Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Korea International Circuit, 2012

Grosjean focused on a “clean getaway” in Korea

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Romain Grosjean, Lotus, Korea International Circuit, 2012In the round-up: Romain Grosjean says his priority in the Korean Grand Prix is making a clean start.


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Saturday in Korea ?ǣ Romain?s Perspective (Lotus)

“There will be a lot of attention on my start tomorrow and I think some drivers may try to put pressure on me as they know I?ll be focusing on making a clean getaway, but I know my objectives and I think we?re capable of a good result.”

McLaren wary of Webber ‘riding shotgun’ for Vettel (Reuters)

“Asked whether he expected Webber to ‘ride shotgun’ for the German, allowing Vettel to pass and build up an advantage while keeping others behind him, McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh said [he] doubted it. ‘I don’t think he will, do you?’, said Whitmarsh. Button, sitting on a stool alongside, nodded vigorously to the assembled reporters. ‘I do,’ said the driver.”

Senna: Missing practice caused Q1 exit (Autosport)

“It’s a typical result of losing the first session on Friday, then having an OK second session but a bad third session with technical problems.”

Rosberg: Lewis quick but I’m ready (The Telegraph)

“Despite totally different upbringings ?ǣ Rosberg?s the privileged childhood in Monaco, Hamilton?s the council estate in Stevenage ?ǣ the Briton used to be invited to play on the yacht of Rosberg?s father, 1982 world champion Keke.”

Red Bull RB8 – double-DRS rear wing (F1)

“Technical chief Adrian Newey has reinterpreted the thinking behind Mercedes’ F-duct front wing, but with a much simpler system.”

Fernando Alonso: “We seem to be a little bit more competitive…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“I was thinking it would be a little bit worse to be honest, because we were sixth and 11th in Suzuka, we have exactly the same car, and we are fourth and sixth here, so it?s something that?s a little bit better, and we seem to be a little bit more competitive, also on the long run yesterday.”

Whitmarsh Q&A (Sky)

“Qualifying is very important. We now have to get hold of Sergio and develop him. At 22, he is still a very, very young driver. He is very smart, but he is very raw – he hasn’t had the grooming that Lewis had at this point in his career. So we will see when we get hold of him and see if we can help him realise his potential.”

Hamilton undecided on race plan (BBC)

“I want to beat Sebastian. I want to beat Fernando. I want to try to close that gap up. But [Red Bull] are so fast this weekend.”


How Safety Has Killed Great Racetrack Design (Car and Driver)

“The FIA and F1 perceive that if they dictated every aspect regarding safety, their liability might be greater in the event of a tragedy. And so we see the sort of repetition of approved corners and track characteristics that now clutters the racing calendar.”


Comment of the day

@Enigma is looking forward to today’s race:

In a way the championship is more interesting now it?s two drivers so close. There?s plenty of interesting battles coming up at the start and Korea has what is probably the best first sector in terms of race starts ?ǣ as we?d seen last year with many great battles on the opening lap.

Then there?s the battle for the win ?ǣ Red Bulls up against each other, and as many as three other teams potentially being as fast as Red Bull on race pace. Add to that the chance of someone doing what Grosjean and Perez did in Montreal and we?ve got a great race coming up.

I think as many as the top seven could have a chance of winning tomorrow, and I wouldn?t completely rule out drivers starting in 11th, 12th and 13th neither. Can?t wait!

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Engine supplier Asiatech announced its withdrawal from Formula 1 ten years ago today, having briefly considered becoming a full constructor.

Asiatech supplied engines based on units developed by Peugeot to Arrows in 2001 and Minardi the following year.

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