Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Montreal, 2012

Alonso: ‘We’re fighting against Newey’

2012 Indian Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Adrian Newey, Red Bull, Montreal, 2012Fernando Alonso pointed out Red Bull’s performance advantage after qualifying fifth for the Indian Grand Prix.

He told reporters after qualifying his battle is as much against Red Bull’s chief technical officer Adrian Newey as title rival Sebastian Vettel.

“At the moment I am or, or we are not, fighting against Sebastian only,” said Alonso, “we are fighting against Newey, let’s say, because they are first and second in the last four* races.

“So it’s not so easy at the moment to fight especially on Saturday. On Sunday normally we are a little bit more competitive.

“So tomorrow we need to overtake Mclaren as soon as possible and put some pressure on the Red Bull to wait for some little mistake from them or pit stop problem or reliability or something because if they can start and go away and have an easy race that will be the worst news for us.”

Alonso said he couldn’t realistically expect to qualify any higher for the race: “I think this is our normal position at the moment behind Red Bull and McLaren.

“Even if it looks disappointment I think it’s our normal position at the end of the day you have to do it because Force India, Kimi [Raikkonen] they were quite fast so you can end up eighth or ninth very quickly.

“So fifth at at the end of the day is our position and a good starting position for tomorrow’s fight.”

*Red Bull have been first and second on the grid for the last three races.

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  1. Isn’t the point Alonso is making that it’s not Vettel only who is ahead in performance but both RBR drivers so that the car is clearly an advantage and the car’s primary designer is Newey. I don’t see this as a slight to Vettel.

  2. I think Fernando is really psychologically deflecting his being beaten by the car and designer rather than a driver, which is perfectly understandable. None of the top drivers would readily admit, ever, that another driver is better than them.

    Button probably accepts Lewis is a bit faster over one lap, but feels he’s a better driver in the race, Lewis feels he’s the best qualifier and any issues in the race are the fault of the team or other drivers, Mark feels he’s being given number 2 status so doesn’t have a fair playing field and his starts are compromised because of “clutch” issues rather than himself, Massa probably feels circumstances and the team and the way the car is being developed are the reasons he’s behind Alonso, and so on for all the drivers.

    What Fernando’s not pointing out is that McLaren doesn’t have a Newey, and they have a better car than Ferrari and Lewis should probably be in the thick of things or leading the championship except for team mistakes and reliability issues and other drivers (Maldonado, Grojean) taking him out of point scoring opportunities.

    And so it goes…

    1. Mclaren is beatable. Alonso will finish ahead of both Ham and But, but that’s not the point…he need to finish ahead of Newey…and to finish ahead of Newey you need to beat his design…Only Luck can give Alonso the championship and only unluck can take form Vettel the championship

  3. Yes Alonso. Just like how other drivers fought Colin Chapman, Gordon Murray, Rory Bryne and an unnoticed Bob Bell

  4. Is this ferrari’s way to massage Alonso for a new ‘number two’ driver – Vettel? Put it into his head enough – it’s the car Fernando, Vettel’s just average – and maybe he won’t be bothered when Vettel arrives in maranello in 2015.

  5. It’s just goes to show how important of a role he plays still. Many none fans will bemoan saying he just draws the car and then the driver does the rest, how wrong they were. The Red Bull at the start wasn’t the worst car, Vettel and Webber won in it and had podiums also, but all this does is highlights the drive, determination and innovation the man can come up with by adding bits to the car which have helped sort out the balance which puts the cars back on the rails they have been on for the past two years.

  6. Hey, I’m only too willing to get incensed at someone I think might be insulting Vettel, but I honestly don’t think that’s what was going on here. I think this statement was just a way of highlighting how much RBR have improved their car in this latter part of the season. I don’t think Alonso was saying “Vettel isn’t a factor” so much as he was saying “The way Newey has improved the car is making RBR that much more difficult to get the best of.”

  7. Clearly Ferrari have got to out-develop Newey in the final races quite spectacularly. So I don’t know what all the cynical comments are about.

    1. The problem is that Newey’s skills are more important that Alonso’s skills …that’s sad but that’s true…that’s why in my opinion Newey is the best driver on the grid… and his biggest rival (Alonso)for the moment just admitted

  8. Alo is just stating the obvious. He’s saying that they are lagging behind in terms of car development. The fact that red bull locked out the front row in the past 3 races indicates big performance gap from other teams.

    1. Yeah, looking at it, I agree. He said “we (Scuderia Ferrari with lead driver Alonso)” are not fighting Seb “only”. I.e. Fernando and his team are fighting Sebastian and his team. Car+driver always determines results, so fair enough.

  9. I think Fernando just jealous, enough said.

  10. I’m fed up with these mind games. Obviously since Alonso can’t beat Vettel on track he’s trying his hand at mind games now.

    But seriously, this is a team sport. Alonso and Ferrari have always been fighting Vettel and Red Bull this year. Why is it suddenly just Newey? He’s been with the team all along.

    Alonso is a good driver no doubt. But this really shows that without a good car a good driver is helpless. Winning a championship is all about a good driver having a good car. Vettel and Red Bull have that. A good driver in an average car (Alonso – Ferrari) and an average driver in a good car (Webber – Red Bull) will struggle.

    To all the people saying Vettel can’t win without a good car – well Alonso can’t seem to win without a good car too. To win a championship you need a good car, as well as a good driver.

  11. Love the menacing picture of Newey :D

    As much as Alonso makes a good point his fight is only against Vettel. Vettel has to drive the RB8 and provide feedback good enough to develop a dominant car. You could not just simply parachute in another driver.

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