Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Fuji, 2007

Alonso says Hamilton is right to leave McLaren

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Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Fuji, 2007In the round-up: Fernando Alonso says Lewis Hamilton has made a “good change” by leaving McLaren.


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Alonso backs Hamilton switch (ESPN)

“For McLaren, [Alain] Prost was going out, [Ayrton] Senna; it was me, now it’s Lewis, and usually for a better life, for good change. McLaren is 14 years not winning the constructors’ championship, most of these years sometimes with the best car, so I’m sure Lewis wants to win as well.”

F1 comeback not to be as Michael Schumacher steps down again (The Guardian)

“Schumacher, in turn, suggested that Hamilton had played a part in the decision making process leading to his retirement. ‘I was in the picture when the negotiation was going on, but I didn’t want to decide; I was not sure,’ he said. ‘Sometimes in life your destiny will develop by itself, without any hard feelings and without any regrets. We all know Lewis is one of the best drivers we have around and I cross fingers that we will have a successful future.'”

No Future Plans Yet, Says Schumacher (Speed)

“There?s no more to say about this. I have options, obviously, and you know some of the options, but whatever that will be, we?ll decide when the time is there.”

Schumacher retirement ‘overdue’ (BBC)

Jackie Stewart: “His reputation has already been affected by his unsuccessful return to the sport,” Stewart told BBC Sport. People will applaud the decision as it should have happened a while ago.”

Lewis: Why I quit McLaren (The Sun)

“It was not about the offer. I had two offers on the table which were very, very similar. It was about Mercedes, a team which has not been that successful over the last couple of years but I know they want to win. Some of the greatest drivers have gone from a good car to not such a great car and have helped to develop a winning team.”

Now that the dust has settled… (The Buxton Blog)

“The wheels were certainly greased by Bernie and, via Bernie, Niki Lauda who we understand managed to convince Hamilton, when the Brit started to have doubts over the move, that it was in fact the right one by appealing to his emotions over his sensibilities. He was sold on the concept of taking the team and doing what the great Michael Schumacher could not. If Hamilton could turn Mercedes into a world championship winning outfit, his reputation and his standing would be immeasurable. He could do what Schumacher did at Ferrari. He could create something magical.”

Grosjean happy to support Raikkonen (Autosport)

“Until Spa we had fair racing, but from now on it’s logical. Kimi is fighting in front of the championship and I don’t have many hopes in terms of position. I could be seventh if I score good points, but Kimi is still at the front.”

FIA tightens up on wing testing (Sky)

“It is understood that all cars inspected at Suzuka on Thursday passed the new check, which is intended to pick up on backward rotation of the front wing about its horizontal axis.”

The Man Behind the Voice of Formula One (The New York Times)

Bob Constanduros: “It was very difficult [to be impartial], for example, in Austria in 2002 when Rubens Barrichello was asked to slow down for Michael Schumacher [to let his team mate win the race]. Because I was pretty incensed about that. But I did change. It was quite a difficult thing to come to terms with. Yes, I had to remember that I must not get involved, just ask straight questions.”


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@Ajokay hopes Schumacher will race on despite leaving F1:

I do hope he doesn?t disappear like last time (aside from the odd sporadic motorcycle race). He?s clearly still incredibly able and fast enough.

There are guys out there 20 years older than him racing and winning in LMP and GT cars. He could (and should) easily become a sportscar legend.

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On this day in F1

The last United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen was held on this day in 1980.

Bruno Giacomelli led until an electrical failure sidelined his Alfa Romeo on the 32nd lap. That left the new world champion Alan Jones to end his season with a win.

Team mate Carlos Reutemann made it a Williams one-two ahead of Didier Pironi, in his last race for Ligier.

F1 never returned to Watkins Glen and the circuit reportedly never paid the fee for this last race, having run into financial problems:

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