Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2012

Caption Competition 21: Button and Hamilton

Caption CompetitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2012

What did Lewis Hamilton have to say to Jenson Button which prompted a wide grin from his team mate?

After three years together, McLaren’s ‘dream team’ will be broken up as Hamilton heads to Mercedes.

Since Jenson Button joined the team in 2010 the pair have been very closely matched. Hamilton has out-scored Button by the narrow margin of 609 points to 603. They’ve got six races left as team mates to sort that out.

Can you think of a good caption for the picture above? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments.

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  1. Lewis: “yes its true, there is a first for everything, Eddy Jordan was right all along!”

  2. Hamilton: ‘Then guess what he said! He said Nico and myself would be equals!’

  3. Button: “So, I can keep your stuff?”

  4. Jenson (speaking in Morgan Freeman’s voice): You’re leaving the fastest team on the grid, force the most successful driver in the history of the sport into retirement, take over his spot in a team that’s struggling to finish in the top 5… and you think you can accomplish what he couldn’t? Good luck.

  5. Button: See its me how got the last laugh
    Lewis :Maybe it’s because I’m black…

  6. Lewis : Look, JB, Me and Britney over there might be sharing a garage next year but that is ALL that we’ll be sharing so wipe that grin off your face.

  7. Jenson: First, I convince Massa and Maldanado that I’ll put in a good word for your seat a MacLaren. Then I sabotage your car for 3 seasons. And Jessica said you were too good of a driver for me to ruin. Just look what happened to my other teammates careers! The 5 bucks I won from the bet was totally worth it!! Hahahahahahahahhaahahah!

    Lewis: What a D*@&…..

  8. “……. so I jokingly said to Norbert “triple it and I’ll sign on the dotted line”. And he did!!”

  9. Lewis – “I should have a championship winning car at Mercedes next year”

  10. Heeeeeeere’s Jenson!

  11. Everyone thinks I am listen to music but I can actually breath through these headphones

  12. Lewis Hamilton: “Nicole says …”

  13. Marc Porras (@)
    29th September 2012, 15:25


  14. Lewis: “From Germany onwards your results have picked up again but mine have dropped off, apart from Hungary and Italy, where I won”
    Jenson: “Ha, you think that’s bad? Try moving to my old team of seven years!”

  15. Jenson: “At least when I had the points advantage I didn’t throw my car into the gravel and get a gearbox full of neutrals”

  16. Niki Lauda says “get rid of de bling man, yo man not girl”

  17. LH: “Well the truth is JB, I couldn’t stand to do anymore Santander adverts. That PR work just took up too much of my time.”

  18. JB: … so, I hear Nicole’s gotta a McLaren F1 and you don’t get to drive that either

    LH: … seriously

    JB: …Just kidding

  19. Jenson: So after you told us you weren’t gonna renew your contract here I heard Luca dM and Martin Whitmarsh talking and Luca said: “So, we’re having doubts about Perez. We want to replace Massa, but we think Sergio might still be too young and inexperienced,” and then Martin says: “Yeah, you’re probably right. The guy’s shown some potential and all but to be honest I think he’s a flash in the pan and his career won’t be going anywhere in the long term. Personally, I wouldn’t sign him, if I were you.”

  20. LH: Why is everyone laughing at me, I know it was a mistake leaving you guys?

    JB: NO NO, the boys in the garrage are having a bet about what will happen if you post Mercedes’s telemetry in twitter next year

    LH… and

    JB: …. being chased by Norbert’s 3 Alsatian on the streets of Stuttgart is winning, ofcourse I put my money there

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