Start, Suzuka, 2012

FIA presents new Concorde Agreement to F1 teams

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Start, Suzuka, 2012In the round-up: The FIA presents a new version of the Concorde Agreement, which outlines how F1 is run, to the teams.


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2012 Concorde Agreement (FIA)

“A further important step has been achieved today to secure the future of the F1 world championship which should lead to a final settlement to be reached between the FIA, the commercial rights holder and the teams in the coming weeks.”

Ferrari all out with new components at private test (F1 Technical)

“The new parts for India, as tested by [Davide] Rigon on 18 October at Idiada, Spain include a different rear wing, changed brake ducts, new aerofoils under the nose cone, changed sidepod panels and different exhaust exits. All these updates have reportedly been verified at Toyota’s wind tunnel in Cologne.”

Renault reveals 2014 F1 engine (Racecar Engineering)

Renault Sport F1 deputy managing director Rob White: “We have now been running development engines of various types since the latter part of last year. First of all we had single cylinder engines running. There are some extremely significant bits of learning needed in order to be ready.”

Juncadella gets Ferrari prize test (Autosport)

“New European Formula Three champion Daniel Juncadella will make his Formula 1 test debut for Ferrari at Vallelunga next month.”

Raring to go (ESPN)

Valtteri Bottas: “I’m still learning a lot. I cannot really say one thing, except maybe as the tyres are so difficult this year it’s something that I still need to develop; just understanding about the tyres. But there’s so much in Formula One that you can learn and that you can develop yourself.”

Kingfisher offers 3 months dues by Diwali, employees refuse (The Times of India)

“The stand-off showed no signs of easing with a section of its Delhi-based employees outrightly rejecting the management’s offer demanding four months’ salaries in a couple of days. Another section said it will revert back by Thursday. ‘We reject the offer as we don’t believe in CEO Sanjay Aggarwal and executive vice president Hitesh Patel. We want a meeting with Vijay Mallya. Where is he?'”


Comment of the day

@PaulT thinks Red Bull deserve more credit for their achievements:

Winning in F1 is all about the best combination of drivers, team spirit and teamwork, a relentless pursuit of innovation, clever interpretation of the rules, capitalising on the misfortunes of one’s rivals, shareholders with the greatest passion and commitment, and just a bit of old fashioned good luck.

Red Bull hasn?t got it right in every facet in every year but 2010 and 2011 have shown that they have done the best job overall of all the teams, and 2013 is now shaping up as more of the same.

Many people dismiss them as ‘just a soft drink company’, but that just disrespects the experience and skills of the people in the team who have learned their craft during the Stewart and Jaguar days. A lack of years in the game (like, say, Ferrari), doesn?t discount the fact that, collectively, they have what it takes to race and win at the highest level.

I don?t like domination (the Michael Schumacher years turned me off F1 for a long time) and I truly hope that Ferrari, McLaren and Lotus find that something extra to take the battle to Red Bull in the last four races. F1, particularly this year, has a habit of surprising, but at the end of the day I?ll happily celebrate Red Bull as 2012 champions if, once again, they do the best job of all the teams in stringing together all those success factors.

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On this day in F1

James Hunt won the Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji 35 years ago today.

However a shocking crash involving Gilles Villeneuve and Ronnie Peterson claimed the lives of two spectators.

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