Rate the race: 2012 Korean Grand Prix

2012 Korean Grand Prix

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2012 Korean Grand Prix

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214 comments on Rate the race: 2012 Korean Grand Prix

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  1. Traverse Mark Senior (@) said on 14th October 2012, 8:42

    I think Hamilton is hoping that the grass is greener at Mercedes :P

  2. Brace (@brace) said on 14th October 2012, 8:42

    Well, that was a let down.

    • Agreed!
      It´s quite ironic that such a brilliant driver can create such boring races.

      • jsmith944 (@jsmith944) said on 14th October 2012, 12:48

        Rather like Schumacher when he was at his best.

      • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 14th October 2012, 13:18

        @testacorse Assuming you mean Vettel, I don’t think it’s just down to him, unless you only care about P1. The rest of the field largely did nothing exciting and they had cars in front of them!

        • @jsmith944 yeah, it reminds me of Schumacher hey-day too. Biggest difference for me is that I wanted Schumacher to win back then :)
          And there is just no variation in the way it´s done. Vettel takes the lead and controls the race to the finish. Drives across the line, and the team radio with Hohner goes: well done Seb, well done (with a little grin in his voice), and Vettel goes woo-hoo. It´s deja at it´s worst for me, and for the third time in a row now.
          @andrewtanner I know what you mean, but I definately prefer a fight over first place, especially when so much is on the line for the followers of f1. Today we lost the 4 way battle for the driver championship, and instead it´s turned into a two horse race. Furthermore… the guy leading has won the last too championships and has the strongest car in the field.
          I was hoping for something else for a season finale to be honest!

    • pSynrg (@psynrg) said on 14th October 2012, 8:51

      Accurate summary.

  3. magon4 (@magon4) said on 14th October 2012, 8:43

    At least 3,4 good moments in a dull race.

  4. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 14th October 2012, 8:43

    4/10, snoozefest. Toro Rosso were the only shine of bright light in this very dull race.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 14th October 2012, 9:23

      I liked the move from Hulk to get past HAM and GRO too

      • Beto (@chebeto0) said on 14th October 2012, 17:06

        Agreed. With both. That was good. But other than that: *snore*.

        Although I did find the fight of Perez from the back to the points after the pitlane disaster very interesting, but I’m a Perez fan, so I don’t want to be biased in the overall rating of the race. So 4/10

  5. Antranik (@antranik) said on 14th October 2012, 8:43

    The most boring race this year. Hamilton vs Raikkonen battle was the only entertaining part.


  6. Melchior (@melchior) said on 14th October 2012, 8:46


  7. Sankalp Sharma said on 14th October 2012, 8:47


    Brundle: “Fernando is slower than you”, about Massa!

    Loved the final corner scrap between Hamilton and Perez.

    • Sviatoslav Andrushko (@) said on 14th October 2012, 9:10

      Apparently, Fernando tried to save his tyres in order to attempt to assault Webber. At the end of the race Felipe lost some time to Alonso.

    • claudioff (@claudioff) said on 14th October 2012, 9:11

      The actual quote by Rob Smedley “Back off” is much better.

      • Sankalp Sharma said on 14th October 2012, 9:17

        I’m not sure how the “saving-the-tyres” was actually working for him. An assault earlier in the final stint would have been more pragmatic.

        • he was 6.3 sec more than felipe in the end so yes it works…he was just saving tyres…

          • necrodethmortem (@necrodethmortem) said on 14th October 2012, 16:35

            But that’s because Massa had to back off for the last 15-20 laps…

          • yh they were in different phases.

            but remember vettel was told ‘no need to worry about mark’

            so red bull were clearly playing team orders too(also lap one was let seb through then get beside him so no one else can). which tho frustrating is expected at this stage of the season

          • @necrodethmortem
            back off 6.3 sec ?? No for sure, thats because Massa had no tyres in the end…in the back off time he was 1.5 -1.8 constantly to Alonso.
            But for sure Massa was very fast this race but no help at all to Alonso…it will be helpful if he will beat vettel in the remain races…just wait and see

          • necrodethmortem (@necrodethmortem) said on 14th October 2012, 22:29

            @fanser The point is that if Massa would’ve been allowed to pass Alonso, he would’ve gotten several seconds ahead of him with his pace, probably more than the 6 he lost at the end, ergo saving tyres was slower.

            I think Alonso had Canada still in the back of his mind or something, didn’t go that way this time around.

          • Maybe you are right but in the situation that Ferrari is was too risky to let them fight…and i don’t think Massa would have passed Webber. But the performance of Massa was strong i hope he repeat that in the remain 4 races

  8. Girts (@girts) said on 14th October 2012, 8:47

    Not the best race of the year. No battle for the lead, not many non-DRS passes, Hamilton and Raikkonen practically out of the fight for the DWC and team orders at Ferrari.

  9. Matty No 2 (@mattynotwo) said on 14th October 2012, 8:47

    I thought it was ok, had some battles down the order. 5

  10. David-A (@david-a) said on 14th October 2012, 8:47

    5/10 , nothing to shout about, even though Red Bull tried to make it more nerve-wracking.

    • yh that radio stuff was slightly insulting to our intelligence. more worrying was how some of the press people on twitter actually believed it.

      all you had to do was look at lap times and his tyres to see all was fine.

  11. Ed Marques (@edmarques) said on 14th October 2012, 8:48

    How a track like this is on the calendar?

  12. magon4 (@magon4) said on 14th October 2012, 8:50

    First 1-2 of the season, really?

  13. zicasso (@zicasso) said on 14th October 2012, 8:51

    6 for me. Not terribly bad. In the race amongst teams McLaren are the poorest of all. I don’t get their philosophy if they have one.

  14. Osvaldas31 (@osvaldas31) said on 14th October 2012, 8:51

    5/10. Quite boring. Now it’s two horse race in the championship. “I’m faster than Fernando” – loved that.

    • Mitori said on 14th October 2012, 11:55

      ‘120 points extra and I’m competing again!’ ;-)

    • he was faster but 6.3 sec behind in the end ???? sound strange to you or not??? suppose(buy using mathematical implications) that he was fatser then Alonso mathematical implications says that in the end he would be less then 2 sec to fernando but not he was 6. Suppose now (by the same way using mathmatical implications) that fernando was saving tyres in the end he should be more then 5 sec to felipe and yes was 6.3 seconds.
      Which is the right mathematical implications to use…one is faster or the other saving tyres? i got my personal answer

  15. Lachie (@lachie) said on 14th October 2012, 8:51

    Any semblance of an interesting race was lost as soon as Vettel made the it through the first corner first. That was obvious before the race, obvious in about 30 races of the last 3 years and anyone who thought otherwise was kidding themselves.

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