Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2012

Caption Competition 21: Button and Hamilton

Caption CompetitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2012

What did Lewis Hamilton have to say to Jenson Button which prompted a wide grin from his team mate?

After three years together, McLaren’s ‘dream team’ will be broken up as Hamilton heads to Mercedes.

Since Jenson Button joined the team in 2010 the pair have been very closely matched. Hamilton has out-scored Button by the narrow margin of 609 points to 603. They’ve got six races left as team mates to sort that out.

Can you think of a good caption for the picture above? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments.

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135 comments on “Caption Competition 21: Button and Hamilton”

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  1. Button: “Great news, I’ve been renewed for season 2 of Tooned!”

    1. :D i giggled

    2. Best one so far…

      1. Button: “However Lewis, you shall be placed on the McLaren naughty list until further notice”

    3. Thumbs Up…

    4. @brickles Brilliant :D Speedy Gonzalez to be auditioned for next year ;)

    5. quality!

  2. Jenson: Mercedes…haha, You are kidding right?


  3. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    29th September 2012, 12:08

    Lewis: “It’s feast or famine with us, your turn to “famine” today JB.”

    Jenson: “*Laughes* Guess I’ll have to tamper with someone’s gearbox then ey?”

  4. Hamilton: Im moving to mercedes so i can win more world championships!

    Button: hahahaha!

  5. I won’t be tweeting your telemetry anymore!

  6. Dude, I’m thinking about moving to Brawn, I mean, Mercedes and taking your seat.

  7. Chris (@tophercheese21)
    29th September 2012, 12:15

    Jenson: “Hey, hey Lewis! Truth or Dare?”
    Lewis: “Dare.”
    Jenson: “If you lose this race, from a comfortable lead, then you have to leave Mclaren and let me become the true #1 driver. Sound good?”
    Lewis: “You’re on!”

  8. At least someone at McLaren seems to like yesterday’s news…

    1. My vote goes to you!

  9. Jenson was over the moon when Lewis told him that he would be the no.1 driver at McLaren.

  10. ‘Mercedes’

  11. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
    29th September 2012, 12:31

    Jenson:Me regendary tall ninja of west, I predict bad thing happen for you at Mercedes.
    Lewis: *Rolls eyes* Whatever…

  12. Jenson: “Say goodbye to Mclaren P1.”

  13. Jenson :”So, you will be working with my old Boss Ross Brawn”
    Lewis :”Yes ,i heard that he can make champions, did you forget 2009 Jenson”
    Jenson:”no i still remember but you are already world champion ,it’s too little too late hahahahahahhahahahahaha “

  14. “Are you listening to Jessie J’s price tag Lewis?”

  15. “and then I remembered it’s MCLAREN Mercedes and realized I’d signed the wrong frickin contract.”

    1. @mskii “some of these managers are frickin’ ridiculous!”

  16. Jenson: (grinning like a madman without saying a word)
    Lewsi: All good there, mate?
    Jenson: (keeps grinning like a madman without saying a word, getting creepy by now)
    Lewis: (shouting out loud) Ok, guys, who told him I’m moving to Mercedes?! It’s supposed to be a secret until Friday!

    1. I lol’d

  17. Lewis: “I’m going to Mercedes, Jenson.”
    Button: ” The team I left?! Hahaha!”

    …And then, the whole McLaren garage laugh out loud…

  18. lewis: jenson, this contact talks is getting me a bit distracted, make me laugh

    Jenson: haha, ok, well, a pussycat doll walks into a bar…

  19. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
    29th September 2012, 12:48

    Lewis: Hey JB, I’m really…you know…gonna miss you, I mean the real reason It didn’t work out with Nicole the first time was because…I have strong feelings for you…I guess what I’m saying is…*takes deep breathe* I love you JB and I’m leaving because I can’t handle seeing you with Jessica anymore, it’s tearing me apart inside.

  20. “You moved to a new team; gonna make hell a lot more money than me and yet, I can’t stop grinning mate. Why is that?”

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