Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Singapore, 2012

Should Schumacher keep on racing?

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Singapore, 2012Michael Schumacher is out of a drive at Mercedes for 2013 following today’s announcement that Lewis Hamilton will join the team.

What now for the seven-times world champion? With no seats left at the top teams should he look for a way to stay in F1 or head back into retirement?


The third year of Schumacher’s comeback has been his most promising by far. In the seven races he and Rosberg have finished, Schumacher was ahead in all bar one of them.

His position in the championship does not do justice to his performances. Earlier in the season he lost a stack of points due to various car problems. He began the year holding third place in Melbourne until his gearbox gave up. In China a problem during his pit stop meant he had to retire having been running second.

Schumacher has been on an upward trajectory since returning to Formula 1 and he shouldn’t stop now.


Schumacher was criticised after his embarrassing shunt during the Singapore Grand Prix in which he took out Jean-Eric Vergne. It earned him a ten-place grid drop for the next race as he’d had a similar crash at the Spanish round.

In the three years since he returned to F1 with Mercedes he has failed to emulate the success he enjoyed at Ferrari and Benetton.

With the top seats at Red Bull, McLaren and Mercedes taken for 2013, and a move to Ferrari looking unlikely, he would not be able to drive for a top team, further diminishing his chance of being able to compete for wins.

I say

Rather too much has been made of Schumacher’s mistakes this year. Even when he was at his peak, Schumacher was prone to the occasional blunder, usually when battling in the midfield. In 2004, his most successful season of all, he had scrappy races in China and Brazil.

Schumacher clearly has the appetite to continue racing and although his options are increasingly limited, it’s possible he could. One option might be to ‘complete the circle’ by taking Sergio Perez’s place at Sauber, having been associated with them when they ran Mercedes’ sports car team in the early nineties.

But for a grid penalty and a fuel pressure problem he might have won the Monaco Grand Prix this year. I don’t think a driver who is capable of that needs to hang up his helmet just yet.

You say

Should Schumacher continue in F1? Cast your vote and have your say in the comments.

Should Schumacher keep on racing in F1?

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  • No (37%)

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120 comments on “Should Schumacher keep on racing?”

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  1. I think he still enjoys the racing (though not sure if that was true just after Singapore), and should keep doing it with the results he has been getting. Maybe in a slightly less top team, he feels less urge to overdo it, or maybe he will become more erratic, that is a risk.

    But I don’t think a guy who has 7 WDC’s, despite misgiving I have about the circumstances of some of them, need worry about his reputation as a racer. He just needs to find a team that allow him to fight – maybe Williams to make up for him stealing their 94 WDC ;)
    (right, MAL and BOT seem likely there, so probably not)

    Would be “interesting” to see him at Sauber. they could learn to be a bit more cut-throat at times I’d say! Ferrari would be cute, Massa stepping out to return the favour to his old friend? Aww. But don’t really see MSC as ALO’s backing …

    1. I see no reason why he couldn’t end up at Williams tbh. Lets say Williams decide to get Bottas some experience before they stick him in their car and do a deal with HRT for free gearboxes or something. That way they could take on Schumacher (who I’m sure would be willing to drive for peanuts if its a drive that he wants) and who better to help Maldonado overcome his wild streak? As I recall Massa used to be a bit wild too

  2. Please Micheal, join Sauber, invest some money instead of earning, and show your “friend” Ross Brawn that he is the one getting old.

  3. Schumacher should keep on racing kart, and let one seat to a young driver in F1.

  4. I like his character. He gives F1 a likable image.

  5. I almost clicked on the wrong option!!! Plz change the previous sentence……..

  6. Even if he performs only once a year as well as in Monaco, I’d rather have him over any rookie.
    I’m still a fan of Bruno, but Williams would be my favourite place and Pa$tor won’t move – and is currently faster.

  7. I would love to see Schumi do a one-year swan-song with Ferarri, the team that helped him to so many of his wins and championships.

  8. I voted yes … because he has won in under performing ferrari , he has won in controversial benetton. He has glorified teams over the years and if he goes to a team like Sauber or Williams or (highly unlikely but possible) Force India .. he can bring in victories , if not a championship , and once again show what he is made of. On a slightly offset note … I would just like him to win 9 more races.. complete the Ton and retire as he likes .

  9. I was no Schumacher fan, but the way he has been treated by Mercedes is curious. Let’s hope that he can get a drive for 2013, and by the way the Sauber team has been going this year – way better on recent form than the Mercs – then the 7-time champion could be on to a winner.

    Some of his drives have been specacular, but sometimes he’s just had the worst luck. I would like to see Peter Sauber take him on. It doesn’t really matter about legacy – he’s already got that in the bag. He wants to continue and he should be allowed to do that. It would be great if he could bag a win with Sauber, and it would show the rest of the paddock that he’s still got it.

    Look, I’m becoming a Schumacher fan – I thought I’d never see the day. Go for it Michael!!

  10. Hey guys, don’t write off Ferrari ! What about Schumacher alongside Alonso ? I know this sounds crazy, but i’m sure some people at maranello are thinking about it right now. Let’s wait and see…

  11. M.S is probably the most overrated champion in f1 history, the more he stays the more this becomes more apparent…so yes he should stay.

    1. YES!! The man overrated himself 7 times, yes he will be the most overrated, if by that you mean that he was the man to watch and to beat; Under all the hype and publicity, he was Physically scoring the points that kept feeding the hype. So there is tangible evidence that he was actually breaking all those records.
      Where there better drivers in his time? probably, but we will never know for certain because he kept winning championships and races. where there questionable results that might have changed the outcome? partially, at best, his records still stand to be broken by any one that feels can take a shot at it.
      The man wrote a blank check for himself years ago, and quite honestly he is still a force to be reckoned with, no one has said. “I went flying by schumacher”, even now, a position won to schmacher is well deserved, and i blame his equipment for making it easier on his opponents, you still have to negotiate with him if you want his position, no matter who you are. he still gives the other guys “a run for their money”. I say he has the last word, and if we respect the man, we should abide by his call, he certainly knows better than we do, Do I like to see him still? Again, he puts up a fight to everybody, he races really good. he can put up a show better than when he was always in front, I say we need him.
      I regard to his last incident, count his races, count his mistakes, count his contribution, I say we can write it off.

    2. @notme and you comment is the most overrarted one

  12. i voted YES – Schumacher should stay in F1. Although it is my opinion and dont know what Schmacher is thinking but i would love Schumacher beating the hell of Rosberg in last 6 races and tell the bosses at mercedes that they showed door to the wrong driver.
    Without Schumacher having much alternatives left for him, i am expecting he would announce his ” FINAL” retirement soon.

  13. I just don’t get it why they decided to keep Rosberg? Must be some water-tight contract he has there, because I can’t see no other reason for keeping him instead Schumacher.
    Maybe some nasty stuff on photos, perhaps got hold of Herman Tilke’s box of secrets? That guy must have some serious dirt on pretty much all of FOM and FIA, because those tracks are ***** and yet he keeps getting new gigs!

  14. I think it is great that especially this year,after Kimi returned,we are fortunend to watch the competition between the last 12 champions!!!(is this a record?)And if someone say that Schumacher got 5 of them,(and Alonso Vettel 2),so the champions are 6 of course ,then the answer came alone…Yes,he should drive for as long as he feels “the love of the game”.(p.s:I’m not Schumi’s fan.)

  15. I don’t think he’s been actually racing in F1 very often the last 3 years. He said as much himself. He’s been preserving tyres. Or colliding with other cars, I guess. So no, he shouldn’t start racing now at his advanced age.

  16. I’ve been waiting his retirement since 2000. Can’t happen too early if it happens this year. There are faster, better and younger drivers available.

  17. He should absolutely not retire again or leave f1 again !!!!!!
    It was a mistake for Michael to retire in the first place when he was in his prime at allow massa to stay at Ferrari and it would be the same again now , yes he took awhile to find his feet in this car and even though he is smashing Rosberg this year ( who’s meant to be the next big thing) he would not be happy with his results , and 99.9 % of that is due to that thing Mercedes call a car, firstly I would like to put to Ross brawn – why ask Michael to come back with the lure of a championship winning car when obviously that wasn’t the case,he had to suffer the comments from those who no nothing about f1 in regards to his so called lack lustre performances when with anyone who knows , knows the car was nowhere near competitive, three years later , it’s still the case with a car that suffers higher tire degradation than any other car in the field.yet Michael , being the champion that he is , is outperforming the car and the teammate , he needs to go on , HE NEEDS TO GO ON , he is driving as good now as he ever was , is just as fast and is around the corner from the turning point , where it will all fall into place for him again , he needs to finish at Ferrari, basically where he was born as a 7 time world champion, I’m sorry Felipe , but he bailed once for u and I love u but if I had to choose , I choose Michael , he needs to go back to Ferrari and finish the way it started , back on top, we all know in a competitive car he will be there again fighting for the championship, so give it to him , and as a Ferrari man through and through , I urge Ferrari to offer Michael the seat again to the car that he essentially built and watch what he can do with it , we ow him cause he brought success back to Ferrari. We as Michael Schumacher fans , and there are millions of us , have suffered with Michael the last three years waiting him drive an unwilling Mercedes and listening to stupid people comment on his driving ability when if u had half a brain u would know it was the car , We suffered watching and we want things to be right again,give him the chance to shut up all the critics by giving him a good car and watching the master work his magic, f1 died when he retired the first time and got life again when he returned only for people to spit in his face . The planets need to line up again and Ferrari and Schumacher need to bring the family back together, this is not just my opinion , millions apron millions around the world want the same thing, give him his swan song whether it be next year or whenever in the Ferrari .i really hope someone out there who’s high enough to be in this process reads this , and puts the plans in place because this is the collective view of the world , Michael – please stay , work something out to finish properly ,the way it should be !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Schumacher to Ferrari. Massa to Sauber

  19. I think he is one of the 24 fastest drivers in the world at the minute. And when his car has actually worked, he’s been right up there most of the time. So I’d vote yes.

  20. Drop Valencia!
    29th September 2012, 1:57

    Schumacher should start the 13th team, and win 2 more WDC/WCC with that, he has got the money, and the speed, get the only other record he doesn’t already have.

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