Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Korea International Circuit, 2012

Ferrari “had been expecting more” from recent races

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Korea International Circuit, 2012In the round-up: Ferrari admit they had hoped to do better with their F2012 in recent races.


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Four races to the end (Ferrari)

Ferrari chief designer Nikolas Tombazis: “In the last few races, our progress has not matched our expectations and various components which we expected would make our car more competitive did not do so. As a result, we are lagging behind our competitors. This doesn?t mean we did not move forward on development, but we had been expecting something more.”

Horner accepts Red Bull isolation (Autosport)

“What we have always said is that we want something transparent and all-encompassing. Certainly the [Resource Restriction Agreement], the chassis RRA as it has been previously discussed, does not achieve that. If it were to include the engine it becomes more interesting.”

Sad Lewis makes emotional speech to McLaren (The Sun)

Lewis Hamilton: “I remember the day I first went to the old McLaren factory when I was 13. I?ve spent half my life at McLaren. The team, the cars, the place, the people ? they?ll always be special to me.”

F1 legend Michael Schumacher heads bunch of celebs who could leave Switzerland if it ends tax haven status (Daily Mirror)

“The German former ??champ, who built a ??25million home on Lake Geneva and is worth an estimated ??500million, said he would up sticks if the call to cough up came.”

Korea 2012 – race edit (F1)

Highlights from the last race.

Comment of the day

@Jeanrien thinks Ferrari need a stronger driver pairing.

Two good drivers actually help each other (except if they finish one-two regularly but that’s an exception). We see with the actual point system that the number one driver would not lose much points if his team mate is ahead (except once again in a one-two situation) but would take a lot of points out of other drivers, and it would be even more interesting in the team point of view.

Keeping Massa is definitely a strange choice, he hasn’t finish ahead of rival’s car enough times this year to justify keeping him. It wouldn?t be such a big risk to take anyone else in that car, some gambles could be well worth it. The best example is probably McLaren who sometimes took quite inexperienced drivers (for F1 standard) and that worked pretty well: Raikkonen and Hamilton would be two recent ones.

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On this day in F1

Pedralbes hosted Spain’s round of the world championship for the last time on this day in 1954.

Alberto Ascari caused a stir by putting the new Lancia D50 on pole position and leading the opening laps of the season finale before retiring.

Mike Hawthorn took the lead after Harry Schell spun and Maurice Trintignant’s gearbox broke. He duly won for Ferrari followed by Luigi Musso and Juan Manuel Fangio, the latter having already clinched the championship.

Here’s some footage from the race:

Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo