Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Korea, 2012

Raikkonen says 2007 shows title is still possible

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Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, Korea, 2012In the round-up: Mercedes say they have not yet abandoned development of their 2012 car to prepare for 2013, when Lewis Hamilton when join the team.


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It Ain?t Over ?Til It?s Over ?ǣ Indian GP Preview with Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus)

“We have to keep working hard and keep a high level of motivation. Personally I feel my own motivation is very high – like it has always been. I’m keen to get the best results I can. Of course, in 2007 the championship wasn’t decided until the last race so anything is possible. Let’s see what happens.”

No plans to ease up, say Mercedes (The Telegraph)

Ross Brawn: “The aero changes on Friday morning (in Korea) with the rear wing are primarily for next year. So there is a mix. But, we don’t want to sacrifice the remainder of this year while working for next year.”

Frijns: Sauber test critical to career (Autosport)

“He is effectively guaranteed a fully-fledged run with Red Bull in Abu Dhabi as well, as a reward for being the highest-placed FR3.5 driver not contracted to a rival team.”

New Jersey race to be postponed – organisers (Reuters)

Bernie Ecclestone: “They’ve run out of time. There’s all sorts of things… and they didn’t quite think it all through. They’ve had a wake-up call but the wake-up call came too late.”

I have speed and deserve a better team: Narain Karthikeyan (The Indian Express)

“Asked if there is any possibility of him joining the Indian team, Karthikeyan said although he is good enough for Force India, as of now he wants to do well for his team in the remaining four races.”

‘Lose sprint race mentality’ (Sky)

Martin Donnelly on Romain Grosjean: “You could say that he has just been unlucky if it had been once or twice but to have seven in, I think it was nine* races at the time, it is more than just bad luck.”

*It was seven in the first 12:

Wild Ride: The Sordid Saga Of How Formula One Racing Came To Texas (Forbes)

“In the end Ecclestone agreed to issue the Circuit of the Americas its own ten-year contract?ǣat a price. He upped the annual sanction fee to $25 million instead of the previous $23 million. ‘Bernie is a master negotiator,’ says [race promoter Bobby] Epstein. ‘I?ve made a big effort to make sure this race happens,’ Ecclestone tells Forbes. ‘I never had any problems or doubts. The doubts were all on their side.'”

Ecclestone’s Asian gamble could be a winning hand for Formula One (Business Standard)

“Bas Leinders, a former F1 driver-turned-commentator… believes that the sport is ‘still a very healthy business with enough funding from partners and sponsors to continue to a high level. [Initially] F1 gets an interest and then it will drop slightly, which is very normal because there is not really a culture of motor racing in these countries,’ the Belgain explains, ‘F1 was not build over-night in Europe either. It has taken decades before F1 became a general interest for the big public in Europe.'”

Opinion: The Young Driver Test debacle (PaddockScout)

“The test has to be run on the same date after the end of the junior categories? seasons. If the calendar needs to be adjusted to make this easier, it should be. Then, stricter rules need to be put in place, by the teams, the FIA, FOM or whatever, to govern the drivers that can be run in the test. Make it illegal to run a driver with a CV like [Rodolfo] Gonzalez.”


Comment of the day

@TheJudge13 was among several commenters surprised by Ferrari’s latest missive on Felipe Massa which appeared in yesterday’s round-up:

Once again ??The Godfather? Luca stamps his authority over Fernando Alonso. Remember a couple of weeks ago at the Paris Motor Show, the Padrino when questioned about Alonso?s backing of Felipe Massa for 2013 stated, “But first Fernando should win the world title and then we will certainly not put anyone alongside him who would bother him”.

Why do Ferrari need to issue an explanation of why they retained Massa? ?ǣ it was obvious to the rest of us.

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This article from five years ago addressed one of the long-running debates of the 2007 season, which still gets dragged up today from time to time:

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