Caption Competition 22: Alonso, Massa and Lego

Caption Competition

Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Lego Ferrari F150??? Italia, Singapore, 2012

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa got to play with a life-sized Lego F1 car ahead of the build-up to the Singapore Grand Prix.

It took 16 people ten days to assemble the car, based on the last year’s Ferrari F150??? Italia, using hundreds of thousands of Lego pieces.

Earlier this week Ferrari confirmed Massa will remain Alonso’s team mate in 2013.

Can you think of a good caption for the picture above? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments.

As usual a pick of the best will feature in the daily round-up.

Caption Competition

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Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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123 comments on Caption Competition 22: Alonso, Massa and Lego

  1. Both: “Could you please check the CV of that new car designer again. We’re getting nervous here.”

  2. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 20th October 2012, 22:25

    “Christian said he wanted the championship to be a fair fight between Sebastian and Fernando, so he had Adrian design this upgrade for us, free of charge.”

  3. Prisoner Monkeys (@prisoner-monkeys) said on 20th October 2012, 22:26

    A very similar image to this was used for a round of the GT Planet caption competition a few weeks ago. I obviously can’t claim any credit for these ones, but here are some of my favourites from that round:

    “Well, after that move on Senna, the pair of you pooped so many bricks I had to do something useful with them.”

    Ferrari unveiled its red-brick car, pre-empting Herman Tilke’s next circuit: a yellow brick road.

    Massa: “Great news – I’m the fastest Lego builder!”
    Alonso: “How so?”
    Massa: “On the box it said three to four years, but I finished it in only one!”

  4. Alonso was ******** bricks when he found out this is Ferrari’s new update. (Massa just got re-signed and couldn’t care less)

  5. DominikWilde (@dominikwilde) said on 20th October 2012, 22:39

    It’s all built around Fernando…

  6. kirsty said on 20th October 2012, 22:54

    Luca: “Fernando, are you sure this is what mclaren were planning?”

  7. Osvaldas31 (@osvaldas31) said on 20th October 2012, 22:59

    Massa: “I would be faster, if you drove this one.”

  8. davidnotcoulthard said on 20th October 2012, 23:00

    “The tyres indicate the car’s and the tyres’ reliability…and they say ‘ZERO‘…..oh, dear.”

  9. Master firelee (@master-firelee) said on 20th October 2012, 23:43

    “That’s right Felipe they built the entire car around me…….. quite literally!”

  10. Bobbi F (@bobbif) said on 21st October 2012, 0:47

    Alonso: “Felipe, now go and put the kettle on!!”

  11. RedGreen (@redgreen) said on 21st October 2012, 7:57

    Meanwhile at Maranello, the resource restriction agreement bites hard…

  12. LocustGP (@locustgp) said on 21st October 2012, 12:57

    ‘Fernando… has more bricks… than you…’

  13. madrarua (@madrarua) said on 21st October 2012, 15:15

    Ferrari unveil their 2013 (multiple) stepped nose design

  14. vho (@) said on 21st October 2012, 17:19

    If the F2012 was a “dog” of a car, 2013 is going to be Lego.

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