Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber, Suzuka, 2012

Rate the race: 2012 Japanese Grand Prix

2012 Japanese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber, Suzuka, 2012What did you think of the Japanese Grand Prix? Share your verdict on today’s race.

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201 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Japanese Grand Prix”

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  1. YES BABY!

    1. and Christian Horner with a small cotrolled laugh saying well done. Boring cocktail, and feels like deja vu. I really like vettel as a person, but for some reason I donĀ“t want him to win.

      1. Horner: “you have won the Japanese Grand Prix” ;)

      2. My wife said it well. “Given a choice, I’d rather see Vettel win than Alonso, but I wish there was another option.”

    2. Webbo just called Grosjean the “first lap Nutcase” so this is officially a 10/10. I know that it was after the race but I’m laughing so hard it just has to be.

      1. Webber said Grosjean needs another holiday ( another race ban)

        1. TheGreatWanderer
          7th October 2012, 9:38

          On the eve of grosjean’s return at singapore, and having qualified close to webber, I remember webber”s words to be something like … “I know he will be behave, because he knows that if he doesnt Im going to kick him around…”

          so, where’s all the action u promised webber???

          1. I thought he said something like: he better be wearing his running shoes.

      2. Ken (@myxomatosis)
        7th October 2012, 10:08

        I can only imagine the response if Hamilton had been the driver who called him that. The internet would possibly collapse under all the vitriol.

        1. There would have been a whole online article for that

        2. Daily Mail would have dedicated a whole 8-page pull-out.

        3. so right ken you hit the nail on the head!, thats why lewis does not say a lot anymore!, he lets his driving do the talking, when the car is ok [that is no too often] these days, sooner he gets to mercedes the better,and away from crafty sly button !!!!

    3. “Yes Baby”, a deserved result but a race ruined by 1st. cnr accidents. Winning from Massa by 20 seconds means a parade not a race.

  2. 4/10. Some chaos at the start and a few nice battles, as well as interesting podium, but not much happened.

    1. 4/10 indeed. Vettel makes Suzuka boring.

      So happy for Kamui, though! :D

      1. Boring. The only ones giving this race a good rate are vettel’s fans. With perez and alonso out , the race lost two drivers that might have challenge vettel for the win. There weren’t many overtaking and the track does not help either. I wonder why kimi wasn’t even investigated?? He could have and should have avoided puncturing alonso’s tires but he didn’t do that. Instead he screw his qualifying run yesterday and his race today. About grosjean 8 crashed/hits in the first lap out of the 15 races

        1. I’m sorry but even if Alonso stayed in the race I really couldn’t see him challenging Seb for victory, I’m pretty sure only Webbo could have done that today.

        2. *sigh*
          How was that any different to Spa? One driver cutting across the other at the start, leaving no room and forcing them onto the grass. If this was Raikkonens fault, I presume you think that Spa was Hamiltons?

    2. I loved the battle between Rosberg and Senna, and Button – Kobayashi too. Ricciardo nicely defending from Schumacher too. It was a bit of a slow start (after the start itself), but got off to a nice end

      1. Yeah there were some nice battles, and the Kimi/Lewis overtake was great, with the pitstop leading up to it being fast enough to allow it, Kimi reacting really well keep both in the race. Great to see Massa and Kobayashi doing such a good race and ending on the podium. But not a fight for win in sight; sorry Vettel, but that way races you win are amazing, but a bit less exciting to be watching.

        1. TheGreatWanderer
          7th October 2012, 9:43

          Kimi reacting really well keep both in the race

          Sometimes, I wonder if Kimi is too nice on track! ;-)

          He might have been a tad more aggressive in Bahrain, Hungary and Valencia. But then, maybe that is what seperates him from crash-jean!

        2. There was nothing Kimi could do, Hamilton handled it well and didn’t try to go wide, which kept both of them on track. For Kimi, attempting to go round the outside, was asking for disaster.

          1. It was great driving from Kimi. I think in other circumstances he would have kept his foot in, but the thought of tangling and flying through the air upside down towards the barriers probably took over. Brave stuff from them both.

          2. I can’t find on-board start from Kimi, but after looking at different pics, it was very close between Massa and himself in2-3rd corner, Massa pushed Kimi wide. Action :)

  3. More heroic drives in a single grand prix than any other this season I reckon. 4 at least.

  4. Nobody bothering VET but some good action behind him.

    Well, good old Massa, Good old Grosjean…

  5. As delighted as I am for Kobayashi, the second half of that race was depressing to watch. I’ll give it a 5 for an entertaining first half.

  6. I think it was pretty standard F1 race, exciting start,& a few battles down the order. Felt really bad for Grosoen, I did,nt think he deseved a penalty for his incident.

    1. Are you joking?? That was an obvious driver error and a well deserved penalty.

  7. reddevilandy10
    7th October 2012, 8:38


    Pretty disappointing for waking up at 6am to watch Alonso out at turn one, and Vettel romp away like it’s 2011 all over again. Otherwise, great results for Felipe and Kamui. Both stand out drives today!

  8. I’m over the moon for Massa & Kobayashi, just what they needed!
    Shame for Lewis, was hoping that he would revive his championship chances this race, maybe, just maybe he’ll pull something back in Korea.

    1. I doubt that considering the typical McLaren syndrome, which is screwing things when things are really in need. Also it seems Mr Newey has found another rabbit in the hat too.

      1. After the race Whitmarsh said HAM did well considering the setup issues and how hard it is this year to predict good set up – meaning their simulations are what they need to get it right, and they are not always good enough this year. Seems at the weekend itself McLaren are a bit sub-par on set up without them though, nowadays. In some way more worrying than Ferrari’s troubles with wind tunnel – at least they have Toyota’s tunnel as a workaround.

  9. Love the result (Vettel Grand Slam, Kobayash podium), but the race wasn’t that exciting excpt for fits and bursts, like the start, Button’s late charge, the brief Kimi/Lewis fight and Perez’s great pass then brainfade moment. 6.5/10

    1. And loved seeing Massa finally get a decent podium too.

    2. Is it now the time to hail the greatest of the greatest in F1 history? Well, VET is untouchable and the youngest everything? lol.

      1. Well, given that WEB was coming along with him until that first corner, I feel that it is valid to think that the car has something to do with it too. But VET getting the most out of it when it is, that is impressive nonetheless.

      2. Personally I derive about as much pleasure watching Vettel cruise to victory as I would watching a 10 year old playing F1 2012 on a playstation.

        Clearly it was too much to hope that for the first time since 2009 we would have a worthy WDC .

        When Vettel inevitably becomes a 3 x WDC he will not only be the youngest, he will be the poorest. By far.

        1. I honestly do not understand how you cannot appreciate just how brilliant and indeed deserving Vettel truly is.
          It’s early days but Vettel is shaping up to be one of the all time greats. He’s got nothing to prove – he can do it all. The only area of improvement I can think of that is left for Vettel is maturity – and that’s hardly a crime at the age of 25!
          He’s been runner-up once and is within striking distance of a third WDC – again, 25 years old! Please just put that in perspective. Especially considering the strength of competition he is facing. Far in excess of the level of competition Schuey had to face.

          Now please explain what you mean by poorest? It just doesn’t add up…

      3. He’s not quite Shumacher yet so we’ll see

    3. The Perez and Hamilton moments were great especially considering the recent developments. Round one, Perez catches Lewis sleeping with his door wide open. Lovely opportunistic pass.

      But why on earth did Perez think Hamilton would fall for that one again? Awesome positioning by Lewis – but also awesome avoidance by Sergio. That could have gone wrong for both. Alas, Sergio was totally committed. A nice little lesson from Lewis there anyway and one I’m sure Sergio will take away and not make the same mistake again.

      Maybe a microcosm of what’s to come? Sergio gains an advantage early in the season but Lewis comes back and shows him how its done…

  10. Is it just me or has F1 been on a streak of dull races recently?

    1. I fear the first part of the season may have spoiled us all…

    2. It looks like it. And there’s always a Paul Hembery to thank for that. It was bound to happen though. As the season progressed everyone managed to understand the tyre performance parameters and fully capitalize on the packages they have for 2012. The rubber thus became more conservative and less surprising for everyone…

      And to be honest, I think except for the US Grand Prix which is a bit of an unknown territory and the Brazilian GP – which is always exciting, the remaining 3 races of the season will be just as boring…

      1. yes well then just make the compound selection softer. what if we had the softs and mediums in japan. that would have created some different strategies.

    3. @kingshark, seeing different cars out front and even winning provided artificial excitement early in the year, now we expect the saubers, Williams, Force I, to be mixing it with the top 3 the novelty has gone.

  11. Cannot remember the last time i was so elated at the podium result, felipe and kamui, incredible!!

    1. I totally agree! Very emotional to watch two drivers battle for their seats.

  12. It wasn’t a terribly exciting race, but I rated it a 10 because if the result!

    1. It’s rate the race, not the result.

      1. @kingshark – yes, I am we’ll aware of that, it was implied in the comment. I rated it by how mucho enjoyed the race, and I enjoyed it very much.

        1. ..and also, that result also means that the championship battle is now much closer, another reason why the race is better.

          1. Nay, the championship battle is now too close, which is why the results suck pretty much.

  13. -1 for Alonso’s retirement.

    1. @eggry – Alonso’s had his Valencia now!

      1. He had it in Belgium, and he wasn’t exactly lucky in Canada nor Italy qualifying either. :/

        1. @kingshark – Vettel wasn’t exactly lucky in Italy or Malaysia either, it’s pretty much balanced (if not luck has still been slightly on Alonso’s side).

          1. If we’re having a misfortune-off, Hamilton would win by miles. Actually, scrap that- McLaren would probably find some way to lose that for him too.

          2. @vettel1 Malaysia had nothing to do with luck… it was Vettel’s fault for being over aggressive with a backmarker.

          3. @Todfod LOL. No, just no.

            Karthikeyan got ‘pushed off’ the track by Hamilton and instead of waiting for the faster train of cars to pass him Karthikeyan just rejoins the track and continues on the racing line with half the racing speed. Then, to make matters worse, he moves behind Vettel (for God knows what) too early and cuts Vettel’s rear left tyre.
            That is why Karthikeyan got the penalty and why Karthikeyan admitted being at fault.
            This “It was Vettel’s fault” is ridiculous. It’s the same as Hamilton vs. Maldonado in Valencia. karthikeyan had no right being there. When a driver is off track he must rejoin the track without creating a dangerous situation. Karthikeyan made a moron move there.

          4. @todfod
            On that basis you can blame everyone in every incident.
            Webber could just have been faster through T2 and Grosjean wouldn’t have knocked him around. So its his fault for being too slow.

          5. davidnotcoulthard
            7th October 2012, 13:22


            Somebody posted here a link to a video that seems to say otherwise. Perhaps Keith will re-post it here.

      2. that was hardly a Valencia. He didn’t throw 25 points away. That was 10 points at best. Nor did he give Seb any extra points (+7 for Alonso in Valencia)

      3. not really his Valencia, he was the one to squeeze RAI onto the grass, caused his puncture, so he took himself out in a way.

        1. davidnotcoulthard
          7th October 2012, 13:24

          So it was his version of Vettel’s Sepang?

    2. The only good thing of Alonso’s retirement is that Kamui could finished in third.

      1. And Massa could get a podium. It was Vergne I believe who held up both Kobayashi and Button and gave Massa opportunity to increase the gap.

    3. This is what the article says:

      Please vote based on how entertaining and exciting you thought the race was, not on how your preferred driver or team performed.

      1. @andae23 I read it. or Should I say Alonso’s retirement is not disappointing or good for the championship? I gave 9/10 which is not so often and means I enjoyed except that.

  14. so boring tuned out after 10 laps

  15. Almost a procession. Except for the start and some battles here and there, Button closing in on Koba and Schumacher and Webber’s progression through the field, nothing much to see.

    However, this podium along with the one in Valencia have made the season for me. Worth waking up on a Sunday morning. 6/10.

    1. Fell asleep after the 20th lap.

      1. +1 Theo1
        (tho i did manage to stay awake, it was a dull race)
        3/10 (yawn factor 9.8/10) :(

  16. Gets 8 for the cinematic battle for third.

    Also whoeverr said yesterday, “release the grosjean,” wins something. Thoughit was kimi who fit the hit on Alonso grosjean didn’t miss out on some action.

    1. it was me, it was me. hahaha. damn, now alonso’s future is looking really bad.

      1. @naylamp Quality comment yesterday then!

      2. Multiple people mentioned Gro would take Vet out.. well he got Webber instead..so close enough.. I guessed he’d more likely take out Ham or Alonso if they had a good start..

    2. Good that Grosjean wanted to make the championship more interesting, but the idiot took out the wrong Red Bull!

      1. embarrassing comment…

        1. by grosjean standard its just a minor incident only took out one car this time…because he usually takes 2-3 out in the first lap

          1. HAHAHA!
            So true

  17. I Would give the first half a 7/10 and the first half 3/10 so overall 5/10

    1. davidnotcoulthard
      7th October 2012, 13:27

      And the 2nd half 3/10?

      1. I make that 4/10 then :)

        1. There is only THREE types of F1Fanatics – those that can count and those that can’t ……..

  18. Laps 1-20 8/10, laps 21-44 1/10, laps 45-53 a very nervous 10/10. I’ve averaged that out to a 6. The long slog in the middle was a real bore, But as Keith said on twitter, just watching the cars on this track is a joy to watch. I’m completely overjoyed with Kamui’s podium though. Those last few laps were unbearable.

    1. Pretty much agree with that view, I think I will give a 7 for it because of the podium

  19. Sorry guys, I always try to be neutral and rate the race based on how entertaining it was, but I have to make an exception for it today. I rated it a 10, and I’m too excited to care about it. As a die-hard Kamui fan, I must say I have never, ever been so happy with a race result. After the first round of pit stops the race was so tense to me it was almost unbearable, the last 15 laps being pure agony, hoping the lap counter would run faster (and of course my anxiety turned those last few laps into a whole endurance race in my head). Trying not to wake my parents at the last lap (race ended at 4:30am here) out of sheer delight was the hardest part though!

    So please, I hope you guys don’t mind me skewing the poll results a little bit! :P

    1. @guilherme You’re forgiven :)

      Brilliant timing to get a first career podium!

    2. You are forgiven indeed, KK was the only reason I managed to stay awake tbh.
      Very well done indeed, he was the only reason I gave it 3/10, otherwise it would’ve been a 1.
      Surprisingly dull race for Suzuka, a track that i’m sure you all love as much as me.

  20. 6/10 for me.
    No battles up front and very few in the midfield pack. I was happy that Riccardo held off Schumacher to get a point for dragging that Toro Rosso up in to the top 10 for the 2nd race in a row (3 if his car didn’t fail at Monza), so i think his race quality is starting to shine through.
    Yet again Grosjean ruins the races of front runners; Webber, Rosberg and Perez to an extent. If Vettel was once dubbed the ‘Crash Kid’ surely Grosjean has the be the ‘Crash Prodigy’.
    A good positive was that Kamui got his first podium in his home race. Hoping for a closer fight at Korea but i think Red Bull Might be on top of things, especially with their new ‘double DRS’.

    1. The punters will surely be taking future bets on who’s next in line.. to be Grosjean’d..

      1. haha defiantly, teams will have to run different qualifying strategies to make sure their not near him on the grid.

    2. Yet again Grosjean ruins the races of front runners; Webber, Rosberg and Perez to an extent.

      You mean just Webber. Senna was the one who planted his front wing into Rosberg and Perez ruined his own race. :)

      1. But if Webber had not been spun by Grosjean, i doubt senna would have hit Rosberg because Nico was slowing sown not to hit Webber, but i see what your trying to say. It’s just the ongoing effects of Grosjean poor driving.
        Also if no contact was made, Perez would have stayed in a higher place and might of had a different race, but you’re right in the fact that Perez did end up ruining his race anyway. :)

    3. davidnotcoulthard
      7th October 2012, 13:31

      Nope, Grosjean’s the Crash Ace (as in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A)

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