says Sebastian Vettel is the only driver likely to catch Alonso in the championship.


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Title Alonso or Vettel’s: Button (BBC)

“It’s hard for anyone [to catch Alonso] except [Sebastian Vettel] at the moment. It’s between those two but there’s still a lot of people with a long shot. That’s what we’re all going to go for.”

‘Ferrari must find more performance’ (Sky)

Stefano Domenicali: “There are six Grands Prix to go to the end of the season and clearly, we need to make a step forward in terms of performance, because we cannot rely purely on the misfortune of others.”

GP2 champion Valsecchi feels he deserves F1 chance (ESPN)

“In Italy they always say there is no Italian driver in Formula One, but before now who deserved it? Last year we finished second with [Luca] Filippi, which was fantastic but we were unlucky because it was second. The year before no Italian, and before there was [Giorgio] Pantano, who was a great champion, but there was the story that he was in Formula One before, and the story that maybe he was too old, but this year there is another Italian champion.”

Nico Rosberg: Message after P5 in Singapore (Mercedes via Youtube)

Horner hoping for alternator fix by Suzuka (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“Every time I saw a Renault powered car stop, the first question was why? Maldonado retired, but I think that was hydraulics, then we saw an issue with a Caterham, but that was because I think they forgot to put a wheel on.”

Lotus says it paid for poor Friday (Autosport)

Trackside operations director Alan Permane: “We had a very poor Friday, but we understood pretty much where we’d gone wrong. We recovered an awful lot of it, but didn’t get it perfectly right.”

Red Bull races new front wing at Singapore (F1 Technical)

“Red Bull Racing debuted a new front wing on the RB8, featuring two changes.”

F1 will bring S$1b worth of “additional value-add” for economy: Iswaran (Today)

“Staging the Formula One Grand Prix will bring $1 billion [Singaporean] worth of ‘additional value-add’ for Singapore’s economy over a 10-year period, says second minister for trade and industry S Iswaran.”

Barrichello to drive in stock car race in Brazil (The Sacramento Bee)

“Barrichello will earn more than $100,000 for competing but will donate the money to charity.”

Kevin Garside: Lewis Hamilton remains hard to love after his fast-lane feuds (The Independent)

Kevin Garside: “In terms of his working-class background and his ethnicity, Hamilton smashed the great Formula One stereotypes to gain access to the paddock, yet his portrayal is all too often negative.”

No has-been, Schumacher needs another year (NBC Sports)

John Leicester: “Schumacher isn’t the dominant driver he was when he was winning championships with Ferrari but nor, the numbers indicate, is he a middle-aged embarrassment or a has-been. His seven world titles are his forever. Another year of racing, even if it doesn’t amount to much like the three he’s just had, cannot alter that fact and so cannot tarnish the memory of the champion he once was.”


Comment of the day

@Debaser91 compares Sebastian Vettel career with Michael Schumacher’s at the same point:

Sebastian Vettel has won an awful lot of Grands Prix in his short career to date. There has been talk that if anyone is going to be able to match Schumacher?s titles and victories record it will be him, because he has such a long time in the sport ahead of him (the same goes for Hamilton as well but not to such a great extent.)

Therefore I thought it would be interesting to compare Vettel to Schumacher at similar stages in their career, and assumed Vettel would be ahead.

After five full seasons in the sport (’92-’96) Schumacher had 22 victories, whereas Vettel (2008-present) has had 4 and three-quarter full seasons with 23 victories.

However during that period Schumacher only started 79 Grands Prix whereas Vettel, excluding his first eight races with Toro Rosso in 2007 has started 86 races due to longer seasons. Taking Schumacher?s first 86 races in full seasons he then has 24 victories, which is one more than Vettel.

I think that just shows how difficult Schumacher?s incredible victory record will be to beat, even without taking into account his dominant Ferrari years where he was winning nine, ten or more Grands Prix a season he is still neck and neck with Vettel.

Of course in the mid-nineties with the death of Senna and retirements of Mansell, Prost and Piquet, and much less competition for race victories at the front it is arguable whether Schumacher had it easier with poorer competition, but that is a different argument entirely.

Vettel is going to have to have ten to twelve years sustained competing at the front to get anywhere near as close. Thinking about it now, despite Schumacher?s faults and putting aside my own dislike of some of his behaviour on track it really is quite remarkable that he competed at the front pretty much for over a decade.

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On this day in F1

Keke Rosberg clinched the 1982 world championship in the final round of the season, held at Las Vegas.

Rosberg finished a distant fifth, well over a minute behind surprise winner Michele Alboreto, but that was all he needed. Title rival John Watson came in second, ending the season five points behind the Williams driver.

Eddie Cheever finished his home race on the podium for Ligier.

Here’s the moment Alboreto’s Tyrrell took the lead off Alain Prost’s Renault:

Image ?? Singapore GP/Sutton