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Vote for your Japanese GP driver of the weekend 8th October 2012, 13:35

Compare all the drivers’ performances and vote for who you think was the best driver of the Japanese Grand Prix weekend.

Other drivers cost Alonso 30 points – Montezemolo

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo blames “mistakes from others at Spa and again at Suzuka” for Fernando Alonso’s reduced championship lead.

Kobayashi feels like a real F1 driver after podium

“I’ve always felt that if you ever want to look back and regard yourself as a Formula One driver, you have to have been on the podium at least once.”

Vettel achieves his second perfect result

Sebastian Vettel dominated the Japanese Grand Prix, scoring a perfect result for the second time in his F1 career. Here’s the stats and facts from the race.

Double DRS boosts Red Bull’s speed at Suzuka

In the round-up: Red Bull use Double DRS at Suzuka ?σΤιΌ?σ Ferrari tipped to retain Massa after podium ?σΤιΌ?σ Grosjean apologises to Webber

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