Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2012

Caption Competition 21: Button and Hamilton

Caption CompetitionPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2012

What did Lewis Hamilton have to say to Jenson Button which prompted a wide grin from his team mate?

After three years together, McLaren’s ‘dream team’ will be broken up as Hamilton heads to Mercedes.

Since Jenson Button joined the team in 2010 the pair have been very closely matched. Hamilton has out-scored Button by the narrow margin of 609 points to 603. They’ve got six races left as team mates to sort that out.

Can you think of a good caption for the picture above? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments.

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  1. Jenson’s reaction to the following question:

    “Hey Jenson, you’re gonna let me take the win at Suzuka if you’re first and I’m second, right?”

  2. Button: “So McLaren have nurtured you for 14 years and you do this? At least when they let me test their F1 car in 1998 I wasn’t thinking of the PR…”

  3. Lewis: “You know Jenson, its a really weird thinking I will be fighting this team for wins next year…”

  4. HAM: So, I think I want to get the seat you left in Mercedes….
    BUT: Hahahaha, nice one! so you can win races! hilarious!… wait…you’re kidding… right?

  5. Button: You moved to Mercedes to get a leg up on the ’14 turbo motors that will never make it to the grid? Hahahaha …

  6. Jenson : yes,yes.Lewis fall into my little trap
    Lewis : what?
    Jenson : Oh,nothing

  7. Lewis: Jenson, you are a bit two-faced, aren’t you.

  8. Just when he thought the news couldn’t get any better, Jenson found out the 2014 engine rule changes been scrapped…

  9. Martin just wished me all the best, Jens.

  10. Jenson: hahhaha Bernie said the 2014 engines to be scrapped, good luck at Mercedes
    Hamilton: Shut uppp

  11. Lewis : i’m moving to Mercedes
    Jenson : no your not
    Lewis : i am
    Jenson : thanks mate now I can be no.1 driver

  12. Lewis: Whats so funny??
    Jenson: Its called the “last laugh”. They warned me “Its Lewis’ Team” when I signed up for McLaren… hahaha!!!

  13. Jenson: “So then Ross says, ‘Hey Jenson, why not drive for Mercedes when your contract expires!’ Does he think I’m an idiot?”
    Lewis: “…”

  14. Lewis, I have to tell you something on behalf of the whole team. We’re all sorry to see Nicole go.

  15. Jenson: Try not to fall asleep while stopped in the pits!

  16. JB : But I swear you said in that interview “I just want to win…”
    LH : Yeah I do.
    JB : But you’ve signed with Mercedes-Benz!!!
    LH : …and???
    JB : HAHAHA, dont you get it?. 2 1/2 seasons, 52 races, 1 win…You think you can work magic then, or that you can do what a 7 times World Champion couldn’t…

  17. Jenson: And I had the last laugh!

  18. Button: “Guess who fitted your gearbox”

  19. Hey Lewis, That’s my car you’ll be driving next year!

  20. LH: Just you frickin’ watch Jenson, when I work with Ross, we’ll make 2008 happen all over again!
    JB: That’s all good mate, but 3 points for the season won’t win you a championship!

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