Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Singapore, 2012

Should Schumacher keep on racing?

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Singapore, 2012Michael Schumacher is out of a drive at Mercedes for 2013 following today’s announcement that Lewis Hamilton will join the team.

What now for the seven-times world champion? With no seats left at the top teams should he look for a way to stay in F1 or head back into retirement?


The third year of Schumacher’s comeback has been his most promising by far. In the seven races he and Rosberg have finished, Schumacher was ahead in all bar one of them.

His position in the championship does not do justice to his performances. Earlier in the season he lost a stack of points due to various car problems. He began the year holding third place in Melbourne until his gearbox gave up. In China a problem during his pit stop meant he had to retire having been running second.

Schumacher has been on an upward trajectory since returning to Formula 1 and he shouldn’t stop now.


Schumacher was criticised after his embarrassing shunt during the Singapore Grand Prix in which he took out Jean-Eric Vergne. It earned him a ten-place grid drop for the next race as he’d had a similar crash at the Spanish round.

In the three years since he returned to F1 with Mercedes he has failed to emulate the success he enjoyed at Ferrari and Benetton.

With the top seats at Red Bull, McLaren and Mercedes taken for 2013, and a move to Ferrari looking unlikely, he would not be able to drive for a top team, further diminishing his chance of being able to compete for wins.

I say

Rather too much has been made of Schumacher’s mistakes this year. Even when he was at his peak, Schumacher was prone to the occasional blunder, usually when battling in the midfield. In 2004, his most successful season of all, he had scrappy races in China and Brazil.

Schumacher clearly has the appetite to continue racing and although his options are increasingly limited, it’s possible he could. One option might be to ‘complete the circle’ by taking Sergio Perez’s place at Sauber, having been associated with them when they ran Mercedes’ sports car team in the early nineties.

But for a grid penalty and a fuel pressure problem he might have won the Monaco Grand Prix this year. I don’t think a driver who is capable of that needs to hang up his helmet just yet.

You say

Should Schumacher continue in F1? Cast your vote and have your say in the comments.

Should Schumacher keep on racing in F1?

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  • No (37%)

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120 comments on “Should Schumacher keep on racing?”

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  1. Massa to Sauber, Schumi to Ferrari

  2. If he wanted to he could probably go buy out HRT. And with his profile… he could make it work I think…

    And back to reality I come.

  3. love this… YES YES, he should continue

  4. I voted No, because like someone mentioned, there isn’t a winning team available for him. He should be thankful for the opportunities, the wins, the outstanding records broken and find a different way to be involved in racing because its his life. I think like EJ mentioned somewhere, he didn’t properly visualized a retirement the first time.
    Now I feel he will retire out of tangible options to WIN. Unless he enjoys driving for the love of it or because he doesn’t know what else to do in his life like Barrichello. I think B is a nice guy, but I never enjoyed seeing him race.

  5. He’s a 7-time champion, he’s won a million races, he owns all the record, and we’re celebrating because he’s finally keeping up with Nico Rosberg? That he could maybe once have won a race? He’s not actually bad, but he’s not setting the track on fire on a very regular basis. He’s not racing like he used to and he’s not the best driver out there any more. I’d rather watch someone young, hungry, and anonymous try to make a name for him (or her) self than see Michael Schumacher take yet another year of victory laps.

  6. I cannot help but feel the hairs on my back standing, reading the comments in the past 2 days over the Hamilton-Mercedes saga. One recurring theme is that many people have said that they hated Schumacher in his previous F1 incarnation, but this second shot has brought a lot of us to come to like him…and be his fans. As one guy said, he never thought he’d see the day he’d become a Schumacher fan.

    I personally want him to continue, and win races and a WDC. Sauber look like the best bets, followed by Williams. He’d not go to Force India because they’ve just not shown as much promise as Williams and Sauber. Then there’s the outside chance of landing a seat at Lotus or Ferrari.

    Either way, I hope to see him racing next year.

  7. His mistakes of the past 3 years are not one I would associate with the elite of the elite. As someone praised by many to be the best ever, he seems well past that former prime. Without the dominant car or the teammate willing to play the lame duck, his talent is far less flattered. The romanticism some have held for the old maestro seems more like wishful thinking than anything rooted in reality if you ask me. Time to go, Mike.

  8. I voted yes; I’d like to see what he can do in a Sauber, or even a Ferrari. Schumacher is always a tough racer, which is nice for us fans to see. As for Schumacher making way for the next generation of drivers, he doesn’t owe them anything. If he wants to race and Peter Sauber wants to give him a seat, then good for them.

  9. yes he should. Even if its not a major team just stick there and he can do wonders. ALL SCHUMI FANS GOING TO RACES SHOULD CONVEY OUR WISH TO HIM TO NOT TO RETIRE NOW!

    1. WHAT HE SAID!

  10. I don’t know.
    I don’t think that Schumacher wants to retire now and in such a way. I guess he could do another year and then stop racing in F1 for real. But there aren’t many places available. Schumi wants a car capable of winning and we don’t know if Sauber can do it next year.
    If he can replace Massa for one year I’d say that he should keep on. If he doesn’t find a good place I think that he has to retire. I really don’t see why he should drive another year in a midfield team.

    I love seeing Schumacher racing, I think that having the legend of the sport in the current grid means a lot. But I don’t think that he will race for much longer. So he has to find a good car and finish his carreer on a high. He can’t build his own team anymore.

  11. I think Schumacher should continue only if he drives competetive car. And the only available competetive car next year is Ferrari. It should be fantastic if Schumacher ends his carreer in a team, with which he achieved so many titles. He would be faster and more safe pair of hands than Massa.

  12. Schumacher should stay until 100 race wins or he gets another world championship i think this year he has proven hes still got something, but not everything he had in his first career, and he has been unlucky with the team and the car for example china’s pit stop. i think he is just getting back into a rhythm again and to leave now would be a bigger mistake than leaving in 2006. at least he should wait until he gets back to winning ( even if its 1 win so the return not been a waste) and then leave on top. to leave like this is not fitting for a drive of his state-char and talent!

  13. William Brierty
    29th September 2012, 12:37

    Schumacher was born for the WEC series. He would be so perfect in an Audi e-tron quattro LMP1, and what team are going to say no to Schumacher if he approched them. Schumacher’s options are to stay in F1 with Sauber, go to WEC, go to DTM (where historically ex-F1 drivers have been slow), try his hand in a SLS GT3 or curl up in his Bavarian mansion warm in knowledge that he will be forever remembered as the most successful racing driver ever. I just hope he decides whether to leave F1 or not before Brazil, because if so, Schumacher deserves a real send off in Brazil, which Barrichello was so deprived of.

    1. It’s in Switzerland and its not a mansion, its a castle.

  14. Sauber : Ferrari engine+easy on tyres+schumacher=formidable opponent any way you look at iit. With next seasons rules being pretty stable it would be a good pairing IMHO!

  15. Schumi should race in F1. Who knows may be ferrari will take for 2013 until vettel joins ferrari in 2014.

  16. Driving a car around a track is a lot of fun. If you can do it and get paid for the privilege, why stop? I don’t see that it has to be more complicated than that.

  17. I voted no. I want to see new drivers, disregard of Schumi finally getting better results.

  18. Voted No because my question has been answered.
    I’ve always wondered whether it was the car or Schumacher that was responsible for that dominance.
    Now it’s clear to me it was always the car.
    Alonso, Vettel and Lewis are all better talented than Schumacher has ever been.

  19. I believe the time has come for Schumacher to hang up his helmet. I’d love to see him still involved in F1, maybe as a consultant or manager within the Mercedes team. But there is a fundamental problem in F1 at the moment which is that there are too many drivers hanging around in F1 for decades preventing new talent from rising up the ranks. Mercedes giving him the elbow in favour of Hamilton is interesting news, but the best thing about it is we have an exciting new talent stepping into a potentially winning car at McLaren.

    Not only would I like to see Schumacher retire from F1 racing, I’d also like to see Massa, Webber, De La Rosa, and a few others retire over the next few years. This current situation where new drivers get maybe half a season to prove their worth in a struggling midfield team before being given the boot if they don’t appear to be the next Ayrton Senna absolutely has to stop. The best way to achieve that is to get rid of these drivers who are hanging around well past their sell by.

  20. Other than sauber I don’t see a place,but they won’t be able to produce a WC winning car.

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