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Hamilton on racing Rosberg: “He’s pretty easy… although he did push me off the track!”

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It’s rare to hear F1 drivers speak candidly about their rivals. But while being interviewed at the Paddock Club during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend Lewis Hamilton gave some frank views on who are his toughest adversaries on the track.

Speaking before his contract to drive for Mercedes alongside Nico Rosberg was announced, Hamilton described his 2013 team mate as “pretty easy” to race against.

“Although he did push me off the track in Bahrain this year,” he added.

Hamilton and Rosberg previously drove together in karts during 2000, when they both raced for Team (Mercedes-Benz McLaren).

Hamilton was less equivocal about some of his other rivals. He referred to Mark Webber, who Hamilton said “crashed into me a couple of years ago here, took me out of the race, so I have to be very careful when it came to him”.

He also admitted to taking extra care with Michael Schumacher, who “tried to put Rubens Barrichello in the wall a couple of years ago” in the 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix.

But Hamilton admitted it was a particularly thrill to take on Schumacher, who he is replacing at Mercedes next year: “The most exciting one is is if you ever have the opportunity to overtake Michael, you know, he’s a seven-time world champion, so if you get past him you think ‘wow, I just overtook a guy I was watching on TV while I was growing up’. That’s quite neat.”

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  1. Well, Lewis, we know your only friends are Sutil and Nico. Apparently Nico is no longer… Nearly everyone else thinks you are a spoiled child!

    1. Sutil isn’t either. Didn’t they break up last year, and Sutil called Hamilton a coward for changing his phone number?

      Whatever. :P

  2. I wonder if Don King has a stake in Lewis. Maybe we’ll see the F1 version of a ‘rope-a-dope’.

  3. What is a bit interesting is the fact that this interview took place before the announcement of LH’s move to Merc. But LH likely knew at the time that NR would be his teammate. Not saying anything for or against what he said about NR, because I found the interview light and general, but I do wonder what LH would have liked to have said had the cat already been out of the bag. Or if he would have worded it a little differently and not used the word ‘easy’ in case that made it sound like he was calling his future teammate down. Then again, assuming he already knew NR was going to be his teammate, perhaps he did choose that word particularly.

    I think LH and NR will make a great duo. NR didn’t get phazed by MS, nor will he by LH imho. I think it will only continue to make him a better driver, having another WDC as a teammate. Another great opportunity for NR to shine. I think, depending on the car of course, it might be like with MS in that we will be able to throw a blanket over these two most of the time, they will be that close. NR made a step this year by winning a race, but let’s face it sometimes the car wasn’t anywhere near that level. It’s been a roller coaster for them this year…everything from a win to dnf’s. And little that was very impressive in between.

    LH and NR both have their work cut out for them. Should be a blast to see because at this point, imho, it’s hard to imagine NR getting trounced by LH and I don’t think he will.

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