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Montezemolo denies reports Vettel will join Ferrari

2012 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Korea, 2012Luca di Montezemolo has played down the prospect of Sebastian Vettel joining Ferrari in 2014, saying he doesn’t want “two roosters” at the team.

“Today the problem is not with drivers,” Montezemolo told Italian radio station Rai.

“2013 is still to come but I don’t want to have two roosters in the same hen house, rather two drivers who race for Ferrari and not for themselves.

“I don’t want problems and rivalries, which we didn’t have between Schumacher and Irvine, between Schumacher and Barrichello, between Alonso and Massa or Massa and Schumi or Massa and Raikkonen.”

Montezemolo also denied claims his team would poach Red Bull’s star chief technical officer Adrian Newey: “I can say that he is very good at his job but we also managed to win eight constructors’ titles in the last 13 championships without him: I have huge faith in our own engineers.”

Korea saw Ferrari move up to second in the constructors’ championship but Fernando Alonso lost the lead of the drivers’ championship to Vettel. Montezemolo said improving the team’s performance on Saturdays is key to their chances in the final races:

“We are a few tenths off the pace of the best, above all in qualifying. We must try to have a front-row car because otherwise, starting further back, it makes life much harder and you are at greater risk of getting caught up in accidents. To have a quicker car we must work day and night in a methodical and determined fashion.”

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  1. I may be alone on this matter, but the 2014 engine regs will be V6 turbocharged engines, and Renault will make their own V6 turbo unit as well.
    As the most successful Renault team, I’d expect red Bull to have some input into the engine characteristics they’d like.
    And anyway, who’s to say that the 2014 ferrari will be a brilliant car?
    And if the engine is brilliant, Red Bull proved in 2009 that it is possible to win in a relatively underpowered car due to aerodynamic sophistication.
    (I think that the loss of refuelling effectively equalised the difference in power between the Ferrari/Mercedes and Renault engines, as the Renault engines have better fuel economy.)

  2. The BBC has made a bit of an ass of itself today over this story. I woke to the blaze of the headline, “Ferrari prepare for Vettel’s arrival”. The headline has changed 4 times throughout the day and ended up, “Vettel Might join Ferrari in 2014. I wrote first thing today how ridiculous a story this was (http://wp.me/p2HWOP-bq ) and James Allen has just posted a piece that quotes the infamous ‘horse whisperer’ (a mysterious Ferrari insider who speaks rarely) who was forced to break silence to speak on the matter. (http://connect.jamesallenonf1.com/jaonf1/).

    Its a non-story as well as a wrong story for anyone who knows Ferrari history. They have had a plethora of pre-contracts/understandings that have never come to fruition. The best known Alan Jones in 1978, who was signed, arrived in Italy only to be told they’d since signed Gilles Villeneuve. Jones went to Williams and won the WDC.

  3. Must admit, I’ve got a secret hankering for Newey to join Sauber…

  4. As long as LdM involved in Ferrari F1 business, they are not going to win Championships, this guy is just full of it, too much bad karma.

    He should have completely retired as he was planning long time ago, instead his “Berlusconi”-fobia is just an embarrassment.

  5. So Felipe Massa is now a hen? Inferred by his boss to not be a rooster must mean he is something other than a rooster.

    The respect for Alonso has gone up this season while doing a great job leading the championship for most of the time in what is maybe the third best car. Respect would increase even more were he to race on the same team with another of the top echelon of current drivers (Vettel) on the same team. Would Alonso agree to do that may be the biggest question here.

    Maybe LdM already knows the answer to that question and Vettel will be the rooster in 2014 with another hen(?) in the number 2 car.

    2013 silly season isn’t even finished yet and already 2014 is a hotter topic. Oh my!

  6. This talk of Vettel leaving RBR for Ferrari at a time when they’re both fighting it out for the championship.

    Seems odd to me.


  7. So he is openly telling world that Massa is a chicken??

  8. Like the fact that he calls a spade, a spade.

    11th January 2013, 10:31

    Long live the true spirit of Formula One in 2013!
    ‘Broken Seal 2012’ & ‘Crashgate 2008′
    The substance of Luca di Montezemolo’s comments that ….’we cannot have two roosters in the henhouse…..’ pales into insignificance in the light of he 2012 US F1 GP Ferrari tactic of breaking the gearbox seal of Felipe Massa’s car, so that Fernando Alonso started one place up further up the grid in 7th position with Massa as a consequence penalised five places to drop to 11th on the grid. Very regrettably this does have unfortunate similarities with the ‘fixing’ of the Hong Kong F1 2008 race by Renault in order that Fernando Alonso, who started 15th, won the race after the safety car came out following Nelson Piquet Jn’s extremely dangerous yet orchestrated crash.
    To put this into context, the McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh said he did not agree with Ferrari’s decision to break the seal on Massa’s gearbox, insisting he would never run his team in a similar fashion. But his comment….’when Fernando [Alonso] was with us (McLaren) it was not doing those things that meant that Fernando left us’… reveals a whole sordid reality and fundamental problem with winning fairly, not infringing the rules and regulations, and perhaps more importantly, not bringing the sport into disrepute.
    I for one wonder, how long it is going to be before Ferrari come to their senses and honour their responsibilities to Formula One and the racing public – rather than continue to embarrass the racing public and dishonour the spirit and mores of F1, no doubt aided in this complete folly by the Spanish Bank Santander’s sponsorship?
    It has to be mentioned that as a consequence of this flagrant and extremely dangerous breaking of the F1 rules and regulations by Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa was denied the 2008 World Championship by one point. But it has also to be clearly said that this chicanery very nearly brought about the death or serious injury of Nelson Piquet Jn.
    As Massa said… ‘the robbery changed the outcome of a championship and I lost (the title)’…
    Vive Formula One! Rhuairi Macleod

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