Raikkonen says he had no room to avoid Alonso

2012 Japanese Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Suzuka, 2012Fernando Alonso questioned Kimi Raikkonen’s driving after the pair tangled at the first corner of the Japanese Grand Prix, putting Alonso out.

“Well I had no space,” said Alonso about the collision. “On the right I have Button, I think, on the left I have Kimi. And I don’t understand why Kimi didn’t lift off or anything because it was not any room.

“I don’t know what Kimi’s idea was for the first corner but it’s the way it is and this time it was bad luck for us.”

Raikkonen said he didn’t have any room to avoid a clash with Alonso: “I was on the left-hand side all the way since the very beginning of the start. And he kept coming left more and more.

“I tried to go more left but I have nowhere to go they all came on my side, touched my front wing and I couldn’t go anywhere else.”

Alonso’s retirement allowed Sebastian Vettel to reduce the gap between them at the top of the championship table to four points.

Asked what effect his retirement has one the championship Alonso said: “Nothing really. I think one time I will retire. Maybe next time Vettel will retire, you never know, this is motor sport.

“It’s five races to go, it will be like a mini-championship let’s say because we start with the same points and we need to score one more point in five races than the others so we will try to do.”

2012 Japanese Grand Prix

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70 comments on Raikkonen says he had no room to avoid Alonso

  1. Lift off said on 7th October 2012, 22:18

    Alonso shows that he can abandon a race but never fails to deliver the ridiculous line: ´´I was there, why Kimi didn´t lift off?´´
    I have to say that I really wanted to laugh out loud reading such a preposterous statement, but sadly enough Alonso did this kind of stuff so many times that it is not funny anymore. It is just sad.

  2. AlonsoSucksBalls said on 7th October 2012, 23:12

    Definitely Alonso’s fault. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t even investigated. Imagine if Kimi went off track ala the same incident involving Alonso/Vettel in Monza, I bet the stewards wouldn’t even look at it, let alone penalise Alonso for it! Total unfairness in the FIA he should’ve been given 5 place grid penalty for Korea. Just unbelievable.

  3. Roger Camp (@rogercamp) said on 7th October 2012, 23:23

    It’s another Alonso’s pathetic complaint. What’s the matter with this guy. Doesn’t he recognize himself as a crying baby. I bet we’re going to see some more of this yet this season, the question is “who’s the next victim?”.

  4. you people are full of cr@p u dont know what u talking about. KIMI IS AT FAULT – HE WAS WAY BEHIND! when you and i have a car crash if you are hit form behind you are in the right the car that hits you is at fault. Same here. why dont u use your brains. Alonso was way ahead otherwise kimi would not have hit his left rear tyre and broke off his tiny piece of front wing!! Jezzz you in england know ZERO about F1 in fact 90% of you couldnt bloody drive a car on the motorway. Also why dont u start assessing the fact that 2 renault cars have potentially intentionally taken out alonso twice and the other vettel’s rivals in hamilton and today webber. What about Renault trying to hand the championship to Vettel by allowing the lotus renault to crash into the rivals? Anyway in Korea you will see Alonso will be back and Vettel who can only win when he is way in front on his own hopefully will not even get a podium.

    • Kimi4WDC said on 8th October 2012, 2:09

      Alonso pushed Raikkonen to the edge and the grass (already at this point, whole Ferrari crew and Alonso would have been crying out to FIA if it was them), while having more than enough room inside. They all lift the throttle in turn 1. Cause Alonso pushed Kimi to the white line, Kimi could not afford to break or he would went out. Alonso brought this situation on himself.

    • sepulhead said on 8th October 2012, 7:43

      alonso was driving into kimi line its like changing lane at the motorway if you are half a car length ahead of someone and you changed lanes its youre fault. kimi did an amazing job of avoiding the unavoideble becouse it could have been like kobayashi- hamillton at spa.

  5. erix said on 8th October 2012, 7:20

    It was like Senna vs Prost also in Suzuka, they both world champion and fighting for the world championship. Enough said.

  6. Psi (@psi) said on 8th October 2012, 10:42

    Is there anyone objective in this post or everyone supports it’s own team/driver and tries to support his word? I mean, see the replays four,five,ten times and the post something. Not by memory and likings. That’s the beauty of the sport. Even if the drivers you support crash each other, you can still enjoy the race.

  7. This incident was as much Alonso`s doing as it was Kimi`s. Alonso had room on his right side but went left to take the best line through the corner. Raikkonen had already been squeezed onto the grass and had nowhere to go. He couldn`t even brake properly as he was half-way on the grass, if he had braked harder he might have spun back onto the track.

    In hindsight everything could have been different if both drivers had known what the other was going to do. If Raikkonen had known that Alonso was going left he would have braked earlier and would not have been there. Alonso would not have gone as far left if he had known Raikkonen was going for it. They didn`t know, and when Raikkonen was on the grass it was too late, he couldn`t brake properly and Alonso couldn`t get away. I was actually impressed that we only had light contact, if it had been another driver than Raikkonen we would probably have seen a heavy contact.

    Disappointet by alonso`s reaction though. I can understand his disappointment, but there was no need for sour grapes this time around. I would have understood if Alonso had done this to a younger less experienced driver for tactical reasons. He might very well have scared one of the young and inexperienced drivers from contesting him into the first corner. Then his whining would have had some purpose. But this is Raikkonen, he`s not going to care at all. He has probably forgotten it allready. Raikkonen has had his fair share of people crashing into him himself (even in pit-lane). But he never made it into a big deal as he knows it`s not going to change anything at all. You`re out of the race with 0 points, no complaining is going to change that. so why bother.

  8. no matters how fault it was.alonso is a really bad loser! and vettel gonna win it all! i hope so.or i going for kimi! so stop blaming kimi for that!! blame alonso!! he is so jumpy right now. thank you.pay

  9. Forrest (@forrestc3) said on 16th January 2013, 19:23

    After watching this I don’t know how anyone could even pretend to think it was Kimi’s fault.

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